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Bill Summaries: 2021–2022

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectVersions
HF 256As introducedRecuperative Health Homes 
HF 257As amended by H0257A3Solar energy 
HF 260First engrossmentGrant programs for early care and education providersAll versions
HF 264As introducedCenters for independent living appropriation 
HF 265As IntroducedEligibility for discretionary and mandatory eviction expungements 
HF 269First engrossmentPsychology Interjurisdictional CompactAll versions
HF 271As introducedShared mobility program data 
HF 272As introducedVehicle registration kiosks 
HF 273As introducedFreight network optimization tool 
HF 277As amended by H0277A2R&D credit; alternative simplified credit proposed 
HF 278As IntroducedRenewable energy standards 
HF 279As introducedHarmless Error Rule for Wills and Trusts 
HF 280As introducedCity of Litchfield; local sales tax authority 
HF 287First engrossmentSober Housing Program Oversight StudyAll versions
HF 288As IntroducedGrant for Teachers to Improve Early Reading Activities 
HF 289As introducedAid to sexual assault victims 
HF 290As introducedDrive-by shooting 
HF 291As introducedDental care for veteran home residents 
HF 292As IntroducedSchool District Operating Referenda Renewal by Board Action 
HF 294As introducedRunaway and homeless youth report 
HF 295As introducedCriminal sexual assault investigations 
HF 296As introducedMA TEFRA parental contributions 
HF 298As amended by H0298DE1Collegiate ticket purchasing rights tax exemption providedAll versions
HF 299First engrossmentThird-party food delivery fees; limitationAll versions
HF 300First engrossmentCapitol Flag ProgramAll versions
HF 306As introducedReduction or waiver of the criminal traffic surcharge 
HF 310First EngrossmentChild Maltreatment Mandatory ReportersAll versions
HF 312First engrossmentCourt-appointed counsel in child protection casesAll versions
HF 313First division engrossmentAlzheimer's disease public information programAll versions
HF 315As introducedEmergency Services Grants 
HF 316As introducedFamily, friend, and neighbor grant program 
HF 321As introducedCertifications for victims of crimes 
HF 327As introducedShared work plan eligibility 
HF 331As introducedPredatory offender notice to home care provider 
HF 333As IntroducedReverse mortgage loan servicer notification requirements 
HF 334As introducedDepartment of Labor and Industry legislative proposals 
HF 335As introducedNursing home licensing moratorium exception 
HF 336First engrossmentDriver's license suspensionsAll versions
HF 337Second engrossmentOmnibus capital investment billAll versions
HF 338As introducedDirect Care Service Corps 
HF 341First EngrossmentEducational data: student privacy and educational technologyAll versions
HF 344First EngrossmentMetropolitan Council membership modificationsAll versions
HF 348As introducedFamily law; modifying requirements for parent education program 
HF 351As IntroducedAcademic standards 
HF 354As introducedEthanol 
HF 355As introducedCity of Cloquet; local sales tax authority 
HF 356As amended by H0356DE1Food safety 
HF 357As introducedPregnancy and lactation accommodations 
HF 358First Division EngrossmentSexual health educationAll versions
HF 363As introducedRevenue recapture for nonprofit hospitals and ambulance services 
HF 372As amended by H0372A1Workers' compensation insurance ratemaking 
HF 375First engrossmentMinor consent for nonresidential mental health servicesAll versions
HF 376As introducedFree individual income tax filing study 
HF 377As introducedHometown Heroes Assistance Program 
HF 378As IntroducedParaprofessionals 
HF 381As introducedVeteran's identifier on state-issued identification cards 
HF 387As IntroducedTurtle Sellers' Licenses 
HF 388As introducedCultural and Ethnic Communities Leadership Council 
HF 389First EngrossmentWomen of Color Opportunity ActAll versions
HF 390As introducedParent Support Grants 
HF 396First engrossmentHennepin County Campaign Finance ReportingAll versions
HF 398As IntroducedRepairs for residential rental units 
HF 399As IntroducedProhibiting certain fees by landlords; restricting landlord entry 
HF 400As introducedTermination of lease based on illness and disability 
HF 401First EngrossmentLaw enforcement salary increasesAll versions
HF 402As introducedMetropolitan Council Inflow and Infiltration Grants 
HF 403First engrossmentHuman Rights Act; review of past pay prohibitedAll versions
HF 406As introducedEqual Rights Amendment; Proposed Amendment to State Constitution 
HF 408As IntroducedPesticide 
HF 410As introducedWorkforce Development, Inc. appropriation 
HF 411As introducedChild care facility grant program 
HF 412As introducedGrant program to increase the number of child care providers 
HF 413As introducedGrant to the Minnesota Initiative Foundations for child care 
HF 413As introducedMinnesota Initiative Foundation appropriation 
HF 416First engrossmentExtended Jurisdiction Juvenile ReportAll versions
HF 418As IntroducedReal property ownership and tax-forfeited land 
HF 426As introducedGreater Minnesota business development public infrastructure grant program appropriation 
HF 427As introducedVendors excluded from remitting June sales tax collections on accelerated basis 
HF 428As introducedLocal public health grants 
HF 430As introducedGreater Minnesota housing infrastructure grant program; bond sale authorization 
HF 433As IntroducedFood safety 
HF 438As introducedMarshall; elementary school building refundable construction exemption 
HF 439As introducedSubminimum wage task force 
HF 441As introducedMHRA; certificate of compliance and equal pay certificates; commissioner enforcement and remedies 
HF 443As amended by H0443DE1Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing (NOAH) AppropriationAll versions
HF 444As introducedState-declared disaster definition 
HF 445Third engrossmentState Aid For Emergencies (SAFE) AccountAll versions
HF 446As introducedHome Health Agency Service and Home Care Nursing Service Payment Rates 
HF 447As IntroducedMammogram diagnostic services and testing 
HF 448As introducedDefinition of prescription drug for purposes of the antikickback law 
HF 450As introducedRight to counsel; public housing eviction 
HF 464As introducedReporting peace officer excessive force incidents 
HF 469As IntroducedSeizure action plan 
HF 471As introducedSubstance Use Disorder Treatment Licensing 
HF 473As introducedStudent loan refinancing program credit requirements 
HF 474As introducedSales tax exemption for fund-raising sales made by certain student organizations 
HF 475As introducedComprehensive advanced life support educational program 
HF 478As introducedMilitary Veteran Criminal Offender Sentencing 
HF 482As introducedCorporal Caleb L. Erickson Memorial Highway 
HF 484As introducedDepartment of Veterans Affairs contracting authority 
HF 486First EngrossmentSuicide Prevention Training for School StaffAll versions
HF 489As introducedMotor fuels tax indexing 
HF 494As introducedCity of St. Peter; local sales tax authority 
HF 495As introducedSt. Peter; fire station refundable construction exemption provided 
HF 496As introducedProperty tax advisory committee, proposed property tax notice changes, and Minnesota Property Taxpayer's Day 
HF 498As IntroducedSchool cooperatives; facilities revenue 
HF 499As introducedEmergency management readiness grants 
HF 500As amended by H0500A2Local government debt financing modified