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Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes / 2001 - 2002 Regular Session

As recorded by the House Chamber Voting System

* This list includes only actions by the House where there was a recorded roll call floor vote. This list does not include votes taken in committees. Please remember that not all actions on the House floor require a roll call vote.

Please see the Minnesota Constitution Article IV, Section 22 and House Rule 2.03 for more information on roll call votes

This information comes from the House Chamber voting system. In the case of system failure the vote will be taken by voice and will not be available electronically except that it is recorded and available in the House Journal.

HF0047 - Iron mining; closed iron mines and facilities required to be maintained for two years, and extra unemployment benefits provided for workers laid off from LTV mining company.

HF0057 - School bus drivers' licenses; certain crimes against children included as disqualifying offenses for purposes of school bus driver endorsements.

HF0058 - Beer keg identification standards prescribed, retailers required to maintain records of keg sales, and penalties provided.

HF0080 - Anoka county; Coon lake water level control installation required.

HF0082 - Omnibus K-12 education appropriations bill.

HF0094 - Game and fish law gross overlimit violations criminal penalties established, restitution values determined, license seizure provided, commercial fishing possession criteria specified, and commercial license reinstatement modified.

HF0106 - Minnesota agricultural education leadership council permanent or temporary replacement members authorized for specified ex officio seats, and council sunset extended.

HF0118 - Television; resolution memorializing television networks to reduce violent and sexually explicit material and produce material that promotes wholesome family values.

HF0125 - Dentist licensure requirements modified for applicants trained in a foreign country.

HF0127 - Nursing assistants with expunged prior records exempted from disqualification.

HF0149 - Islam; Halal food product serving, selling, and labeling regulated.

HF0156 - Barber shop registration fee exception provided for sole operators of multiple shops.

HF0197 - Noncommercial television station and metropolitan bus garage grants provided, earlier appropriation reduced, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

HF0208 - Waterways; resolution urging authorization of funding for modernization of waterways.

HF0209 - Shooting ranges generally accepted practices defined relating to local ordinances, closing, relocation, and nuisance liability.

HF0239 - Real property ownership and application clarifications provided, Minnesota common interest ownership act modified, and torrens proceedings representation provided.

HF0264 - Legislative energy task force; correcting names of committees represented by members.

HF0274 - Mercury thermometer sales restricted.

HF0275 - Nursing facility closure plans savings procedure modified.

HF0285 - Agricultural liens; crop liens and agricultural liens on livestock revised and consolidated.

HF0320 - Licensed property-casualty insurance agents authorized to assist in procurement of surplus lines insurance without a license.

HF0323 - Motor vehicle fuel franchises change in ownership provisions expiration date removed.

HF0326 - Local and state government agency denial of requests for action clarified.

HF0351 - Omnibus budget balancing and appropriations bill providing funding for crime prevention, judiciary finance, family law and other state departments, and appropriating money.

HF0369 - Joint and several liability apportionment regulated.

HF0393 - Ramsey county and St. Paul city employees allowed equal competition for vacant county jobs in combined city-county departments.

HF0402 - Disaster relief and flood mitigation measures provided to designated major disaster area counties, and money appropriated.

HF0421 - Energy assistance program federal fund expenditure authorized.

HF0486 - Newspaper paid political advertisement disclaimers required to be legible.

HF0487 - Townships; nonprofit organizations contract limit for health, social, and recreational services increased.

HF0489 - Public entities not allowed to require contractors to procure a surety bond from a particular insurance company on competitively bid public improvements.

HF0525 - Public employees prohibited from state board and council compensation except under specified conditions, and daily payment standards required.

HF0550 - Edvest; higher education services office rulemaking authority extended.

HF0553 - Obsolete and duplicative transportation laws repealed.

HF0556 - Federal law enforcement officers authorized to exercise powers of arrest in Minnesota under specified circumstances.

HF0634 - Claims against the state paid, Murray county authority to repay property taxes granted, Willis lake in Waseca county designated as a wildlife management lake, and money appropriated.

HF0643 - Initiative and referendum provided, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF0655 - Minnesota unemployment insurance program law; technical and miscellaneous substantive unemployment provisions modified, procedures clarified, and eligibility extended to specified victims of domestic abuse.

HF0656 - Revisor's bill correcting erroneous, ambiguous, and omitted text and obsolete references; and making miscellaneous technical corrections.

HF0704 - Emergency medical services personnel licensure provided exception from criminal rehabilitation provisions.

HF0707 - Carisoprodol classified as a controlled substance upon federal ruling.

HF0708 - Well drilling machines and equipment registration tax exemption clarified.

HF0757 - Trunk highway No. 75 designated "King of Trails".

HF0766 - Household hazardous waste program authority transferred, SCORE block grants funding provided, and appointing authority evaluation requested.

HF0779 - Motor vehicle dealers; franchise transfers and objections to establishment or relocation of a franchise provisions modified.

HF0783 - Deadly force definition modified to exclude use of less lethal munitions used by peace officers.

HF0865 - Community service authorized in lieu of criminal fines under specified circumstances.

HF0867 - Hennepin; suburban regional park district authorized to set commissioner compensation, boundaries clarified, open meeting law conformity provided, donations accepted, and joint powers agreements authorized.

HF0871 - City purchases on credit cards authorized, and personal liability established for unauthorized purchases.

HF0873 - Private easements authorized across tax-forfeited land, exchange requirements modified, county lease terms modified, and public and private sales and conveyances of tax-forfeited land authorized in certain counties.

HF0894 - Casino; card club wagering system definitions modified.

HF0901 - Election day registration requirements expanded to include identification verification, overseas and absentee voter provisions clarified, and voting equipment regulation and report provided.

HF0903 - Obsolete statutes repealed restricting sale of wagon covers and similar items.

HF0915 - Pledge of allegiance required in all public schools, and United States flag respect instruction provided.

HF0926 - Uniform health care identification cards content and format modified, prescription drug information required on cards, and issuance requirements established.

HF0933 - Farm implements and outdoor power equipment buyback requirements provided.

HF0949 - Newspapers; qualified papers serving small local public corporations requirements modified.

HF0953 - Child abuse list of offenses modified to include violations from other states.

HF0967 - Potlucks sponsored by schools authorized.

HF0980 - Park buildings construction and remodeling projects exempted from legislative notice and review requirements.

HF0995 - Horse racing license applicant requirements modified, and anti-inflammatory medication content maximum amount increased.

HF1025 - State board of investment member disclosure provisions expanded and parking lot access duties imposed.

HF1028 - American heritage education in Minnesota public schools act adopted.

HF1051 - Medical malpractice expert review certifications regulated and statute of limitations clarification provided.

HF1084 - Omnibus financial institutions and banking bill.

HF1098 - Eviction records expungement requirements provided.

HF1151 - Psychologist disciplinary actions penalty provisions modified.

HF1153 - Local government building project architect requirement exemption provided, study and reports required, and educational program relating to design and construction of local government buildings provided.

HF1155 - Health care provider affirmative consent required to particiate in a newtork under a category of coverage, and disclosure of changes in a provider's contract required.

HF1159 - Local bridge replacement and rehabilitation and Gillette Children's Specialty Health Care facility prior funding provisions modified, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

HF1160 - Physician assistants prescribing medication review provisions modified.

HF1182 - Invention developer contract requirements modified.

HF1188 - Fire training exercise ash disposal regulated.

HF1189 - Election of municipal council members provided after annexation.

HF1192 - Applicants for temporary limited teaching license or personnel variance permitted to submit applications by July 1, and conforming rule changes provided.

HF1214 - Election provisions clarified, and specified election procedures and requirements modified.

HF1219 - State fund mutual insurance company state involvement reduced.

HF1224 - Medical response unit registration provided.

HF1236 - Metropolitan airports commission member confirmation by house and senate required.

HF1247 - Veterans home board administration of planned giving donations provided.

HF1248 - Veterans homes resident deposit accounts modified.

HF1260 - Custodial and noncustodial parent terminology neutralized relating to family law.

HF1261 - Corrections department reporting, certification, and other clarifications provided including sex offender assessments and HIV test record maintenance.

HF1266 - Omnibus agriculture and rural development finance bill appropriating money for the department of agriculture, the board of animal health, the horticultural society, and the agricultural utilization research institute.

HF1304 - Lead poisoning prevention provisions modified, property sellers required to provide well water test results, and obsolete laws repealed.

HF1310 - Construction; state building official authorized to interpret the state building code, annual reports on construction-related fees required, construction fees regulated, and waivers of rights requirements prohibited.

HF1340 - Wright county recorder appointment permitted.

HF1356 - Agricultural operation nuisance liability protection expanded.

HF1360 - Personal protection act of 2001 adopted recognizing the right to self-defense, providing permits to carry a pistol, and imposing criminal penalties.

HF1367 - Owner-occupied residential housing program authorized to use rental energy revolving loan program funds.

HF1383 - Motorcycle handlebar height restrictions repealed.

HF1391 - Grace photograph; United States Postal Service urged by resolution to create a postage stamp reproducing Eric Enstrom's photograph "Grace", taken in Bovey.

HF1406 - Maternal death review and study provided.

HF1407 - Health-related councils expiration dates modified, funeral goods and services regulation authority transferred, public health collaboration plan provisions modified, rural hospital program modified, and boxing regulation repealed.

HF1487 - Game and fish and recreational provisions modified relating to licensure, training, title, and tax provisions, fish house requirements modified, submerged vehicle removal responsibility imposed, and other provisions clarified.

HF1497 - Lake county state land sales authorized, lakeshore land exchange terms modified to include wild rice lands, Hill lake wildlife management area established in Aitkin county, state forest addition provided, and certain charges exempted.

HF1507 - Treatment of legal nonconforming uses of land clarified.

HF1515 - Omnibus family and early childhood education appropriations bill.

HF1517 - Swimming pool requirements established for family day care homes, and municipalities provided immunity from claims based on provider's failure to comply.

HF1522 - Full-time nursing home administrator requirements modified.

HF1541 - Rental application fees studied.

HF1569 - Minnesota state college and university customized trainer positions reclassified.

HF1596 - Small vehicle passenger service definition expanded to include wheelchair-accessible vehicles, and restrictions imposed on transfer of metro mobility vehicles by the metropolitan council.

HF1616 - Rules; emergency vehicle siren standards obsolete rules repealed.

HF1620 - Annexation; orderly annexation agreements strengthened.

HF1637 - Hawker and peddler county licensure repealed.

HF1681 - State hiring process pilot project extended, employee identification numbers classified as public, human services chief executive officers placed in the unclassified service, and other technical housekeeping changes provided.

HF1748 - Emergency medical services regulatory board authorized to grant staffing variances for basic life support ambulances operated by rural ambulance services, and rural emergency medical training program requirement exemptions provided.

HF1828 - Wetland replacement and classification provisions modified, and consumptive use of water legislative approval exception provided for metallic mineland dewatering.

HF1889 - Uniform Partnership Act of 1994 transition issues regulated, and orderly revocation of delinquent foreign corporations provided.

HF1892 - Creditor discriminatory practices definition extended to include discrimination based on receipt of public assistance including medical assistance or housing assistance.

HF1941 - Job skills partnership program provisions clarified.

HF1947 - Vital statistics act and access to adoption records modified.

HF1954 - Volunteer firefighter relief association general fund municipal contributions authorized.

HF1958 - Medicare Choice; President and Congress memorialized by resolution to reduce or eliminate disparities between the states in Medicare Choice benefits.

HF1973 - State highways in municipalities regulated and conforming changes provided.

HF2028 - Environmental audit provisions modified and pollution control agency annual performance reporting date changed.

HF2036 - Goodhue county auditor-treasurer appointment authorized.

HF2040 - Emergency management and fire alarm public safety provisions eliminated, and malt liquor brand registration prohibition relating to Native Americans repealed.

HF2107 - Student conduct considered grounds for dismissal or removal from class specified.

HF2119 - Charitable organization report filing requirements modified.

HF2205 - Odd-year sessions limited to organizational sessions not to exceed 14 days, and legislature authorized to reconvene on extraordinary occasions.

HF2214 - Stadium; professional baseball park financed, property tax exemption provided, additional taxes authorized, funding requirements specified, site selection process provided, bonds authorized, and money appropriated.

HF2263 - Election day registration requirements expanded to include picture identification, and tribal identification cards accepted for purposes of registration.

HF2362 - Tobacco; resolution memorializing Congress to pass legislation requiring cigarettes that are less likely to start fires.

HF2381 - Medical education funding and endowments increased.

HF2473 - Organ donors; Darlene Luther anatomical gift act specifying intent and consent requirements for anatomical gift designations.

HF2486 - Omnibus jobs and economic development finance bill.

HF2498 - Omnibus tax bill modifying provisions relating to income, franchise, sales and use, property, MinnesotaCare, liquor, and other taxes; providing for transfer of funds; providing for a budget reserve; and appropriating money.

HF2513 - Stadium; major league baseball park financing provided, private funding required, interest-free loan provided, sales tax-free zone established, metrodome disposition provided, and major league revenue sharing required.

HF2514 - Animal health board emergency authority to eradicate diseases affecting domestic animals in the state expanded.

HF2515 - Terrorism; anti-terrorism act of 2002 adopted providing crimes for weapons of mass destruction, explosives, and hoaxes; extending the public safety radio system; establishing an advisory council; issuing bonds; and appropriating money.

HF2516 - Legislative redistricting plan for use beginning in 2002 adopted.

HF2523 - Rules effectiveness subjected to approval by the governor, constitutional officers required to sign rules to make them take effect, and governor's veto authority over rules removed.

HF2531 - Hospice care providers regulated, and criminal penalties imposed.

HF2570 - Automobile insurance authorized to cover damage to glass on the same basis as damage to other parts of an automobile.

HF2598 - Pledge of allegiance required in all public schools, and United States flag respect instruction provided.

HF2612 - Licensed architect, engineer, land surveyor, landscape architect, geoscientist, or certified interior designer requirement circumstances revised.

HF2618 - Data dissemination between schools and law enforcement regulated, public employees required to make prompt reports of certain unlawful actions, state auditor provided data for law enforcement purposes, and criminal penalties provided.

HF2622 - Terrorism; anti-terrorism act of 2002 adopted providing civil and criminal penalties for agricultural, biological, and other mass destruction; modifying open meeting law and data sharing provisions; and appropriating money.

HF2624 - Shakopee public utilities commission increased from three to five members.

HF2629 - Retired individuals licensed by the board of architecture, engineering, land surveying, landscape architecture, geoscience, and interior design authorized to use a retired professional designation.

HF2637 - Temporary town officeholders authorized in the event of inability or refusal to serve.

HF2642 - Mine inspector annual audit requirement modified.

HF2643 - Impounded vehicle sale authorized within 15 days of notice unless owner declares intent to reclaim.

HF2660 - Sexually transmitted disease educational program modified to include promoting marriage.

HF2681 - Terrorist attacks; resolution to the President and Congress pledging support and extending sympathy and appreciation to the sacrifices of those responding to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

HF2688 - Bakery goods including bread specifically exempted from the prepared food sales tax.

HF2695 - Minneapolis firefighters relief association retirement provisions corrections provided.

HF2706 - Obstruction of emergency vehicle during emergency duty misdemeanor penalty provided.

HF2719 - Uniform athlete agents act adopted providing student athlete agent registration, penalties and remedies provided, and money appropriated.

HF2742 - State agency contested case procedures regulation provided.

HF2766 - Motor vehicle fuel franchise sale federal code compliance expiration date removed.

HF2780 - Civil law medical malpractice actions regulated, liens against real property modified, curative act for conveyances by counties created, document recording provided, and sunset repealed.

HF2783 - No-fault auto insurance residual liability coverage regulated.

HF2787 - Background checks for electronic security system company employees required, procedures provided, discharge and license disqualification authorized, and criminal penalties imposed for failure to request checks as required.

HF2792 - Municipalities indemnified for participating in household hazardous waste programs.

HF2796 - Minneapolis joint venture asphalt plant construction authorized and local approval required.

HF2813 - Child care providers required to develop policies for reporting suspected child maltreatment.

HF2882 - Electric personal assistive mobility device roadway and sidewalk regulations established.

HF2884 - Motor vehicle excessive gross weight civil fine requirements modified.

HF2886 - Elections; Indian reservation tribal band members additional election day identification procedures established and report required.

HF2899 - Livable community demonstration account provisions modified.

HF2902 - Early childhood and family education children and family support, prevention, and self-sufficiency and lifelong learning programs provided; earlier appropriations reduced; and money appropriated.

HF2970 - Recreational motor vehicles and snowmobile state purchase requirements provided, public use of recreational areas rule amendments required, Iron Range off-highway vehicle area hiring authorized, enforcement provided, and money appropriated.

HF2972 - Energy regulation and technical corrections provided, comprehensive energy plan for public buildings required, and public utilities commission procedural powers extended.

HF2987 - Cook county Mineral Center cemetery conveyance to Grand Portage reservation authorized.

HF2988 - Insurance licenses, fees, and coverages regulated; health care administration simplified; and technical provisions modified.

HF2992 - Occupational therapist temporary licensure terms modified.

HF3011 - Economic development agency and program appropriations reduced, Minnesota minerals 21st century funds transferred, and workplace HIV education appropriation extended.

HF3031 - Emergency health powers act adopted, emergency declaration provisions modified, emergency powers granted, isolation and quarantine of persons authorized, and study required.

HF3062 - Hennepin and Ramsey county juvenile court judge term of service limitations repealed.

HF3073 - Lawful gambling technical, clarifying, and conforming changes provided; pull-tab dispensing devices procedures modified; sales of gambling equipment regulated; and report required.

HF3092 - Health care provider immunity granted for providing specific reference check data to a prospective new employer, and school district disclosure of violence or inappropriate sexual contact data required.

HF3116 - Legislative commission on Minnesota resources environmental and natural resources trust fund responsibilities and fund availability modified, land compliance failure penalty provided, and notices required.

HF3125 - Telecommunications access for communication-impaired persons program renamed telecommunications access Minnesota program, periodic account statements in electronic form authorized, and Alexandria joint venture authorized.

HF3127 - Pensions; police, firefighter, teacher, and other public pension plan and retirement provisions modified and clarified.

HF3148 - Speech-language pathologist and audiologist registration requirements modified for those whose registration has lapsed for more than three years.

HF3163 - Revisor's bill correcting erroneous, ambiguous, and omitted text and obsolete references.

HF3166 - Human services continuing care programs, licensing, and other miscellaneous provisions modified.

HF3183 - Omnibus agriculture policy bill providing for establishment of a livestock development program, authorizing a land use pilot project, modifying waste management provisions, authorizing land exchanges, and appropriating money.

HF3186 - Agricultural property tax class rate adjusted, and market value maximum and phase-out provisions modified.

HF3189 - Street-sweeping vehicles defined as special mobile equipment for registration purposes.

HF3190 - Juvenile courts required to send juvenile petition data to the statewide supervision system under the department of corrections.

HF3196 - State procurement law ethical provisions clarified, state archaeology rulemaking authorized, obsolete technology authority repealed, and citizens council on Voyageurs national park statutory authority repealed.

HF3200 - Dentist and dental hygienist guest licenses and dental assistant guest registration established, and money appropriated.

HF3202 - Delano public utilities commission increased to five members.

HF3203 - Omnibus public safety bill modifying vehicle registration, titling, driver's licenses, traffic regulations, and motor carrier fuel tax provisions; and making technical and clarifying changes.

HF3213 - Mental health services coverage inconsistencies corrected for services under provided health plans.

HF3270 - Omnibus supplemental budget balancing bill reducing state government appropriations.

HF3274 - Military service; student protections provided under federal law for persons called or ordered to active service.

HF3296 - Social security administrative duties shifted from department of employee relations to the public employees retirement association and employee dependent data classified.

HF3309 - Nursing home licensed bed lay away authorized during moratorium projects.

HF3319 - Minnesota state academy tuition provisions modified.

HF3344 - Second judicial district combined jurisdiction program authorized.

HF3350 - Health care programs provided including emeritus registration for mortuary science practitioner, donated dental services program, and volunteer health care provider program; effective date clarified; and money appropriated.

HF3359 - Nurse prescription and vaccine protocols modified, nursing facililty bed transfers authorized, and epinephrine administration authorized on emergency ambulance calls.

HF3364 - Trunk highway fund major project account established, state contract moratorium exemptions provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

HF3436 - Minimum wage increased.

HF3584 - Judgement calculation interest rate formulas modified.

HF3618 - Omnibus bonding bill providing capital improvements funding, modifying earlier appropriations, issuing bonds, requiring a state land inventory, prohibiting action on the Dan Patch commuter rail line, and appropriating money.

HF3643 - Claims against the state corrections department payment funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF3690 - State contract moratorium exemption provided for contracts paid entirely with fees paid by students at public post-secondary institutions.

HR0001 - A house resolution commemorating the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

HR0008 - A house resolution setting the maximum limit on general fund expenditures for the biennium.

HR0019 - A house resolution regarding the internal administration of the House of Representatives; instituting a hiring freeze in the House of Representatives.

HR0025 - A house resolution relating to state government; rejecting certain labor agreements and compensation plans; ratifying a labor agreement.

SF0009 - Cities volunteer firefighters or ambulance personnel housing assistance

SF0028 - Teacher licensing under current licensure rules

SF0043 - Adult foster care license capacity age requirement and maximum admissions variances

SF0058 - Mentally ill person terminology change in statutes and rules

SF0063 - Old St. Anne's pass designation

SF0103 - Motor fuel theft civil liability; worthless check issuance liability modifications

SF0142 - Black Minnesotans council membership increase

SF0172 - Juvenile petty offense definition exclusions and disposition modification

SF0174 - Agricultural crops transport highway seasonal gross weight limit increase provision expansion and distance restriction modification

SF0179 - Civil commitment provisions modifications

SF0201 - Physician assistants infection control continuing education requirements repeal

SF0222 - Game and fish laws gross overlimit violations penalties and restitution values establishment; commercial fishing operations possession criteria

SF0225 - Civil commitment restraints use peace officers determination authority

SF0228 - School districts emergency energy assistance

SF0229 - Crime victims criminal records expungement proceedings notice requirement and statement submittal authority

SF0249 - Public health obsolete rules repeal

SF0258 - Resolution for steel products importation trade agreements enforcement

SF0266 - Metropolitan area land use plans content requirements expansion

SF0274 - Respiratory care practitioner advisory council expiration date extension; athletic trainers nonrenewed registrations cancellation

SF0283 - Conservation officers performance evaluation enforcement activity comparison use authority elimination

SF0289 - Alcohol and drug counselors licensing requirements modifications

SF0319 - Bankruptcy debtors judgments discharge applications service method alternative

SF0321 - Guardians or conservators criminal background studies requirements; human services department background study systems and records

SF0327 - Male animals or breachy cattle running at large prohibition repeal

SF0333 - Veterinary medicine board complaint review committee cease and desist orders issuance authority

SF0346 - Uniform principal and income act provisions modifications and antilapse law simplification

SF0359 - Chiropractors licensing and regulation provisions modification and clarification

SF0376 - City contract limit increases

SF0400 - Hokah town roads vacation authority

SF0414 - Minnesota utilization review act provisions modifications

SF0433 - Town boards health, social and recreational services contracts monetary limit increase

SF0453 - Bleacher safety requirements exemptions

SF0456 - Mental retardation community based waiver services recipients respite care access

SF0480 - Traffic regulations obsolete provisions repeal

SF0491 - Patient protections provisions modifications

SF0494 - St. Louis county special purchasing laws repeal

SF0509 - City and county obligations electronic funds transfer or credit card payment; city or town purchases by credit card

SF0510 - Hubbard and Cass county offices appointment process

SF0511 - State agricultural society provisions modifications

SF0520 - Combat wounded veterans day designation

SF0555 - State agencies rulemaking procedures modifications

SF0560 - Health care review organizations provisions modifications

SF0564 - Employee assistance records access and maintenance requirements

SF0570 - Obsolete rules repeal

SF0577 - St. Paul transit regulation by metropolitan council and existing transit route preservation

SF0615 - Waste abatement and water quality permit fees obsolete rules repeal

SF0647 - Resolution urging congressional adherence to special education funding pledge

SF0694 - Propane education and research council

SF0702 - Blufflands trail system additional trails establishment option

SF0711 - School property trespass law expansion

SF0722 - Minnesota Energy Security and Reliability Act

SF0741 - Hennepin county employees disaster volunteer leave

SF0773 - DWI offenders electronic alcohol monitoring study

SF0780 - State agencies rulemaking procedures modification and clarification

SF0795 - Snowmobile grant in aid trails access continuation upon land acquisition; Mille Lacs and Pine counties recreational land use trails all-terrain vehicles operation

SF0824 - Good samaritan law emergency care liability immunity clarification

SF0846 - Criminal justice data communications network use authority expansion

SF0849 - Rural policy and development center staff state employee insurance plan participation eligibility and state campaign finance and public disclosure board regulation subjection

SF0859 - Accountancy Act of 2001

SF0883 - Hospitals operation, construction and equipment rules variance or waiver request procedure

SF0910 - Residential roadway definition modification for traffic regulations purposes

SF0923 - Immigrants social work licensure examination requirement exemption and temporary permit eligibility; examination failure rate study

SF0930 - Motor vehicle carriers obsolete rules repeal

SF0960 - Iron range resources and rehabilitation board discontinued mining property acquisition authority

SF0969 - Corporations electronic search warrants; pornographic works depicting minors possession or dissemination penalty increases; attorney general and county attorneys subpoenas issuance authority; private correctional facility employees pistols

SF0970 - Gasoline sales below cost prohibition

SF0971 - Itinerant carnivals prohibition repeal

SF0972 - Endurance contests prohibition repeal

SF0974 - Local public officers contracts financial interest prohibition exceptions

SF0986 - Lawful gambling regulation provisions modifications; racetrack card club gambling activities limits modifications and licensees reporting requirements

SF0991 - Students drug paraphernalia possession school notice requirement

SF1008 - Racetrack card club cheaters detention

SF1030 - National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact

SF1033 - State community and technical colleges employee unions merger

SF1043 - Peace officer standards and training board license denial, suspension or revocation authority expansion and reporting requirement modification; city council members peace officer authority repeal

SF1047 - Apartment managers criminal background check requirements expansion

SF1054 - Insurance provisions modifications

SF1056 - School bus drivers licenses validity verification requirement

SF1064 - State agencies professional services contractors selection process

SF1068 - Government data classification and dissemination provisions

SF1072 - State photograph designation

SF1082 - State park land additions, deletions and administration and boathouse lot lease modifications

SF1090 - Child labor law age certification alternative

SF1124 - Health insurance coverage continuation for spouses of retired school district employees

SF1154 - Metropolitan radio board expiration date extension and duties and responsibilities transfer plan

SF1155 - Recreational equipment and motor homes maximum highway width or length limits

SF1164 - Reinvest in Minnesota program landowner definition modification and easements and wetland restoration payment limit increases

SF1204 - Health insurance companies HIV and bloodborne pathogen test results use regulation provision modification

SF1206 - Indian affairs council urban Indians advisory council membership increase

SF1215 - Human rights provisions modifications

SF1222 - World war II civilians service recognition memorial plaque on capitol grounds

SF1226 - No-fault automobile insurance full medical expense benefits entitlement

SF1258 - Minnesota investment fund loan or grant authority expansion

SF1263 - Multimember agencies expiration dates modifications or repeal; health boards council establishment

SF1264 - No-fault automobile insurance senior citizens income loss benefits purchase option

SF1269 - Bataan death march participants memorial plaque

SF1301 - Housing and redevelopment authorities contracting and performance and payment bond threshold increases

SF1324 - Private detectives and protective agents weapons and firearms use training rules requirements modification

SF1326 - Joint legislative resolution establishing districting principles for legislative and congressional plans

SF1344 - Employers commissions payment regulation

SF1367 - County creation and boundary change procedures modification

SF1369 - Battered women shelter facilities per diem payment program implementation and administration rules

SF1394 - Child placement and maltreatment in schools provisions modifications

SF1397 - Health and human services programs license applicants and employees background studies requirements modifications

SF1404 - State employees group long term care insurance program eligibility

SF1407 - Human services programs provisions modifications

SF1419 - Payment bonds claims notices requirements modification

SF1429 - Employer safety violations causing death penalty increase; small employers safety committees establishment requirement modification and penalties elimination

SF1430 - Alcohol and drug counselors health commissioner reporting requirements elimination and information exchange and investigations coordination procedures establishment; school counselors licensing requirement exception modification

SF1432 - Police civil service periodic examinations

SF1434 - Water permit provisions modifications; dams inventory, assessment and repair cooperation requirement

SF1435 - Designer selection board members conflict of interest prohibition modification

SF1437 - Local government units salary increase requests submission requirements; state and public employees salary limit increase for pension purposes

SF1441 - Local officials gifts acceptance prohibition exception

SF1460 - Social workers under duty to warn law and professional firms formation and participation authority

SF1464 - Lead poisoning prevention and food, beverage and lodging establishments inspection requirements modifications and public pay toilets prohibition exception elimination

SF1471 - Municipal board abolishment and powers and duties transfer statutory provisions conformity

SF1472 - Capital access program modifications

SF1485 - Minnesota Money Transmitters Act

SF1495 - Biodiesel fuel mandate

SF1507 - State procurement provisions modifications

SF1528 - Edina recreational motor vehicles operation restrictions imposition authority

SF1541 - Commerce department provisions modifications

SF1552 - Crime of causing negligent fires negligence level definition

SF1555 - Phosphorous fertilizers use regulation

SF1561 - Uniform commercial code revised article 9 corrective and conforming amendments

SF1583 - Child neglect definition modification for minors maltreatment reporting purposes

SF1610 - Insurance company liquidations, investments, combined financial statements, structured settlement agreement annuities, guaranty funds and workers compensation rates and rating plans regulation provisions

SF1611 - Vocational rehabilitation facilities and programs provisions modifications

SF1613 - Pollution control agency permit process expediation authority expansion

SF1614 - Civil actions for state violation of federal age discrimination in employment, fair labor standards, family and medical leave or Americans with disabilities acts

SF1659 - Animal feedlot permit conditions and additional level inventory; small dairy producers alternative milkhouse process wastewaters disposal methods

SF1666 - Motor vehicle dealers temporary places of business establishment authority

SF1680 - Administration department provisions modifications

SF1706 - Students asthma inhalers possession and use regulation

SF1709 - Towed implements of husbandry tail lamp display requirements exemption

SF1721 - Employers genetic tests or protected genetic information use prohibition

SF1752 - Local liquor license provisions; on-sale intoxicating liquor licensees premix and dispensing machines use authority; beer wholesalers and small brewers relationship study

SF1755 - School employees health insurance plan study; high school raffles

SF1769 - Transportation and highway provisions modifications

SF1772 - C. Elmer Anderson memorial highway outdoor advertising restriction

SF1780 - Itasca county government innovation and cooperation board government services delivery laws or rules exemption extension

SF1811 - Public drainage systems jurisdiction transfer

SF1821 - Telecommunications and cable facilities railroad rights-of-way use regulation

SF1826 - Insurance producers licensing and regulation

SF1835 - Employees termination information request and employers response time limit extensions

SF1932 - Employment and training services provisions modification and repeal

SF1944 - Crime of nonsupport of spouse or child clarification and modification; child support payments crediting and enforcement remedies implementation timing requirements

SF1964 - Life and health insurance guaranty association regulation provisions modifications

SF1965 - Trade and economic development department obsolete and redundant programs and duties repeal; office of tourism deputy commissioner

SF1968 - Construction sites cranes safe operation study

SF1999 - Judicial system obsolete references amendment or repeal; warrants issuance and service provisions clarification

SF2005 - State trooper Theodore "Ted" Foss memorial highway designation

SF2006 - Motor vehicle accident data public availability

SF2022 - Child support payments crediting and enforcement remedies implementation timing requirements

SF2031 - Public works contracts costs recovery waiver provisions unenforceability

SF2033 - Insurance agents minimum continuing education requirements modification

SF2046 - Workers compensation provisions modifications

SF2049 - Camp Coldwater Springs recognition and natural water flow protection

SF2115 - Motor vehicle dealers surety bond requirements clarification

SF2125 - Wildlife management areas land additions and exchanges and all-terrain vehicles use regulation; Roseau county consolidated conservation land sale; in lieu tax revenues use

SF2142 - County highways or town roads property condemnation judicial review

SF2150 - Technology circuits or systems contractors and power limited technicians

SF2208 - Public finance and debt provisions modifications; Scott and Carver counties housing and redevelopment authorities authority and Hennepin county multijurisdictional programs expansion; Hassan township economic development authority

SF2225 - School buses operation by licensed child care providers and without drivers license endorsement

SF2249 - Revisor's bill

SF2328 - Resolution for railroad employees unemployment and sickness benefits eligibility

SF2340 - Omnibus transportation and public safety appropriations

SF2343 - Omnibus higher education appropriations

SF2351 - Omnibus environment, natural resources and agriculture appropriations

SF2360 - Omnibus state departments appropriations

SF2361 - Omnibus health and human services appropriations

SF2363 - Homeowners and automobile insurers credit scoring use restriction and regulation

SF2377 - Legislative and congressional districts redistricting plans adoption

SF2392 - Emergency 911 telecommunications system

SF2419 - At home infant child care program assistance calculation modification; child care programs wading pools public swimming pools regulations exemption

SF2422 - Motor vehicle dealers purchased vehicles certificates of title delivery time limit clarification; base value calculation clarification

SF2433 - Criminal sexual conduct crimes expansion, mandatory minimum sentence imposition requirement and complainant medical examination costs definition

SF2434 - Polk county recorder and auditor-treasurer appointment

SF2448 - Motor vehicle registration and drivers license records personal information disclosure

SF2457 - Civil commitment standards modifications; mental health system report

SF2459 - Supplemental nursing services agencies registration criteria expansion and revocation procedures

SF2460 - Crime of assuming responsibility for criminal acts; civil liability for destroying field crop products, animals, organisms or cells

SF2463 - Nurses overtime work hours regulation; border state nursing licensees reciprocity

SF2486 - Radiation therapy facilities major spending commitments prospective review and approval; review and approval process review

SF2516 - Animal feedlot permit rules pastures and upgrade requirement restrictions exemptions

SF2533 - Criminal offenders county correctional services costs payment

SF2540 - Probate property succession and power of appointment provisions modifications

SF2542 - Business and nonprofit corporations and limited liability companies regulation provisions modifications

SF2546 - Rockville and Pleasant Lake and town of Rockville and New London, Spicer and town of New London consolidation plans; Montgomery ward system abolishment

SF2550 - Special education instruction and services and costs reimbursement requirements modifications

SF2568 - Hennepin county parking facilities and real property leases provisions modification and repeal

SF2569 - Veterans homes discretionary admissions means of support exclusions expansion

SF2572 - Public finance provisions modifications

SF2573 - Independent school district 801, Browns Valley; school year start before Labor Day

SF2578 - County human services and public health clients support programs

SF2580 - DWI drivers license revocation hearing, juvenile court jurisdiction, child endangerment, escape from custody and evidence of prior conduct provisions modifications; habitual truancy cases public defender appointment right elimination

SF2590 - Carlton county recorder appointment; Pine county recorder and assessor offices combination and appointment

SF2592 - Mutual insurance holding companies reorganization to stock companies; ceding transactions accounting modifications; large risk alternative rating option plans filing fee and calculation

SF2611 - Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision

SF2612 - Funeral home vehicles flashing red lights use authority

SF2614 - Foster care placement communicable diseases disclosure requirement; juvenile court parental rights termination cases jurisdiction termination

SF2627 - Contact lenses prescriptions and dispensing regulation

SF2650 - Credit unions regulation provisions modifications

SF2655 - Physical therapy board licensees code of ethics rules adoption authority extension

SF2673 - Child custody de facto and third party custodians; domestic abuse act orders for protection hearings

SF2674 - Game, fish and forest provisions modifications

SF2675 - Recyclable material container requirements expansion; state agency motor vehicles cleaner fuels use requirement

SF2678 - Natural resources department provisions modifications

SF2680 - Residential housing ventilation system installation requirements elimination; new energy code adoption

SF2692 - Human services license applicants disqualifications set aside authority modification; vulnerable adult maltreatment investigations and background studies policy review and sexual abuse civil actions tracking system studies

SF2697 - Real estate transactions disclosure requirements

SF2707 - Real estate documents electronic filing and task force expiration date and funding extension

SF2727 - State park, recreation area and forest land additions and deletions; state and tax-forfeited land sales; trail modifications; stream easements acquisition; lower St. Croix national scenic riverway substandard structures continuation

SF2738 - Natural resources provisions modifications

SF2739 - Cities additional liquor licenses; Winona and Southwest state universities liquor establishments minimum distance measurement; hotel rooms liquor cabinets hours of sale restrictions exemption

SF2764 - Mentally retarded persons incidents reporting standards modification

SF2768 - Medical assistance prepayment demonstration project demonstration provider definition expansion and Itasca county participation authority extension

SF2793 - Medical assistance reimbursement for out of state services to children with severe emotional disturbance

SF2814 - Cooperative members electronic voting

SF2821 - Real estate brokers and salespersons regulatory provisions modifications

SF2834 - Steele county recorder appointment

SF2881 - Cities or towns affordable housing regulation and housing fiscal impact notes preparation authority

SF2890 - Public works contracts costs recovery waiver provisions unenforceability

SF2891 - Revisor's bill

SF2908 - Internet privacy and commercial electronic mail solicitation regulation

SF2909 - Health maintenance organizations rural demonstration projects

SF2932 - Citizens water quality monitoring

SF2933 - Individual sewage treatment systems installation

SF2949 - School bus drivers, property managers, private detectives and protective agents and liquor license applicants criminal background checks; public criminal history data expansion

SF2953 - Fire insurance excess coverage prohibitions

SF2957 - Dentists practice violations reporting requirements

SF2960 - Fireworks definition sparklers and novelty items exclusion for legalization purposes

SF2963 - State treasurer powers, responsibilities and duties transfer

SF2971 - State procurement competitive bidding process codification

SF2988 - Financial institutions provisions modifications

SF2998 - Alcohol and drug counselors case presentation and oral examination licensing requirements temporary waiver

SF3015 - Commerce department insurance fraud prevention division; crime of employment of runners

SF3019 - Predatory sex offenders registration requirements expansion

SF3024 - Commerce and insurance provisions modifications

SF3026 - Interstate telemedicine services regulation

SF3028 - National and community service commission nonprofit corporation creation and duties delegation

SF3034 - Hennepin county medical center cooperative purchasing organization contracting authority

SF3045 - Fourth judicial district domestic fatality review team pilot project extension

SF3054 - Petrofund consultant and contractor registration period modifications and cost reimbursements expansion and reinstatement or continuation

SF3055 - Metropolitan transit police provisions modifications

SF3073 - Domestic abuse order for protection or no contact order misdemeanor violations standard clarification

SF3075 - Motor vehicle sales tax payment for sales in violation of dealer licensing requirements; motor vehicle title certificates application fraud penalty elimination

SF3080 - Preneed funeral arrangement trust accounts depositors reporting requirements

SF3084 - State and local government units auditing and reporting requirements modifications

SF3098 - Medical assistance continuing care programs provisions modifications; plumbing contractor licensing requirements; MFIP assistance temporary extensions; education programs in care and treatment facilities; volunteer health care providers

SF3099 - Health and human services provisions modifications

SF3100 - Medical assistance reimbursement for tribal health services and dental providers participation and outpatient hospital prospective payment system provisions modifications; demonstration project regional rate relationships evaluation

SF3109 - Municipal police departments black patrol vehicles

SF3114 - Child support collection and enforcement provisions modifications

SF3115 - State energy efficiency installment purchases regulation provisions modifications

SF3117 - Metropolitan council interceptor facilities continued use determination

SF3124 - Nursing and boarding care homes resident reimbursement classifications provisions modification

SF3126 - Health care and human services programs provisions technical modifications

SF3133 - Clean indoor air act rules legislative approval requirement

SF3134 - Individual sewage treatment systems reclassification obligation clarification; major appliance materials removal location; waste tire grant and loan program abolishment; central iron range sanitary sewer district establishment

SF3136 - Workers compensation provisions modifications

SF3145 - Military justice code revisions

SF3154 - Occupational safety and health act health commissioner responsibilities elimination and serious violation penalty limit increase

SF3167 - Sex offenders civil commitment determinations data access authority

SF3168 - Uniform municipal contracting law exemption for water storage tank service contracts; Walker Ah-Gwah-Ching water tower maintenance and operation agreement

SF3172 - Sex offenders community notice and location supervision requirements expansion and conditional release period extension; harassment and stalking crimes enhanced penalty provision modification; child abuse reporting failure penalty increase

SF3174 - Money transmitters act small business category

SF3200 - Nonprofit organizations operating environmental learning centers liability insurance procurement requirement and designation as municipalities for tort liability limits purposes

SF3207 - Resolution to delay LTV steel mining pension plan termination

SF3208 - State employee collective bargaining agreements legislative approval requirement modification

SF3231 - License applicants nondesignated addresses classification

SF3238 - Nonprofit neighborhood organization directors election, members voting rights and meeting notice requirements

SF3244 - Evidentiary laboratory blood sample reports electronic signatures

SF3246 - Telephone solicitation calls regulation

SF3256 - Food handlers license prepared food sales exemption limits and labeling requirements modification

SF3257 - Housing and redevelopment authority officers grant or loan eligibility

SF3258 - Garfield state land exchange

SF3278 - Driver education and drivers manual organ and tissue donation instruction and information requirements

SF3288 - Firefighters interest arbitration decision provision expiration date extension under PELRA

SF3293 - Trunk highway transfers and vacation

SF3298 - Transportation provisions modifications

SF3315 - Insurance provisions modifications

SF3322 - Metropolitan council service capacity external use, sewer facilities depreciation rate modification and obsolete waste disposal system rules repeal

SF3352 - Drycleaning solvent provisions modifications

SF3380 - Postnuptial contracts enforceability modification

SF3384 - Election campaign finance and ethics provisions modifications

SF3431 - Employment and economic development provisions modifications

SF3463 - Pesticides application prohibition exceptions

Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes