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Bill Summaries: 2003–2004

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for House members, staff, and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectPrior Summaries
HF 5011st engrossmentTravel club regulationAll versions
HF 502As introducedPrison privatization 
HF 507As introducedMotor vehicle sales tax exemption for certain clean fuels 
HF 508As introducedUse of photographic evidence in traffic signal violations 
HF 5091st engrossmentGiving the Higher Education Services Office oversight of certain Indian scholarship programsAll versions
HF 511As introducedPermanent transit center in Brooklyn Center 
HF 513As introducedRepeal of seat belt gag rule 
HF 514As introducedProperty taxes, metropolitan fiscal disparities program 
HF 517As introducedChanging the name of the Department of Children, Families and Learning to the Department of Education 
HF 522As introducedSearch warrants (See the act summary for chapter 86) 
HF 5281st engrossmentEmergency medical servicesAll versions
HF 532As introducedTwo-way operation of snowmobiles on trunk highway right-of-way (See the act summary for chapter 244) 
HF 5341st engrossmentRulemaking: good cause exemptionAll versions
HF 535As introducedAllowing the Rochester school district to set its school start date 
HF 536As amended by the SenateJoint Underwriting Association (See the act summary for chapter 21)All versions
HF 540Delete everything amendment H540DE1Advance tax collection program 
HF 541As introducedFamily homeless prevention and assistance program appropriation 
HF 547As introducedFarm implement dealers' warranty work 
HF 548As introducedBoiler inspections 
HF 550As introducedFirst-degree murder involving death of child 
HF 5511st engrossmentDepartment of Human Services licensing; continuing care; miscellaneous policyAll versions
HF 5531st engrossmentOptional election of certain town officersAll versions
HF 5541st engrossmentTitle examiners compensationAll versions
HF 5551st engrossmentState printing servicesAll versions
HF 5614th engrossmentCigarette sales, licensingAll versions
HF 563As introducedMining taxes; changing rates 
HF 5641st engrossmentOpen meeting law enforcementAll versions
HF 565As introducedData practices; administrative remedies 
HF 567As introducedDetroit Lakes TIF 
HF 570As introducedBonding for Cedar Avenue busway 
HF 5721st engrossmentAdult foster care licensureAll versions
HF 574As introducedState bonding for trunk highway 100 expansion 
HF 5751st engrossmentArt in state-financed buildingsAll versions
HF 580As introducedAbstinence curriculum and instruction 
HF 581As introducedCreating an education price index 
HF 5821st engrossmentLake improvement districtsAll versions
HF 583As introducedHigher Education Finance Authority bonding authority increased 
HF 5851st engrossmentCounty nursing home auditsAll versions
HF 5881st engrossmentTownships, natural gas utility franchisesAll versions
HF 589As introducedTransportation for students living one to two miles from schools and for those who have to cross busy roads 
HF 5901st engrossmentChild care assistance fraud prevention provisionsAll versions
HF 592As introducedAdult foster care program licensure 
HF 593As introducedModifying the tax base used in determining LGA 
HF 595As introducedAppropriating money for supportive housing and managed care 
HF 597As introducedDuluth TIF 
HF 598As introducedSales tax exemption for aircraft maintenance 
HF 599As introducedDuluth; use of special tax revenues 
HF 605As introducedState park camping and fees 
HF 606DE3 delete everything amendmentHealth care provider contractingAll versions
HF 607As introducedDuluth TIF 
HF 6091st engrossmentMinneapolis planning and development departmentAll versions
HF 613As introducedWine and beer license for Southern Theater in Minneapolis 
HF 619As introducedSports boards as form of lawful gambling 
HF 620As introducedCash prizes authorized for dice games 
HF 621As introducedOn-sale wine and beer license for Guthrie Lab 
HF 6221st engrossmentEnhanced 911 service from multiline telephone systems (See the act summary for chapter 282)All versions
HF 6232nd engrossmentVapor recovery equipment required for gasoline deliveries in the metropolitan areaAll versions
HF 6243rd engrossmentLocal government impact notes for rules; legislative approval for certain rulesAll versions
HF 6251st engrossmentCentral Lakes Region Sanitary District establishedAll versions
HF 6275th engrossmentTransportation appropriationsAll versions
HF 6281st engrossmentNotification (See the act summary for chapter 65)All versions
HF 6322nd engrossmentInsurance coverage for long-term careAll versions
HF 633As introducedExtending property tax exemption for business incubator property 
HF 634As introducedCounty social service department data 
HF 642As introducedLegalization of fantasy sports leagues in liquor establishment 
HF 6431st engrossmentDepartment of Public Safety omnibusAll versions
HF 645As introducedTechnology dealers' warranty work 
HF 6464th engrossmentGaming machines at CanterburyAll versions
HF 6471st engrossmentNursing home moratorium exception (See the act summary for chapter 16)All versions
HF 649As introducedChronic wasting disease control measures 
HF 652As introducedCriminal child endangerment 
HF 653As introducedAdoption 
HF 6561st engrossmentPublic pensions 
HF 6571st engrossmentCounty authority to require dedication of land for parksAll versions
HF 6582nd engrossmentSchool zone speed limitsAll versions
HF 661As introducedHopkins TIF 
HF 662As introducedRegulating health plan coverage for handicapped children 
HF 6641st engrossmentChild supportAll versions
HF 6684th engrossmentWoman's Right to Know Act (abortion)All versions
HF 6711st engrossmentTelecommunications; promotions and service packagesAll versions
HF 673As introducedMinnesota Comprehensive Health Association (MCHA) (See the act summary for chapter 109) 
HF 6741st engrossmentLocal impact notesAll versions
HF 6761st engrossmentCivil commitmentAll versions
HF 6771st engrossmentArchitects, engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, geoscientists, and interior designersAll versions
HF 6781st engrossmentCivil commitment definitions (See the act summary for chapter 22) 
HF 6801st engrossmentHearings on terminating, nor renewing school coaches' contractsAll versions
HF 682As introducedSchool bus safety 
HF 6871st engrossmentRural members on the Public Utilities CommissionAll versions
HF 688As introducedAbolishing regional rail authorities in the metropolitan area 
HF 6891st engrossmentMetropolitan Council; energy forward pricingAll versions
HF 6921st engrossmentPharmacy scope of practice (See the act summary for chapter 118)All versions
HF 697As introducedMaking certain nonprofit corporations eligible to sponsor charter schools 
HF 699As introducedSetting state standards for educational excellence and providing educational accountability 
HF 7031st engrossmentRemoval of legislators from boardsAll versions
HF 704Delete everything amendmentMotor vehicle sales taxAll versions
HF 705As introducedAdditional liquor licenses in Sartell 
HF 706As introducedAffordable housing provisions in subdivision approvals 
HF 707As introducedMarriage solemnization 
HF 716As introducedMetropolitan airports commission taxicab ordinances 
HF 717As introducedAdditional liquor licenses in Hastings 
HF 719Conference committee reportOmnibus liquor bill (See the act summary for chapter 126)All versions
HF 721As introducedSchool district referendum levies 
HF 7222nd engrossmentSeasonal weight limit exemption for garbage trucks (See the act summary for chapter 205)All versions
HF 7231st engrossmentSeat belt exemption for garbage trucks (See the act summary for chapter 92)All versions
HF 726As introducedRedirecting the proceeds from the sale of land for the St. Francis school district 
HF 7272nd engrossmentHealth coverage mandate evaluationsAll versions
HF 730As introducedStatutory home warranties 
HF 733As introducedGrants for taxpayers assistance services 
HF 734As introducedLinked bingo games 
HF 737As amended by committeeDefendant's attorney's fees paid by prosecutorAll versions
HF 739Delete everything amendment H739DE2University of Minnesota and the Department of AgricultureAll versions
HF 742As introducedLegislative approval of student fees 
HF 744As introducedConstruction-related fee reporting requirements 
HF 746Delete everything amendmentMeningitis information for post-secondary students 
HF 7483rd engrossmentEconomic development appropriationsAll versions
HF 7492nd engrossmentState government financeAll versions
HF 7503rd engrossmentOmnibus judiciary finance billAll versions

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