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Bill Summaries: 2023–2024

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for House members, staff, and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectPrior Summaries
HF 753As introducedHuman services background study expungements 
HF 754As introducedIncome tax subtraction for student loan discharges 
HF 758As IntroducedProhibiting Rental Requirements on Declawing or Devocalizing Pets 
HF 759First EngrossmentComputer Science EducationAll versions
HF 770As amended by H0770A3Life Insurance and Suicide 
HF 772Second engrossmentCommercial energy code adoptionAll versions
HF 774As introducedFunding the First Witness Child Advocacy Center in Duluth 
HF 777As IntroducedICF/DD rate increase for a facility located in Steele County 
HF 781As introducedHour of Instruction; Kindergarten Students 
HF 784First engrossmentUnemployment Misrepresentation OverpaymentsAll versions
HF 789As introducedCandidate's address of residence 
HF 795As amended by H0795DE1Extended Time Revenue for Students in Day and Residential Treatment Programs 
HF 799As introducedAbsence from work for purposes of in-person absentee voting 
HF 800As IntroducedState Labor Agreements and Memorandums of Understanding Ratified 
HF 801As IntroducedGirls in Action; Grant 
HF 803As introducedClarifying enhanced sentences for kidnapping 
HF 806As IntroducedBARR Center 
HF 810As amended by H0810A3Climate action tax credit 
HF 811As amended by H0811DE1Campaign and U.S. census worker access to multiple unit residences 
HF 813First engrossmentHome and community-based workforce incentive fund grantsAll versions
HF 814As amended by H0814A3Manufactured Home Park Grant ProgramsAll versions
HF 816As introducedMA managed care opt-out 
HF 817As introducedManufactured home park purchases by residents 
HF 818As introducedProviding funding for a violence prevention project research center 
HF 822First engrossmentPeace officer misconduct dataAll versions
HF 823As introducedPeace officer background checks 
HF 824As introducedCorrections policy 
HF 825As introducedPILT payments and appraisal method 
HF 826First EngrossmentPrevailing Wage on Renewable Development Fund Construction Projects 
HF 827As IntroducedTeacher Preparation Time 
HF 831As amended by H0831A1Housing Finance Agency; Pet Policies 
HF 837As introducedVeterans cemetery fees 
HF 849As amended by H0849DE1Grants for Electric Panel Upgrades 
HF 855As amended by H0855DE2Public Safety Innovation Board, community grants, policing policy, and grants 
HF 860As IntroducedLocal Foods 
HF 862As introducedEarly childhood family education (ECFE) 
HF 863As amended by H0863A1Higher education: grants for students pursuing law enforcement degrees 
HF 865As IntroducedBuilding and Construction Contracts; Indemnification Provisions 
HF 874As introducedHead Start 
HF 875As introducedIndian Tribe-owned property tax exemption extended 
HF 877As IntroducedPupil Transportation Adjustment Increased 
HF 879As IntroducedLocal Optional Revenue for School Districts 
HF 880As introducedTechnical changes to tax increment financing law 
HF 893As amended by H0893DE2Restaurant capital equipment sales tax exemption 
HF 895As IntroducedICF/DD rate increase for a facility in Big Stone County 
HF 898As introducedMA adult dental coverage 
HF 904As introducedVeterans license plates 
HF 905As introducedMinor consent for nonresidential mental health services 
HF 908Second engrossmentNursing Home Workforce Standards BoardAll versions
HF 909As IntroducedRequiring Closed-Captioned Television; Minnesota Human Rights Act 
HF 910As introducedFamily Supportive Housing 
HF 911As introducedAnimal health 
HF 915As introducedMinnesota education credit: income measure switched to adjusted gross income, phaseout threshold increased and indexed for inflation, and maximum credit increased 
HF 916As introducedTax expenditure purpose statements 
HF 917Third EngrossmentResidential Landlord and Tenant LawAll versions
HF 918As introducedAppropriating money to Build Wealth Minnesota 
HF 921As IntroducedInsecticide Use on State Lands 
HF 922First engrossmentEstablishing the Statewide Office of Appellate Counsel and TrainingAll versions
HF 923As introducedAgreements for Nonpublic Pupil Transportation 
HF 926Second engrossmentChanges to all-payer claims databaseAll versions
HF 932As IntroducedMinnesota Council on Economic Education 
HF 933As IntroducedSchool Pupil Transportation; Eastern Carver County Building Lease 
HF 949First EngrossmentWatercraft OperatorsAll versions
HF 950As introducedGrants to local housing trust funds 
HF 955As IntroducedFeedlots 
HF 975As introducedTowed vehicle contents 
HF 978As introducedExpanding the size of commercial facilities which small cities can assist with economic development districts 
HF 979As introducedLegislative Task Force on Aging 
HF 981As amended by H0981A1State Building Code – adult-sized changing facilitiesAll versions
HF 985As introducedAir Medal special veterans license plate 
HF 986As introducedExemptions for veterans with a disability 
HF 988As introducedMinnesota Rare Disease Advisory Council 
HF 990As IntroducedAfter-School Programs 
HF 991As introducedWhite Bear Center for the Arts 
HF 993As introducedDevelopmental screening aid 
HF 994As introducedArea Learning Centers; Transportation Funding 
HF 995As IntroducedServing Students Through 22 Years of Age 
HF 999As introducedDisability waiver rate system (DWRS) 
HF 1000First EngrossmentPerfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)All versions

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