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Bill Summaries: 2007–2008

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for House members, staff, and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectPrior Summaries
HF 1Delete everything amendment H0001DE2-2Children's Health Security ProgramAll versions
HF 2As introducedVoluntary, full-day kindergarten 
HF 3Delete everything amendment (H0003DE1)Property taxation; making miscellaneous permanent system changesAll versions
HF 4As introducedEnergy 
HF 5As introducedIncreasing funding for early childhood programs 
HF 6Conference Committee ReportOmnibus education finance billAll versions
HF 71st engrossmentContinuing appropriationsAll versions
HF 81st engrossmentIncome tax federal conformity for tax year 2006All versions
HF 91st committee engrossmentDairy investment tax creditAll versions
HF 10As introducedSmall business technology credit 
HF 13As introducedLegislative training forums 
HF 14As introducedIncome tax subtraction for military pension income 
HF 15Delete everything amendment (H0015DE1)Elmination of Legislative Commission on Metropolitan Government 
HF 201st committee engrossmentCorporate income tax credit for contributions to prekindergarten scholarshipAll versions
HF 22As introducedWalter F. Mondale Drive 
HF 23As introducedTransportation finance proposals 
HF 26As introducedUnified administrative structure for early learning opportunities 
HF 29As introducedIncome tax subtraction for military pension income 
HF 31As introducedFederal conformity -- exclusion for public safety retiree insurance premiums 
HF 343rd engrossmentUse of state-appropriated funds for stem cell researchAll versions
HF 37As introducedIncome tax subtraction for out-of-state training pay of National Guard 
HF 40As introducedEmployer tax credit for education expenses 
HF 42As introducedContinuing appropriations 
HF 44As introducedRural Minnesota catch-up credit 
HF 49As introducedPublic nuisance/criminal gang activity 
HF 50As introducedProperty taxation; state general levy 
HF 52As introducedDairy investment tax credit 
HF 53As introducedUse of geography for underwriting in auto insurance 
HF 54With the delete everything amendmentPublic safety grants and aid to cities and countiesAll versions
HF 55As introducedNursing facility payment rate increase 
HF 56As introducedProstitution enforcement; Asian gangs 
HF 57As introducedExtending expiration dates for the Board of Medical Practices' advisory councils 
HF 60As introduced, with author's amendment H0060A1Income tax rate reduction (bottom and middle rates) 
HF 61As introducedProperty tax rebate 
HF 62As introducedIncome rate reduction (bottom rate) 
HF 64As introducedDairy and livestock investment tax credit 
HF 66As introducedContinuing appropriations 
HF 69As introducedIncome tax subtraction for health insurance premiums 
HF 70As introducedAppropriation; Eden Valley-Watkins School District 
HF 75As introducedCampaign finance; charitable contributions from campaign committees 
HF 78As introducedVoluntary, full-day kindergarten 
HF 81As introducedIncome tax exclusion for capital gains 
HF 82As introducedIncome tax subtraction for military pension income 
HF 83As introducedLegislative auditor fees 
HF 86As introducedDesignation as state energy city 
HF 87As introducedCapital Improvements Asian Pacific Cultural Center 
HF 93As introducedGovernment data; access for parole and probation authorities 
HF 94As introducedContinuing appropriations 
HF 96As introduced, with author's H0096A1 amendmentProperty tax refunds for decedents 
HF 97As introducedResearch credit 
HF 101As introduced, with author's amendment H0101A1Exempting agricultural land from school debt leviesAll versions
HF 102As introducedCity of Winsted, local bonding 
HF 104As introducedBoard of Animal Health 
HF 1051st committee engrossmentChild passenger restraint ageAll versions
HF 1061st engrossmentSeat belt requirements and enforcement (primary offense)All versions
HF 107As introducedAlternative minimum tax deduction for wagering losses 
HF 108As introducedAuthorizing a local sales tax in the city of North Mankato 
HF 110As introducedGreat Lakes compact agreement 
HF 1112nd engrossmentPreventive care and high deductible health plansAll versions
HF 112As introducedSchool district ice arena levy 
HF 114As introducedExpanding the sales tax exemption for public safety radio systems to the system in Itasca County 
HF 1161st engrossmentTelephone solicitationAll versions
HF 1171st engrossmentLong-arm personal jurisdiction in defamation and privacy suitsAll versions
HF 1191st engrossmentStudy commission on establishing a South St. Louis municipalityAll versions
HF 120As introducedGroup Residential Housing 
HF 1222nd engrossmentJobs, economic development, housing, and heritage finance appropriationsAll versions
HF 123As introducedEducation credit and deduction allowed for preK expenses and museum memberships 
HF 129As introducedCommunity partnership capital grants 
HF 130As introducedBorder city allocations 
HF 1312nd engrossmentUse of Social Security numbersAll versions
HF 1322nd engrossmentMinnesota Biomedical Sciences Research Facilities AuthorityAll versions
HF 134As introducedIncreasing rate and expanding uses of the Duluth food and beverage tax 
HF 135As introducedExtending certain abatement authority to delinquent taxes 
HF 1371st engrossmentVeterans; small businesses; state agency procurement contractsAll versions
HF 138As introducedModifies the community education program 
HF 139As introducedIncreasing funding for early childhood programs 
HF 140As introducedVoluntary, full-day kindergarten 
HF 142As introducedExcludes military disability payments from household income in determining property tax refunds 
HF 146As introducedGreat River Road bonding 
HF 147As introducedExtend Mississippi River Parkway Commission 
HF 148As introducedProperty taxation; indexing classification tier for homestead property 
HF 149As introducedReduce the sales tax rate from 6.5% to 6% 
HF 1511st engrossmentFederal conservation programsAll versions
HF 153As introducedShared superintendent aid 
HF 157As introducedProperty taxation; making miscellaneous permanent system changes 
HF 1581st engrossmentExpanding the sales tax exemption for livestock productionAll versions
HF 1601st engrossmentFinance; Transfer of funds within Help America Vote Act accountAll versions
HF 1611st engrossmentBooking feesAll versions
HF 1621st committee engrossmentVeterans education benefitsAll versions
HF 1633rd engrossmentAccounts for Duluth postemployment benefits or other obligationsAll versions
HF 1661st engrossmentUniform Rental ApplicationAll versions
HF 1691st engrossment, as amended by H0169A5Advisory school readiness boardAll versions
HF 172As introducedGravel tax; town of Scrambler 
HF 174As introducedExempting local government purchases from the sales tax 
HF 175As introducedMinnesotaCare and aid and attendance benefits 
HF 1761st engrossmentState electronic documents study 
HF 178As introducedModifying the ECFE program 
HF 1801st engrossmentArea Redevelopment Agencies, dissolutionAll versions
HF 185As introducedGroup Residential Housing, supplemental rates 
HF 186As introducedEliminating the refund provision for capital equipment purchases 
HF 187As introducedEstate tax -- adopt federal exemption amount 
HF 1891st engrossmentTicket scalpingAll versions
HF 193As introducedEliminating the refund provision for capital equipment purchases 
HF 194As introducedBiotechnology and medical genomics research 
HF 196Delete everything amendmentMental healthAll versions
HF 202As introducedChemical depedency treatment fund eligibility 
HF 203As introducedLegislative members of CAAPB 
HF 205As introducedEnvironmental Justice Act 
HF 206As introducedEliminating the refund provision for capital equipment purchases 
HF 208As introducedAuthorizing school districts to levy for certain health care cost 
HF 210As introducedDental licensure for applicants from nonaccredited programs 
HF 2111st engrossmentPrivacy of mortgage loan applicationsAll versions
HF 212As introducedForeign medical school graduates 
HF 213As introducedLakeview Cemetery Association; levy authorization 
HF 215As introducedNo-fault auto insurance benefits termination 
HF 217As introducedHuman rights 
HF 218As introducedHealth-related licensing boards 
HF 2192nd engrossmentUse of sick leave benefitsAll versions
HF 220As introducedMilitary; professional and occupational licensing 
HF 221As introducedDay training and habilitation 
HF 222As introducedInclusion in State Insurance Group 
HF 223As introducedBus service to Richfield 
HF 2301st engrossmentPredatory offender registrationAll versions
HF 231As introducedGreater Minnesota investment fund 
HF 233As introducedProviding an international baccalaureate pilot program in the Brooklyn Center school district 
HF 2341st engrossmentDistrict reserve fund requirements and reports; district primary electionsAll versions
HF 235As introducedDevelopment screening aid 
HF 2361st engrossmentSpecial education tuition billingAll versions
HF 2371st engrossmentPre-election contribution reports and contribution limitsAll versions
HF 242As introducedAid payments to taxing jurisdictions in Mahnomen County 
HF 2451st engrossmentFoster careAll versions
HF 2461st committee engrossmentI-394 rail transit feasibility studyAll versions
HF 249As introducedLease levy authorized for administrative purposes for Spring Lake Park 
HF 250As introducedAmbulance service and interhospital transfer 

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