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Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes / 2013 - 2014 Regular Session

As recorded by the House Chamber Voting System

* This list includes only actions by the House where there was a recorded roll call floor vote. This list does not include votes taken in committees. Please remember that not all actions on the House floor require a roll call vote.

Please see the Minnesota Constitution Article IV, Section 22 and House Rule 2.03 for more information on roll call votes

This information comes from the House Chamber voting system. In the case of system failure the vote will be taken by voice and will not be available electronically except that it is recorded and available in the House Journal.

HF0005 - Minnesota Insurance Marketplace established, powers and duties prescribed, person's physician of choice right recognized, right to not participate established, open meeting requirements and data practice procedures specified, funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF0006 - Income, franchise, and property tax refund provisions for tax year 2012 conformed to the Federal Aviation Administration Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 and the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012; and provisions changed relating to the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board.

HF0009 - Medical assistance eligibility expanded, and modified adjusted gross income and a standard income disregard use required.

HF0019 - Agency designations allowed in certain civil law situations, form language provided, clarifying changes made, and Tax Court appeals filing requirements clarified.

HF0066 - Drainage system provisions modified.

HF0075 - Community paramedic certification continuing education hours required.

HF0080 - Assigned consumer debt default judgments regulated, limitation period provided to bring an action arising out of consumer debt, and bail amount set for failure to comply with judgment debtor disclosure requirements in consumer debt cases.

HF0083 - Mortgage foreclosure; tenant remedies, single point of contact, and various notices provided; mortgage foreclosure dual tracking prohibited; and mandatory mediation required prior to commencing a mortgage foreclosure.

HF0084 - Dog and cat breeder licensing and inspection provided, funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF0087 - Mortgage lien affidavit of survivorship and release or partial release provided, registered land interest claimed, and technical and conforming changes made.

HF0090 - Vulnerable adult financial exploitation offenses allowed to be aggregated over a six month period, and venue options expanded.

HF0092 - Minimum wage regulated, and overtime and parental leave provisions modified.

HF0095 - Labor agreements and compensation plans between Minnesota and employee associations ratified.

HF0129 - Mortgage foreclosures regulated, and foreclosure consultant definition clarified.

HF0131 - Estate sale conductors required to post a bond to protect owners of property to be sold.

HF0141 - Soil and water conservation; district timeline modified in which a copy of the resolution establishing supervision districts is filed.

HF0143 - Minnesotan American Indian veteran plaque authorized for placement in the court of honor on the Minnesota State Capitol grounds.

HF0155 - Notaries public maximum fees increased.

HF0157 - Bullion coin dealers regulated, registration required, conduct prohibited; and enforcement authority, civil, and criminal penalties provided.

HF0161 - Homicide victim specified personal property protection inventory and emergency order authorized to preserve rights of decedent's heirs and beneficiaries; and notice of rights and procedures added to crime victims' chapter.

HF0164 - Radiation therapy facility construction provisions changed.

HF0183 - Data practices; penalties and procedures related to unauthorized access to data by a public employee enhanced, and data submission by law enforcement agencies to Comprehensive Incident Based Reporting System (CIBRS) provided to be public.

HF0194 - Fraud prevented, money transmissions regulated, no transmit list established, and notifications and verifications required.

HF0195 - Licensed dietitian or nutritionist allowed to adhere to a practice guideline or protocol for a legend drug prescribed by a physician.

HF0215 - Physical agent modalities, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound device use orders by licensed health care professionals permitted.

HF0228 - Wildlife arson increased penalties created for damages to multiple buildings or dwellings, acreage, crops, or demonstrable bodily harm; and restitution provisions added.

HF0232 - Statutory short form power of attorney modified, and judicial relief authorized.

HF0251 - Farmer-Lender Mediation Act sunset date extended.

HF0263 - Firearm law crime of violence definition amended.

HF0270 - Omnibus bonding bill.

HF0278 - Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act enacted as approved by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws.

HF0279 - Job Opportunity Building Zone (JOBZ) and business subsidy agreement audit requirements modified.

HF0283 - Collaborative law process evidence availability limited.

HF0290 - False claims provisions modified.

HF0316 - Motor vehicle titling fee transactions amended, funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF0321 - Minneapolis; fair market value defined for purposes of development fees, and Minneapolis and Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board joint dedication fee changed.

HF0335 - Jury service exclusion prohibited on the basis of marital status or sexual orientation.

HF0365 - Electronic fund transfers regulated, and providing that Uniform Commercial Code article 4A does not apply to a remittance transfer that is not an electronic funds transfer under the federal Electronic Fund Transfer Act.

HF0369 - Uniform Community Property Rights at Death Act adopted.

HF0392 - Juvenile court proceeding records governing provisions modified.

HF0450 - Actions for damages based on services or construction to improve real property limitations modified.

HF0458 - Formaldehyde banned in children's products.

HF0459 - Bisphenol-A in children's food containers sale prohibited.

HF0461 - Shaver Lake; general aquatic plant management permit required for mechanical control of hybrid and narrow-leaved cattails.

HF0474 - Automated license plate reader data classified, log of use required, and data required to be destroyed.

HF0504 - Reinsurance association prefunded limit eliminated.

HF0507 - Tax Expenditure Advisory Commission created, and review and sunset of tax expenditures provided.

HF0527 - Money transmitters regulated, and required fraud prevention measures clarified.

HF0542 - Whistleblower additional protection provided to state employees.

HF0580 - Victims of violence data protection regulated.

HF0582 - Advanced diagnostic imaging service accreditation required for operation in Minnesota.

HF0588 - Hospital staffing report required, study on nurse staffing levels and patient outcomes required, funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF0590 - Transit operator assault criminal penalties prescribed.

HF0607 - Optometrist provisions changed.

HF0630 - Omnibus K-12 education policy and finance bill.

HF0634 - Petroleum identical product pricing requirement added, technical updates made to bring state into compliance with most recent federal fuel standards, minimum octane rating established, biodiesel and biodiesel blend disclosure requirement modified, and E85 requirements modified.

HF0647 - Division of insurance fraud renamed; subpoenas, coverages, and real estate appraiser licenses regulated; continuing education and risk-based capital requirements, workers' compensation self-insurance plan funding, services requests, and petroleum product specifications modified; actuarial opinions required and regulated; exclusions prohibited; no-fault benefits and coverages, arbitration, and health claims appeals modified; and unnecessary laws repealed.

HF0648 - Motor vehicle title loans regulated.

HF0655 - High-voltage transmission line routing process regulated, and designation of a preferred route prohibited in the permitting process.

HF0664 - Campaign finance and public disclosure law changed, and definition of public official expanded.

HF0669 - Statewide Radio Board expanded and updated to include the latest emergency communication technologies and authorized to elect to become a statewide emergency communication board; tribal governments included in regional board structure; and comprehensive authority provided under board to address all emergency communications.

HF0677 - Omnibus tax bill.

HF0681 - Limitation period for civil actions involving sexual abuse changed.

HF0683 - Legislative Water Commission created, appointments and funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF0694 - Debt management and settlement; attorneys at law exemption clarified, and debt settlement services regulation modified.

HF0709 - Local option transportation taxes amended, county wheelage tax authority broadened, and greater Minnesota transportation sales tax authority amended.

HF0721 - Governor's transportation budget established; transportation money appropriated; fund transfers, tort claims, and revenue bond issuance authority provided; transportation economic development account and metropolitan area transit sales and use tax established; trunk highway expenses clarified; grade crossing safety account modified; and exemptions made.

HF0729 - Omnibus jobs, economic development, housing, commerce, and energy bill.

HF0737 - Clean water fund expenditures authorized, reporting requirements modified, Petroleum Tank Release Cleanup Act modified, wastewater laboratories certification and sanitary districts provided, obsolete rules repealed, funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF0738 - Metropolitan Council miscellaneous statutory technical corrections made, and obsolete language removed and modified.

HF0740 - Omnibus lands bill.

HF0748 - Prompt wage payment requirements and penalties modified.

HF0760 - Disability outdated terminology updated.

HF0767 - Omnibus human services continuing care policy bill.

HF0779 - Health plan policy and contract coverages regulated, state law conformed to federal requirements, health plan market rules established, and essential community providers designation modified.

HF0790 - Conditional release terms clarified.

HF0791 - Annuity products regulated, and model regulation adoption enacted and modified by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners relating to suitability in annuity transactions.

HF0792 - Negligent conduct liability waivers prohibited.

HF0799 - Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote enacted.

HF0814 - Hazardous substance release report required to local 911 emergency dispatch center.

HF0819 - Public Facilities Authority grant programs reorganized, and small community wastewater treatment grants provided.

HF0826 - Safe and supportive schools provided by prohibiting bullying.

HF0829 - Landlord violation civil penalty imposed; tenant hold over provisions amended; time appeal and notice of hearing modified; and technical, clarifying, and conforming changes made.

HF0834 - Metropolitan Area Water Supply Advisory Committee sunset date extended.

HF0841 - Medical assistance assesment requirements modified.

HF0853 - Fire and police department aid threshold for financial reports and audits modified.

HF0854 - Distributed generation and renewable energy provisions modified, conservation improvement investments for low-income programs regulated, and eminent domain and condemnation procedures modified.

HF0859 - Landlords and tenants; victims of violence remedies established, and Housing Opportunity Made Equitable (HOME) pilot project established.

HF0892 - Uniform Interstate Family Support Act updated.

HF0894 - Omnibus elections policy bill.

HF0902 - Cosmetology continuing education requirements established.

HF0938 - State directories and guidebooks eliminated.

HF0946 - Underage possession or consumption of alcohol immunity provided for a person contacting 911 to seek assistance for another.

HF0947 - Sexually dangerous persons and persons with sexual psychopathic personalities commitment law distinguished and clarified from other civil commitments.

HF0950 - Family child care providers and home and community-based long-term care services collective bargaining authorized, funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF0956 - Omnibus energy bill.

HF0969 - Chemical and mental health and state-operated service provisions modified, data sharing allowed, task force repealed, terminology updated and obsolete provisions repealed, and technical changes made.

HF0975 - Human services fair hearing and internal audit provisions modified, Cultural and Ethnic Leadership Communities Council created, obsolete language removed, and technical changes made.

HF0976 - Omnibus environment, natural resources, and agriculture finance and policy bill.

HF0977 - Limited liability company organization and operation regulated, and Minnesota Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act enacted.

HF1000 - Emissions reduction-rate rider modified for projects, and commissioner of commerce required to make assessments to fund clean energy resource teams.

HF1054 - Civil marriage between two persons, exemptions, and protections based on religious association provided.

HF1055 - Mortgage registry and deed tax deposit in the housing development fund provided.

HF1068 - General fund capital investment bill.

HF1069 - Labor agreements and compensation plans ratified, funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF1070 - Omnibus bonding bill.

HF1112 - Secretary of state duties and responsibilities modified, and standard of conduct provided for directors of cooperatives.

HF1113 - Environment and natural resources trust fund money appropriated, Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources provisions modified, and trust fund land acquisition requirements modified.

HF1117 - Chemical and mental health and human service licensing provisions modified, methadone treatment program standards established, drug treatment provisions modified, and Schedule I controlled substances added to list.

HF1118 - Bond security requirements modified.

HF1120 - Judicial review of contested case service on all parties required.

HF1136 - Pharmacy Board business regulation provisions modified.

HF1138 - Minnesota Code of Military Justice updated, and clarifying language provided.

HF1160 - Omnibus judiciary finance and policy bill.

HF1183 - Omnibus legacy bill.

HF1195 - Hennepin County; authority provided to negotiate agreements relating to skilled trade and craft workers and apprentices.

HF1214 - Motor vehicles regulated, scrap metal processing regulation amended, proof of ownership or hold period required for vehicles purchased for scrap, and automated property system and criminal penalties created.

HF1221 - Commerce and insurance-related technical and housekeeping changes made; Commerce Fraud Bureau, agricultural cooperative health plan for farmers, real property appraisals, and Public Utilities Commission requests regulated; membership camping license requirement eliminated; and Minnesota Statutes periodical update method provided to reflect the current dollar amounts as adjusted.

HF1226 - Prosecuting attorney or judge assault or death; enhanced penalties provided.

HF1233 - Omnibus health and human services finance bill.

HF1243 - Securities and franchise registration provisions modified.

HF1284 - Motor fuel sale restriction by local units of government prohibited.

HF1304 - School bus regulation amended for special events.

HF1358 - Permitting efficiencies modified and created, Pollution Control Agency modified, rulemaking authorized, funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF1359 - Workers' compensation; various policy and housekeeping changes made, advisory council recommendations adopted, and report required.

HF1378 - Workers' Compensation Court of Appeals personnel provisions modified.

HF1389 - Finance and budget provisions changed, Office of MN.IT Services added and provisions changed, and state information network exempted from term limitations on contracts.

HF1390 - Geospatial Information Office provisions updated.

HF1400 - Domestic abuse provisions modified.

HF1425 - Annexation definitions provided, and annexation by ordinance of parcels limited.

HF1444 - Omnibus transportation finance bill.

HF1448 - Home and community-based service payment methodology modified.

HF1451 - I-35W bridge remnant steel disposition provided.

HF1455 - Blue Earth County; library board made advisory to the county board.

HF1470 - Public authority allowed to discontinue child support services.

HF1510 - Hennepin County; county contract provisions updated and technical corrections made.

HF1587 - Insurance; foreign language polices and advertising regulated, and electronic notices and documents authorized.

HF1604 - Diverted narcotic or controlled substance report required.

HF1777 - Omnibus tax bill.

HF1792 - Claims against the Corrections Department settlement provided, funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF1823 - Council authorized to establish salaries for legislators, Compensation Council composition changed, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF1851 - Repeat criminal sexual conduct offenders penalties enhanced.

HF1863 - Executive branch advisory group governing provisions modified.

HF1874 - Environment and natural resources trust fund money appropriated, Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources provisions modified, and trust fund land acquisition requirements modified.

HF1915 - Peace officer exam reciprocity provided for military experience.

HF1916 - Special women veterans license plates authorized, and money appropriated.

HF1926 - Outdoor heritage fund money appropriated, restoration evaluation requirements modified, requirements modified for acquisition of real property with money from legacy funds, and previous parks and trails fund appropriation modified.

HF1951 - Omnibus pensions and retirement bill.

HF1961 - Ethics in government; board duties modified, and economic disclosure and conflicts of interest requirements expanded.

HF1981 - Snow removal authority in uncompleted subdivisions sunset eliminated.

HF1984 - Public construction accountability and transparency enhanced, and responsible contractor definition and requirement established.

HF1986 - Gift ban law for legislators and legislative employees food and beverage exception eliminated.

HF2090 - Indemnification agreements in design professional services contracts prohibited.

HF2091 - Private and public employee labor standards provided, minimum wage regulated, and state employee use of donated vacation leave regulated.

HF2092 - Special vehicle license plates; retired firefighter special plate and veteran special motorcycle plate for combat wounded veterans authorized, and technical changes provided.

HF2096 - Campaign finance definition modified, and voter registration and absentee ballot application online submission provided.

HF2141 - Probable cause arrests clarified for violations of protection, restraining, and no contact orders; and time limit modified for probable cause arrests for domestic abuse.

HF2149 - I-494 rehabilitation work governing requirements established.

HF2166 - Electronic rosters authorized, evaluation required of the use of electronic rosters in the 2014 election, various technical and conforming changes made, and definitions provided.

HF2180 - School district employee health coverage provisions amended.

HF2188 - Spousal real estate ownership and mortgage redemption period clarifying and conforming changes made, and transfer on death deeds modified.

HF2190 - Business organization prefiling document review provided, and limited liability companies and business corporations regulated.

HF2213 - Small servicer definition amended relating to mortgages, and Foreclosure Curative Act clarified.

HF2214 - Transportation Department technical changes made, contract and project requirements clarified, Michael Duane Clickner Memorial Bridge designated, bridge inspection authority provided, U-turn rules modified, covered farm vehicle requirements modified, expiration date extended, hours of service exemption provided, financing required for parking facility, and reporting requirements changed.

HF2217 - Grant management process and contract management provisions changed, and encumbrance exception in the grant process provided.

HF2219 - Nicholas Patrick Spehar Memorial Highway designated.

HF2227 - ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) response and treatment quality of care report required.

HF2236 - Open meeting law changed.

HF2255 - Ignition interlock device program relating to criminal vehicular operation scope clarified.

HF2265 - Secretary of state authorized to obtain data from the Public Safety Department, and to share data.

HF2276 - Safe at Home program participant data and real property records regulated.

HF2281 - Legislators' privilege from arrest clarified, and driving while impaired specified as a breach of the peace for purposes of the Minnesota Constitution.

HF2293 - Payday lending regulated.

HF2313 - Confidential employee definition changed.

HF2318 - Special School District No. 6, South St. Paul; election district dissolution authorized.

HF2324 - Therapists included within the teacher bargaining unit.

HF2365 - Professional licensing boards required to expedite license processing for former and current members of the military, and report required.

HF2374 - Low-income home energy heating assistance funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF2385 - Expert review certification time limits adjusted because of recent amendments to the Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure.

HF2386 - Conviction relief petition filing and notice to offender for restitution modified.

HF2392 - State agencies; cleaner fuel-powered motor vehicles purchase barriers eliminated.

HF2397 - Omnibus education policy bill.

HF2402 - Omnibus health and human services policy bill.

HF2405 - Checking account numbers classified as nonpublic data.

HF2408 - Intermediate care facilities for persons with developmental disabilities (ICF/DD) and home and community-based service provider reimbursement rates modified, and money appropriated.

HF2446 - Pharmacy Board cease and desist authority granted to prevent the sale of synthetic drugs, misbranded or adulterated drug laws modified, definition expanded, emergency drug scheduling authority sunset and legislative reporting requirement repealed, mandatory restitution provided, public education plan established, and money appropriated.

HF2447 - Veterans Day; employers required to provide veterans with time off.

HF2454 - Federal tax conformity provided, various tax provisions repealed and exemptions reinstated, and money appropriated.

HF2463 - Political contributions made from funds derived from revenues of a corporation or LLC required to be subject to the individual income tax.

HF2467 - Human services background studies requirements modified.

HF2479 - Housing courts and housing calendars allowed to use referees almost exclusively for landlord and tenant cases.

HF2480 - School nutrition policy provided, and money appropriated.

HF2490 - Omnibus capital investment bill.

HF2531 - Campaign finance board duties modified, rulemaking required, online electronic records systems authorized, board authorized to request reconciliation information, penalties authorized, definitions and fee amounts modified, reporting and filing requirements modified, various technical and clarifying changes made, data classifications provided, and statements of economic interest modified.

HF2536 - Women's Economic Security Act (WESA) various provisions established and modified, and money appropriated.

HF2543 - Environmental data classified, reporting requirements modified, permitting efficiencies modified and created, Pollution Control Agency duties modified, administrative penalty order and field citation provisions modified, civil penalties provided, rulemaking required, and money appropriated.

HF2546 - Revisor's bill; erroneous, ambiguous, and omitted text and obsolete references corrected; redundant, conflicting, and superseded provisions removed; and miscellaneous corrections made to laws, statutes, and rules.

HF2556 - Veterans housing and long-term care; new residential facility moratorium exemptions provided, grants provided for veteran housing needs assessments, and money appropriated.

HF2566 - St. Paul Port Authority; meetings by telephone or other electronic means authorized.

HF2576 - Criminal record expungement governing provisions modified, business screening services required to delete expunged records, and eviction record expungement allowed in some cases.

HF2582 - Minnesota Public Benefit Corporation Act; public benefit corporations organization and operation provided.

HF2605 - Automated property system transaction fee schedule established, state auditor authorized to examine fee schedule, effective dates delayed for automated property system, and reports required.

HF2622 - Water or wastewater treatment law privatization abolished.

HF2647 - Higher education statutes modernized, streamlined, and clarified; unnecessary, or redundant laws and rules eliminated; and obsolete language and unnecessary verbiage deleted.

HF2654 - Part-time peace officer licensure eliminated.

HF2656 - All-payer claim data use modified, and work group convened to make recommendations on expanded uses of the all-payer claims database.

HF2658 - Workers' Compensation Advisory Council recommendations adopted.

HF2659 - Threading exemptions provided, and good cause exemption authorized for rulemaking.

HF2660 - Forma pauperis party proceeding partial payment or reimbursement of costs amended.

HF2665 - Military affairs obsolete, redundant, and unnecessary laws removed.

HF2668 - Courts and elections; errors and omissions petitioners shall also serve the petition on all candidates for the office in which the error or omission is alleged, raised court seal and notarial act requirements eliminated, and application of fine payment to restitution before application to court fines permitted.

HF2670 - Architecture, engineering, land surveying, landscape architecture, geoscience, and interior design professional license provisions modified.

HF2684 - Graduated driver licensing governing requirements amended.

HF2694 - Real estate broker and salesperson regulation modified.

HF2695 - Commerce Department licensee education requirements modified.

HF2701 - Disaster assistance contingency account created; unused disaster relief appropriation transfer to contingency account required; disaster relief cost-share relationship established between the state, local governments, and American Indian tribes and bands; state public disaster assistance authorized in the absence of federal assistance; and money appropriated.

HF2722 - Custody and parenting time provisions changes made.

HF2724 - Agency rulemaking regulated.

HF2728 - Motorized bicycle operator permits modified, commercial learner's permit fee established, improved driving skill examination scheduling provided, federal commercial motor vehicle laws conformed, and money appropriated.

HF2733 - Omnibus environment and natural resources policy bill.

HF2746 - Agriculture Department; obsolete, redundant, and unnecessary laws removed; and biodiesel fuel requirements modified.

HF2755 - Corrections Department; outdated and redundant statutes amended and repealed.

HF2785 - Central fund feasibility study creation required to pay for costs of providing accommodations to state employees with disabilities.

HF2798 - Plants treated with pollinator lethal insecticide prohibited from being labeled or advertised as beneficial to pollinators.

HF2812 - Veterans' Voices Month created and designated in October.

HF2830 - Becker County; county auditor-treasurer and recorder office combination process provided, and offices made appointive.

HF2834 - Omnibus energy bill.

HF2835 - Disability parking governing provisions modified.

HF2840 - District One Hospital authorized to sell real and personal property, and hospital district dissolution provided.

HF2852 - Omnibus game and fish bill.

HF2853 - Licensees regulated, education requirements modified, technical changes made, enforcement provisions and other actions modified, homeowner policy surcharges prohibited, and insurance holding company systems regulated by enacting changes proposed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

HF2854 - Commerce Department and Public Utilities Commission; obsolete, unnecessary, or redundant laws and rules removed; and conforming changes made.

HF2858 - Limousine regulation amended.

HF2874 - Health care; technical changes made; and antiquated, unnecessary, and obsolete provisions eliminated or modernized.

HF2881 - Railroad employees motor carriers regulation amended, and penalties imposed.

HF2912 - Personal property liens regulated, and sale of motor vehicle held by a licensed dealer provided.

HF2925 - Imprisonment and Exoneration Remedies Act; exonerated persons compensated, and money appropriated.

HF2937 - Minnesota Historical Society technical changes made.

HF2948 - Employment and Economic Development Department, Metropolitan Council, and MN.IT; obsolete, redundant, and unnecessary laws repealed; and conforming changes made.

HF2949 - Unemployment insurance program policy and housekeeping changes made, and Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council recommendations adopted.

HF2950 - Children and family services, health care, chemical and mental health services, continuing care, and operations obsolete provisions removed; and elderly waiver, alternative care program, and mental health services for children governing provisions modified.

HF2953 - Correctional services delivery; contiguous counties qualification requirement eliminated.

HF2989 - Secretary of state filings, recordings, and registrations regulated.

HF2995 - Towing order requirements clarified.

HF3014 - Public Employment Relations Board created, rulemaking authorized, and money appropriated.

HF3017 - Public Safety Department; outdated and redundant statutes amended and repealed, and report required on collection of data on victims of domestic abuse.

HF3043 - Cemetery property transfer to tribal cemetery association authorized by local governments.

HF3072 - Motor vehicle governing provisions modernized; antiquated, unnecessary, and obsolete provisions eliminated; and technical and conforming changes made.

HF3073 - Insurance regulations modified to reduce fraud, no-fault auto benefits regulated, economic benefits modified under chapter 65B, and motor vehicle insurance coverage verification task force established.

HF3084 - Transportation Department; reporting requirements eliminated; antiquated, unnecessary, redundant, and obsolete provisions eliminated and modernized; and conforming changes made.

HF3115 - St. Louis County; District 7 commissioner 2014 election term changed to two years.

HF3158 - Omnibus supplemental environment, natural resources, and agriculture finance bill.

HF3167 - Omnibus supplemental tax bill.

HF3169 - Legislative Salary Council established, and constitutional amendment to remove lawmakers' power to set their own pay proposed and modified.

HF3172 - Omnibus supplemental appropriations bill.

HF3238 - Domestic violence restraining order provisions modified to prohibit persons subject to the restraining orders from possessing weapons, and persons convicted of domestic violence offenses required to surrender their firearms while they are prohibited from possessing firearms.

HF3241 - Corrections Department claims settlement provided, Transportation Department payments authorized, and money appropriated.

HF3302 - Legislative enactment miscellaneous oversights, inconsistencies, ambiguities, unintended results, and technical errors corrected.

HF3368 - Somali people detention and torture; a resolution memorializing the President and Congress regarding detention and torture of Somali people in Kenya.

SF0058 - State labor agreements and compensation plans ratification

SF0076 - Officer Tom Decker memorial highway designation

SF0166 - Advanced emergency medical technicians (AEMT) ambulance staffing requirement; emergency medical services provisions modifications

SF0250 - Preadoptive and adoptive Indian child placement proceedings expansion

SF0324 - Public pension plan employees and officers unlawful actions state auditor reporting requirement

SF0340 - Development authorities redevelopment demolition loan terms modifications

SF0345 - Crime victims estate to request or enforce an order for restitution authorization

SF0346 - Prostitution or sex trafficking offenses facilitation money forfeiture

SF0359 - Genocide awareness and prevention month designation

SF0380 - Workforce development council adult basic education programs representative addition

SF0422 - Family Reunification Act of 2013

SF0442 - Disability council membership reduction

SF0489 - Omnibus retirement bill #1

SF0510 - Cities solid waste collection process modification and organized collection committees establishment

SF0511 - Advanced practice registered nurses licensure and regulations; advisory council creation and appropriation

SF0521 - Biomass power mandate project provision modification; transmission line certificate of need and routing assessment requirement

SF0523 - Employers criminal history reliance for job applicants limitations and remedies imposition

SF0541 - Omnibus liquor bill

SF0561 - Building and construction contracts agreements to insure prohibition

SF0629 - Jackson, Lake, Clay, Kandiyohi and Lyon counties offices appointive process authorization

SF0654 - Miscellaneous health care policy and medical assistance (MA) provisions modifications

SF0661 - Campaign finance and public disclosure provisions modifications

SF0663 - State government resource recovery provisions modifications

SF0671 - Omnibus public safety finance bill

SF0683 - Certified public accountant (CPA) services private detective licensing exemption

SF0685 - Defendant simultaneous competency and civil commitment examinations requirement

SF0693 - Survival or continuation of a civil action after the death or disability of a party authorization

SF0745 - Omnibus data practices bill

SF0748 - Preneed funeral insurance regulations

SF0769 - Crime victim rights modifications; public safety department restitution process working group establishment

SF0778 - Family Child Care Providers Representation Act; family child care providers and home and community-based long-term care services collective bargaining authority and appropriation

SF0796 - Omnibus game and fish bill

SF0825 - Minnesota Medical Practice Act modifications

SF0827 - Revisor's bill

SF0834 - State guardian ad litem board provisions modifications

SF0840 - Employee personal sick leave benefit use expansion

SF0843 - Local government improvement construction projects industry trade journal advertisement authorization and definition

SF0874 - Judicial forfeiture of property associated with controlled substances offenses and vehicles used in drive-by shootings conviction requirement

SF0887 - Omnibus health department policy bill; Minnesota Radon Awareness Act

SF0894 - Health care facilities resident case mix classification provisions modifications

SF0953 - Social work licensure eligibility tribal agency employment provision inclusion

SF1016 - Minnesota nurse practicing act definitions modifications

SF1086 - Blind and disabled persons with service animals public accommodations discrimination prohibition

SF1168 - 911 emergency calls new crimes creation and criminal penalties provisions

SF1234 - Miscellaneous workers compensation provisions modifications

SF1236 - Omnibus higher education appropriations bill

SF1246 - Motor vehicle collisions driver must stop requirements clarification and terminology change

SF1270 - Omnibus transportation policy bill

SF1276 - Mortgage foreclosures provisions modifications; lenders and servicers loss mitigation requirements

SF1291 - Mine inspector policy, technical, and clarifying provisions modifications

SF1307 - Human rights certificate of compliance for public contracts issuance procedure modification

SF1340 - Human services licensing data, licensing, child care programs, financial fraud and abuse investigations, and vendors of chemical dependency treatment service provisions modifications; NETStudy use requirement

SF1360 - Fraudulent or otherwise improper financing statements felony penalties expansion

SF1509 - Cesar Chavez day designation

SF1564 - Metropolitan council redistricting plan adoption

SF1589 - Omnibus state government, veterans and military affairs appropriations bill

SF1654 - Medical assistance (MA) reimbursement rate increase for critical access mental health services

SF1656 - Southwest Minnesota winter storm federal disaster aid match appropriation

SF1689 - Minnesota FAIR plan employees or joint underwriting association employees elective eligibility for insurance coverage authorization

SF1722 - Teacher bargaining unit additional therapists inclusion

SF1725 - Forensic laboratories accreditation

SF1732 - Help America Vote funds deadline for voting equipment purchase extension

SF1737 - Former correctional employees continued employer insurance contributions requirement

SF1740 - Smart phone antitheft (kill switch) protection and cellphones resale

SF1762 - Cosmetologist examiners board provisions modifications

SF1770 - Data practices act privatization application clarification to parties contracting with a government entity; bulk vehicle records fees authorization; transfer standards of certain drivers license and motor vehicle registration data modification

SF1892 - Officer Richard Crittenden. Sr. memorial highway designation

SF1900 - Steve's Law; ambulance service personnel drug overdose treatment authorization, drug overdose prevention, medical assistance (MA) authorization and liability limitation

SF1952 - Labor agreements and compensation plans ratification

SF2004 - Human services grant programs prior appropriation modification

SF2047 - Newborn screening program modification

SF2060 - Food licensing law expansion; farmers market definition and food product sampling and demonstration allowance; chili and soup cook-off fund-raiser events food inspection requirements exemption

SF2065 - Omnibus jobs and economic development bill

SF2066 - Data practices and personal data privacy legislative commission establishment

SF2076 - Dakota county local government plan adoption

SF2100 - Deputy registrars residency requirement removal

SF2103 - Vehicles used in environmental testing permitted uses modification

SF2108 - Sales representative agreement certain practices prohibition

SF2162 - Hennepin county multijurisdictional reinvestment program expansion

SF2175 - Real property acquisition by state agencies regulations

SF2192 - Lead and mercury products prohibition and regulation; formaldehyde in children's products prohibition modification; cleaning products with triclosan prohibition

SF2221 - Drainage systems provisions modifications

SF2245 - Tony Caine's Law

SF2255 - Metropolitan council additional investment authority authorization

SF2268 - Transportation accessibility advisory committee scope of jurisdiction expansion

SF2310 - MN.IT services office unnecessary or obsolete language elimination

SF2312 - Administration department and state procurement provisions updates and technical corrections, language elimination and conforming amendments

SF2322 - Unfair discriminatory practice jury trial entitlement

SF2336 - Omnibus liquor bill and lawful gambling fraud provision modification

SF2343 - State government investment reporting modification

SF2390 - Elections administration provisions modifications and technical changes; metropolitan area soil and water conservation district supervisors election by supervisor districts requirement; special school district #6, South St. Paul; school district election districts dissolution

SF2398 - Minnesota liens on personal property in self-service storage act update and provisions modifications

SF2423 - Pregnancy and childbirth needs related to incarcerated women; advisory committee establishment

SF2449 - Omnibus lands bill

SF2454 - Natural resources provisions modification and obsolete laws elimination and regulatory efficiencies authorization

SF2466 - Law enforcement electronic device (cell phone) location information data tracking warrant requirement

SF2470 - Medical cannabis (marijuana) registry program establishment

SF2490 - Public employment joint powers agreement employee protections authorization

SF2546 - Predatory offender registration requirements modification and clarification

SF2569 - Housing finance agency (HFA) obsolete, redundant, and unnecessary laws repeal and conforming changes

SF2571 - Criminal vehicular homicide or operation statute technical amendments authorization and driving while impaired (DWI) law compatibility establishment

SF2608 - Grand Rapids central school commission authority repeal

SF2609 - Grand Rapids public utilities commission members four-year term authorization

SF2614 - Connector highways length limit removal; trunk highways one-week bid advertisement period

SF2642 - Lawful gambling clarifying, technical, and conforming modifications; participation modification; online and play at pump prohibition

SF2712 - Court-ordered child support failure to pay crime clarification

SF2718 - Judicial standards board monthly district judge review requirement

SF2736 - Domestic violence offenders counties GPS monitoring pilot project establishment

SF2782 - Campaign finance reports modification; aggregate contribution limit increase

SF2887 - Electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles barriers to state agencies purchase elimination; state SmartFleet requirements and report

Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes