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Act Summaries: 2007–2008

Act summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts in the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for House members, staff, and the general public. Our strong suggestion is to review the language of the law itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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SummarySubjectLaw Text
Chapter 1Income tax federal conformity for tax year 2006Laws 2007, Ch. 1
Chapter 3EnergyLaws 2007, Ch. 3
Chapter 9Building contractor insuranceLaws 2007, Ch. 9
Chapter 10Electronic filing in Public Utilities Commission proceedingLaws 2007, Ch. 10
Chapter 11Coopers/Sams Volunteer Ambulance ProgramLaws 2007, Ch. 11
Chapter 12Fiduciary powers of certain companiesLaws 2007, Ch. 12
Chapter 24Backflow prevention in recreational camping areasLaws 2007, Ch. 24
Chapter 31Metropolitan Land Planning Act modificationsLaws 2007, Ch. 31
Chapter 32Deficiency fundingLaws 2007, Ch. 32
Chapter 37Health risk limits for perfluorochemicalsLaws 2007, Ch. 37
Chapter 39Information on federal exclusions from state workers' compensationLaws 2007, Ch. 39
Chapter 41Adverse health care events reportingLaws 2007, Ch. 41
Chapter 44Financial InstitutionsLaws 2007, Ch. 44
Chapter 45Agriculture, veterans affairs, and military affairsLaws 2007, Ch. 45
Chapter 46Overtime for nursesLaws 2007, Ch. 46
Chapter 48Electronic waste recyclingLaws 2007, Ch. 48
Chapter 49AdoptionLaws 2007, Ch. 49
Chapter 50Essential community providersLaws 2007, Ch. 50
Chapter 54Public SafetyLaws 2007, Ch. 54
Chapter 55Jobs, economic development, housing, and heritage finance appropriationsLaws 2007, Ch. 55
Chapter 57Omnibus Environment, Natural Resources, Energy, and commerce FinanceLaws 2007, Ch. 57
Chapter 61Public defender modificationsLaws 2007, Ch. 61
Chapter 63Ratification of state labor agreements and compensation plansLaws 2007, Ch. 63
Chapter 66Coverage of colorectal screening testsLaws 2007, Ch. 66
Chapter 76Public records retentionLaws 2007, Ch. 76
Chapter 82Freedom to Breathe Act of 2007Laws 2007, Ch. 82
Chapter 85Radioactive material license fee and x-ray equipmentLaws 2007, Ch. 85
Chapter 87Payroll card accountsLaws 2007, Ch. 87
Chapter 89Liquor omnibus billLaws 2007, Ch. 89

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