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Bill Summaries: 2001–2002

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for House members, staff, and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectPrior Summaries
HF 1As introducedIncome tax rate reduction 
HF 2As introducedAutomatic sales tax rebate 
HF 3As introducedEquity revenue increased 
HF 41st engrossmentMinnesotaCare taxesAll versions
HF 5As introducedIncreasing the education agricultural credit 
HF 6As amendedPrescription drug program 
HF 7As introducedLong-term care rate adjustments 
HF 8As introducedRestoring secondary vocational funding 
HF 9As introducedConstitutional amendment to dedicate motor vehicle sales tax 
HF 10As introducedIncome tax exclusion for capital grants 
HF 11As introducedConstitutional amendment to dedicate motor vehicle sales tax 
HF 12As introducedExtraordinary majority to approve tax and fee increases 
HF 13Delete everything amendmentPrescription drug programAll versions
HF 141st engrossmentMinnesotaCare taxesAll versions
HF 15As amendedCharitable contribution subtractionAll versions
HF 16As introducedLocal government authority to transfer personal property 
HF 181st engrossmentDevelopment of new soccer fieldsAll versions
HF 23As introducedNontraditional career assistance training programs 
HF 251st engrossmentChange in the fiscal bienniumAll versions
HF 26As introducedIncome tax residency rules 
HF 32As introducedReduces the general sales tax rate to 6.0 percent 
HF 34As introducedCertain teacher candidates licensed under existing rules 
HF 37As introducedRepeal of obsolete traffic laws 
HF 43As introducedReferendum allowance cap 
HF 44As introducedFund transfer; Lewiston 
HF 45As introducedAllowing Kanabec County to impose gravel tax 
HF 46Delete everything amendmentMetropolitan Land Planning Act repealedAll versions
HF 47As introducedIron mine shutdown 
HF 48As amended by authorSales tax rebate 
HF 49As introducedSpecial license plates for Grenada veterans 
HF 511st engrossmentDWI, 0.08 per se 
HF 52As introducedExempts agricultural loans from the mortgage registry tax 
HF 531st engrossmentCandidate images prohibited in state agency public service messagesAll versions
HF 56As introducedCovenant marriage 
HF 57As introducedDisqualifications for school bus driver endorsement 
HF 582nd engrossmentRegistration of beer kegsAll versions
HF 622nd engrossmentTornado relief for Yellow Medicine and Chippewa CountiesAll versions
HF 63As introducedIncreasing secondary vocational funding 
HF 64As introducedItinerant carnivals prohibition repeal 
HF 67As introducedBank S corporations 
HF 68As introducedIncome tax subtraction for military pay 
HF 69As introducedConstitutional amendment to dedicate motor vehicle sales tax 
HF 701st engrossmentPresidential electors; designation and dutiesAll versions
HF 71As introducedAcademic and financial performance evaluation of schools 
HF 73As introducedIncome tax exclusion for capital gains 
HF 74As introducedIncome tax rate reduction 
HF 76As introducedBiodiesel fuel mandate 
HF 79As introducedExpanding the farm machinery exemption 
HF 824th engrossmentOmnibus K-12 education finance billAll versions
HF 85As introducedWyoming Township and Chisago City 
HF 89As introducedFund transfer; Roseville 
HF 90As introducedSales tax exemption for sales by dance clubs 
HF 91As introducedIncome tax subtraction for military pensions 
HF 92As introducedIncreases the long-term care insurance credit 
HF 931st engrossmentSchool guidance counselor to student ratioAll versions
HF 94Delete everythingGame and fish overlimit violationsAll versions
HF 97As introducedChanging "is mentally ill" to "has a mental illness" in statutes and rules 
HF 98As introducedGrant for Como Park science coordinator 
HF 101As introducedAppropriation for port development 
HF 102As introducedFund transfer; Russell 
HF 103As introducedFund transfer; Pine City 
HF 104As introducedFund transfer; Rocori School District 
HF 105As introducedDisabled access levy; Pine City 
HF 1061st engrossmentMembership on MAELCAll versions
HF 107As introducedExemption on building materials and supplies for low-income housing 
HF 108With author's amendmentSales tax exemption on local government purchases 
HF 109As introducedSales tax exemption on building materials for correctional facilities 
HF 1111st engrossmentConstitutional officers, code of ethicsAll versions
HF 112As introducedHermantown local sales tax modification 
HF 113As introducedCloquet local sales tax 
HF 115As introducedSales tax exemption for sales of pets by animal shelters 
HF 1162nd engrossmentRespiratory care practitioners; athletic trainersAll versions
HF 119As introducedBank S corporations 
HF 1241st engrossmentHome care providersAll versions
HF 125As introducedLicensing requirements for foreign-trained dentists 
HF 1271st engrossmentDisqualification under the Human Services Licensing ActAll versions
HF 1281st engrossmentNursing facility technology room grantsAll versions
HF 1302nd engrossmentAnimal control; dangerous dogsAll versions
HF 132As introducedTraffic-impacted metropolitan city street account 
HF 133As introducedLGA base increase, Osseo 
HF 136As introducedFire protection industry licensing fees/deposit in a special revenue fund 
HF 1371st engrossmentRestrictions on Dan Patch Commuter Rail LineAll versions
HF 139As introducedBest practices grant; intermediate school districts 
HF 140As introducedBonding for local bridges 
HF 141As introducedECFE 
HF 147As introducedIncreasing the basic formula allowance 
HF 148As introducedExempts Social Security from income tax 
HF 1492nd engrossmentReligious-sanctioned foodsAll versions
HF 150As introducedGenetically modified agricultural crops 
HF 1561st engrossmentBarbershop registration feesAll versions
HF 157As introducedLTV Steel, unemployment benefits 
HF 158As introducedIncreasing the percentage of rent for the property tax refund 
HF 166As introducedSales tax exemption on local government purchases (identical to H.F. 108) 
HF 168As introducedReferendum revenue allowance cap 
HF 169As introducedGrant to School District No. 2534 for a contract deadline penalty 
HF 1702nd engrossmentStay of adjudication of certain driving after suspension, revocation, and cancellationAll versions
HF 171As introducedSchool district disabled access levy 
HF 1721st engrossmentHousing assistance for paramedics in MahtomediAll versions
HF 173As introducedBoard and advisory group compensation 
HF 174As introducedPartition fences 
HF 175As introducedFire safety 
HF 176As introducedSales tax exemption for vitamins and minerals 
HF 1771st engrossmentLiability for use of recreational vehicles on highway right-of-wayAll versions
HF 179As introducedCorporate franchise tax - insurance companies 
HF 1801st engrossmentCity of Medford TIFAll versions
HF 1811st engrossmentAdult foster care license capacityAll versions
HF 183As introducedEliminating the capital equipment refund 
HF 184As introducedEliminate the June accelerated sales tax payment 
HF 186As introducedExempts Social Security from income tax 
HF 187As introducedTIF - Time limits for pre-1990 districts 
HF 188As introducedSales tax exemption on local government purchases (identical to H.F. 108) 
HF 191As introducedFund transfer; Isle School District 
HF 192As introducedSpecial taxing districts for emergency medical services 
HF 193As introducedFiscal disparities 
HF 194As introducedAmbulance services and MinnesotaCare tax 
HF 204As introducedEngineering costs paid from town bridge account 
HF 2052nd engrossmentGasoline theftAll versions
HF 206As introducedAfter-school educational enhancement pilot program 
HF 208As introducedResolution on funding waterway improvements 
HF 2092nd engrossmentShooting rangesAll versions
HF 2113rd engrossmentReimbursement for extinguishing motor vehicle firesAll versions
HF 212Delete everything amendmentProperty taxation; airport propertyAll versions
HF 213As introducedContinuing education requirement for physician assistants 
HF 2141st engrossmentVeteransAll versions
HF 216As introducedGifted and talented funding 
HF 2181st engrossmentState government finance omnibus billAll versions
HF 222As introducedPrescription drug program 
HF 225As introducedSchool district levy for swimming pools 
HF 226As introducedTransportation for staff development 
HF 227Delete everything amendmentPupil transportation funding 
HF 228As introducedRevenue for remedial instruction 
HF 230As introducedIncome tax subtraction for military pay 
HF 2321st engrossmentRestorative justice program 
HF 233As introducedExempting fuel used by an ambulance service from the motor fuels tax 
HF 234Subcommittee reportLegislature; when it can meet 
HF 236As introducedLewis and Clark rural water project 
HF 2391st engrossmentReal property; miscellaneous changesAll versions
HF 2431st engrossmentTrust; principal and income allocation; antilapse lawAll versions
HF 2451st engrossmentCivil commitment; peace officer may restrain patientAll versions
HF 247As introducedFunding for all-day kindergarten 

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