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Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes / 2011 - 2012 Regular Session

As recorded by the House Chamber Voting System

* This list includes only actions by the House where there was a recorded roll call floor vote. This list does not include votes taken in committees. Please remember that not all actions on the House floor require a roll call vote.

Please see the Minnesota Constitution Article IV, Section 22 and House Rule 2.03 for more information on roll call votes

This information comes from the House Chamber voting system. In the case of system failure the vote will be taken by voice and will not be available electronically except that it is recorded and available in the House Journal.

HF0001 - Environmental permitting efficiency provided, and environmental review requirements modified.

HF0005 - State employee salary and wage freeze instituted.

HF0008 - Unified personal health premium accounts permitted.

HF0012 - Green acres and rural preserve program changes specified.

HF0042 - Omnibus tax bill.

HF0052 - City, county, and town zoning control and ordinance variances provided.

HF0055 - State lands; stream easement acquisition provisions modified; state park, state forest, and land exchange provisions modified; state parks and state forests added to and deleted from; and public and private sales, conveyances, and exchanges of state land authorized.

HF0056 - Veteran waiver of immunity provided to sue the state of Minnesota as an employer in federal or other courts for violation of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act.

HF0057 - Synthetic cannabinoid sale or possession crime established; synthetic cannabinoids, 2C-E, and 2C-I added to the list of Schedule I controlled substances; definition of "analog" added; analog of a Schedule I or II controlled substance provided to be considered a Schedule I controlled substance; weight of fluid used in a water pipe established when determining weight or amount of controlled substance; and Board of Pharmacy authorized to reschedule certain drugs only pursuant to law.

HF0066 - Political contribution refund repealed.

HF0079 - Internal Revenue Code changes conformed, and corporate refund delay requirement repealed.

HF0088 - School personnel maintenance of effort and set-aside requirements removed, and financial decision making returned to school districts.

HF0103 - Unemployment insurance eligibility and extension provisions modified.

HF0110 - Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement membership increased.

HF0130 - Fiscal year 2011 appropriations reduced, policies changed, and appropriation reductions made for fiscal years 2012 and 2013; tax aid, credits and payment reductions provided, and changes conformed in the Internal Revenue Code.

HF0141 - Public safety dog injury penalty increased.

HF0186 - Driver's license expiration period extended while person is serving in active military service.

HF0191 - Information technology and telecommunications technology services consolidated, advisory committee established, duties transferred, report required, and money appropriated.

HF0201 - Abortion funding limited for state-sponsored health programs.

HF0203 - Legislative approval of rules modified.

HF0206 - Permanent School Fund Advisory Committee membership modified.

HF0229 - Child certified as an adult detainment in a juvenile facility provided pending the outcome of criminal proceedings, and judges authorized to prohibit juvenile sex offenders from residing near their victims.

HF0232 - Gold star license plates eligibility expanded to surviving legal guardians, children, and siblings; motor vehicle fees regulated; Department of Veterans Affairs and veteran homes regulated; and driver and vehicle services technology account made permanent.

HF0235 - Hannah's Law enacted by modifying cardiopulmonary resuscitation requirements for child care center staff.

HF0247 - State and local government finance provisions changed relating to income and corporate, property, sales and use, mineral, and miscellaneous taxes; and other provisions changed relating to local development, estate taxes, and homestead market value cleanup; and money appropriated.

HF0258 - Licensed ambulance services authorized to submit claims directly to the state.

HF0264 - Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act; actions against persons for weight gain as a result of food consumption prohibited.

HF0299 - Executive branch agencies retained savings program established.

HF0300 - Early childhood development screening notice modified.

HF0322 - Parenting time presumption increased.

HF0323 - Residential real estate broker price opinions provision regulated.

HF0329 - Public school employees prohibited from using public funds and resources to advocate to pass, elect, or defeat a political candidate, ballot question, or pending legislation.

HF0358 - Immigration law enforcement noncooperation ordinances and policies prohibited, and immigration-related data use provided.

HF0361 - Fleeing a peace officer crime modified.

HF0362 - Common interest community unit owners allowed to obtain copies of association records, and record copying access and charges specified.

HF0382 - Receiverships, assignments for the benefit of creditors, and nonprofit corporation statutes amended; and Uniform Disclaimer of Property Interests Act changed, updated, and clarified.

HF0387 - Driver's license reinstatement diversion pilot program county participation allowed, and diversion pilot program extended.

HF0389 - Interim zoning provided, and municipal development land dedication and fees provided.

HF0392 - School bus safety and standards provisions modified.

HF0396 - Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act; clarifying, technical, and conforming changes made.

HF0418 - Back Office Consolidation Act proposed; benchmarking study required on centralizing accounting, financial reporting, procurement, fleet services, human resources, and payroll functions in the Department of Administration; and report on improvement initiatives required.

HF0447 - Vulnerable adult criminal abuse made a registrable offense under the predatory offender registration law; investigation, review, and hearing provisions modified; terminology changed; criminal penalty increased for assaulting a vulnerable adult; and criminal penalties provided.

HF0451 - Internal Revenue Code changes conformed.

HF0460 - State Fire Code; sprinkler requirements prohibited in single-family dwellings, and licensee offer of option to install fire sprinklers required before entering into a written contract.

HF0469 - Harassment restraining order petitions jurisdiction provided.

HF0479 - Water pipe fluid weight when determining weight or amount of controlled substance use established.

HF0493 - Motor vehicle dealer record alternative site authorized, and motor vehicle registration provision modified.

HF0518 - State-aid program rulemaking authority amended, fund allocation from overdimension motor vehicle permits amended, legislative report required on water permitting process for transportation projects, and clarifying and technical changes made.

HF0529 - Agricultural building roof panels equivalent load bearing capacity required.

HF0537 - Speeding violation of ten miles per hour over the 60 mile per hour limit provided to not go on a driver's driving record.

HF0545 - State budget document required to include federal contingency planning.

HF0562 - Manufactured home parks water and sewer charges regulated, and air admittances valve prohibition repealed.

HF0563 - School board creation of full-service school zones authorized.

HF0569 - Well contractor licensing requirements modified.

HF0576 - Short-term borrowing repealed by modifying payment to districts.

HF0611 - Small business loan guarantee program created.

HF0613 - Red Wing Port Authority member terms provided.

HF0632 - Maintenance plumbers licensed, and fees modified.

HF0642 - Child certified as an adult provided to be detained in a juvenile facility prior to trial and verdict.

HF0650 - Driver education and examination provisions regulated relating to carbon monoxide poisoning, and technical changes made.

HF0657 - Event ticket practices regulated, and restrictive ticketing systems permitted.

HF0664 - Elevator compliance provisions modified.

HF0682 - Career and technical levy modified, and career and technical education credits provided.

HF0695 - Civil immunity extended to municipalities that donate public safety equipment.

HF0721 - Disability parking provisions modified.

HF0724 - Route No. 332 removed from trunk highway system.

HF0738 - Public notice provided for the release hearing for killers of peace officers, and harassment restraining order provisions modified.

HF0745 - Autism Spectrum Disorder Task Force created, appointments provided, and development of a statewide strategic plan required.

HF0753 - Concurrent detachment and annexation provided.

HF0763 - Swimming pool pond exemption expiration date removed.

HF0786 - Charitable organization financial statement requirements modified, and compensation information reporting consistency provided for federal and state purposes.

HF0795 - Bermuda; human services commissioner instructed to initiate a foreign reciprocal agreement.

HF0808 - Anatomical gift $2 donation provided for public information and education, anatomical gift account created, and money appropriated.

HF0821 - Senior citizen higher education program eligibility changed.

HF0836 - Service member preference expanded for game and fish lottery and drawing.

HF0844 - Public library representative provided for the Governor's Workforce Development Council.

HF0873 - Education finance obsolete language removed.

HF0874 - Education finance obsolete language removed.

HF0895 - Insurance notices and authorization collected information modified, and insurance appraisers regulated.

HF0912 - Special family day care homes requirement provided.

HF0922 - Collector emergency vehicles allowed to display and use nonconforming colored lights.

HF0934 - Omnibus education finance bill.

HF0936 - Abortions at or after 20 weeks postfertilization age prohibited unless exceptions apply, and civil and criminal penalties provided.

HF0954 - Kittson and Marshall Counties; process for making certain county offices appointive provided.

HF0955 - Level III predatory offender Web site maintenance responsibility transferred from the Department of Corrections to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

HF0959 - Flood hazard mitigation funding provided, federal disaster assistance match funding provided, bonds issued, bond sale schedule provided, and money appropriated.

HF0978 - Election administration and districting procedures modified.

HF0988 - Public defender representation provision modified.

HF1010 - Omnibus environment, energy, and natural resources finance bill.

HF1011 - Trout and salmon management account disposition provided.

HF1023 - Courts and common interest ownership provisions modified.

HF1043 - Motor vehicle property crime penalties proposed for repeat violators.

HF1092 - Teachers taking early retirement allowed to continue coaching, and application deadline modified for certain charter school authorizers.

HF1101 - Omnibus higher education finance bill.

HF1105 - Pickup truck provisions modified.

HF1117 - Bond requirements for state depositories changed.

HF1134 - Annuity products regulated, and National Association of Insurance Commissioners model regulation enacted and modified relating to suitability in annuity transactions.

HF1138 - Case management and personal care assistance appeals conference required.

HF1139 - Public safety equipment single source acquisition and long-term leasing authorized.

HF1140 - Omnibus transportation finance bill.

HF1144 - State employee group insurance program limited reinstatement of coverage provided.

HF1175 - Scott County; additional deputy registrar of motor vehicles authorized.

HF1179 - Pupil transportation provisions modified, Department of Education's role clarified in maintaining training programs, lift bus use included in the category or revenue authorized for reimbursement, and actual contracted transportation costs included as a method for allocating pupil transportation costs.

HF1219 - Omnibus technical tax bill.

HF1234 - Commissioner of administration required to issue a request for proposals and enter into a contract for strategic sourcing consulting services, and money appropriated.

HF1236 - Pharmacy audit integrity program established.

HF1261 - Metropolitan area transit and paratransit capital expenditure additional financing provided, and certain obligations issued.

HF1284 - Omnibus transportation policy bill.

HF1289 - Buses provisions modified authorizing the use of highway shoulders.

HF1326 - Microdistillery and brewer taproom licenses provided for; temporary and on-sale municipal licenses authorized; technical, clarifying, and other changes made to license provisions; on-sale and off-sales licenses authorized by White Bear Township; off-sale licenses authorized by the City of Rochester; and legislative review of community baseball alcohol issues provided.

HF1332 - Legislative auditor governing provisions modified.

HF1341 - Health services to children under Minnesota public health care programs fiscal information reporting required.

HF1343 - Immunity provided in cases involving the use of school facilities for recreational activities.

HF1381 - Prekindergarten through grade 12 education policy provided, including general education, education excellence, special programs, facilities and technology, student transportation, and early childhood education.

HF1384 - Charitable or religious organization transfers excluded from the fraudulent transfers act.

HF1397 - Group Insurance Portability Act enacted; state law conformed on continuation employers group health coverage to the federal COBRA law, and access provided to a GAP policy as an alternative.

HF1405 - Claims processing regulated for insurance on portable electronics products, and automated claims processing system use permitted to requirements and safeguards.

HF1406 - Continuing care provisions amended, telephone equipment program changed, disability service provisions changed, comprehensive assessments and case management services reformed, nursing facility provisions changed, and technical and conforming changes made.

HF1416 - Military affairs; nonpublic employees reemployment rights protections extended.

HF1418 - Successor corporation asbestos-related liabilities limited.

HF1425 - Legislative districting plan for use in 2012 and thereafter adopted.

HF1426 - Congressional districting plan for use in 2012 and thereafter adopted, and districting principles adopted for legislative and congressional districts.

HF1467 - Firearms; public official authority to disarm individuals at any time clarified and delimited; Minnesota's self-defense and defense of home laws clarified, codified, and extended; common law duty to retreat eliminated; self-defense dwelling boundaries expanded; dwelling or occupied vehicle entrance by stealth or force presumption created; rights available extended to defense against unlawful entry of an occupied vehicle; and other states' permits to carry a pistol within and under the laws of Minnesota recognition provided.

HF1485 - New National Football League stadium provided for in Minnesota; Minnesota Stadium Authority established; and Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission abolished; local tax revenue use, electronic pull-tab games, electronic linked bingo games, and sports-themed tipboard games provided for; conditional imposition of taxes and revenue collection provided for; lawful gambling tax rates modified; bonds issued; and money appropriated.

HF1515 - Late fee provisions modified, and provisions clarified relating to eviction from property subject to foreclosure.

HF1524 - Substitute principal continuing education requirements clarified.

HF1544 - Marshall, Freeborn, and Mower Counties; process provided for making county offices appointive.

HF1547 - Districting principles established for legislative and congressional plans.

HF1560 - Office of Administrative Hearings disposition of contested case hearings provided.

HF1577 - Sex offender policy task force established.

HF1585 - Minnesota State High School League; time period reduced for good faith effort before interscholastic conference membership arrangement.

HF1607 - State Patrol authorized to provide security and protection to certain government officials, and Capitol complex security committee established.

HF1629 - Explore Minnesota Tourism Council modified.

HF1708 - Minnesota Youth Council established.

HF1721 - Redevelopment demolition loans authorized, semiannual report eliminated, small business advocate office established in the Business Assistance Center, and Albert Lea granted the authority to establish an industrial sewer charge rebate program.

HF1738 - Municipality detachment provided.

HF1752 - Omnibus bonding bill - 2012.

HF1766 - Child care assistance fund payments modified.

HF1770 - Teacher candidates required to pass basic skills exam.

HF1774 - Fireworks personal use authorized.

HF1812 - Department of Administration permitted to contract for waste-hauling without determining whether state employees are able to do the work.

HF1813 - Eligible contractor list required to be made available under a master contract program.

HF1816 - Federally licensed firearm importers, manufacturers, and dealers authorized to possess and sell firearm silencers to government agencies, the military, and other licensed firearms importers, manufacturers, and dealers.

HF1829 - County attorneys and assistant county attorneys authorized to carry firearms on duty under the terms of a permit to carry.

HF1835 - Sheriff vehicles; list of paint colors expanded.

HF1850 - State employee gainsharing program maximum award increased.

HF1870 - School districts allowed to base unrequested leave of absence and discharge and demotion decisions on teacher evaluation outcomes.

HF1879 - Enhanced penalties provided for causing the death of or assaulting a prosecuting attorney.

HF1903 - Honor guard stipends preference modified.

HF1923 - Water supply demand reduction measures required.

HF1926 - Certification provided for good manufacturing practices for commercial feed and feed ingredients, voluntary certification fees authorized, rule provisions relating to animal feed modified, and money appropriated.

HF1974 - Contract terms continuance not allowed after expiration of a collective bargaining agreement.

HF1976 - Federal E-Verify program use by state appointing authorities required.

HF1983 - No Child Left Behind Act non-implementation fiscal impact annual management and budget report repealed.

HF1992 - Motor carrier contract indemnity provisions prohibited.

HF2022 - St. Louis County; real and personal property private sale authorized.

HF2046 - Department of Human Services electronic civil commitment data access permitted to law enforcement for background checks on explosives possession permit applications.

HF2078 - Nonpublic pupil textbook aid expanded.

HF2083 - Omnibus K-12 bill.

HF2128 - Emergency medical personnel licensed.

HF2132 - Washington County Housing and Redevelopment Authority and the Anoka County Housing and Redevelopment Authority jurisdiction clarified.

HF2136 - Motor vehicle damage disclosure modified.

HF2140 - Freedom of employment established, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF2149 - Domestic violence-related offense qualifying definition expanded.

HF2152 - Real estate licensee responsibility specified for property management activities on real property owned by the licensee or by an entity in which the licensee has an ownership interest.

HF2160 - Fingerprints permitted to be taken by law enforcement for any offender interacting with the criminal justice system for any offense to eliminate a suspense record.

HF2164 - Omnibus environment and natural resources bill.

HF2171 - Omnibus game and fish bill.

HF2173 - Fraud prevention measures established for money transmitters, and home solicitation sale definition clarified.

HF2174 - District money deposit investments authorized, and designated depositories provided.

HF2187 - Motor vehicle registration plate and sticker provisions amended, and dealer allowed to obtain cancellation of lien more than seven years old.

HF2216 - Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association; premium rate-setting process flexibility permitted.

HF2232 - Department of Human Services data sharing required, public assistance fraud investigation required, and eligibility determinations required.

HF2239 - Motor vehicle titling and license plate requirements amended and clarified for pioneer vehicles.

HF2244 - Permanent School Fund Advisory Committee changed into a legislative commission, and director provided for school trust lands.

HF2246 - Convictions under the original criminal vehicular operation law allowed to enhance DWI offenses, and legislative oversight corrected.

HF2253 - Out-of-state residential mental health treatment allowed for children who are deaf, deafblind, or hard of hearing and who use American Sign Language as their first language.

HF2269 - Help America Vote Act funds determined and money appropriated.

HF2276 - Advanced diagnostic imaging services operator accreditation required.

HF2291 - Adult basic education; process created for contact hours lost due to a service disruption.

HF2294 - Health and human services omnibus bill.

HF2333 - Motor fuel theft specifically included in the theft crime, and permissive inference created.

HF2335 - Debt collection agency and registration of individual debt collector procedures amended.

HF2337 - Omnibus tax bill.

HF2341 - Abortion; prescribing physicians required to be physically present when abortion-inducing drugs are administered.

HF2345 - Federally nonqualified health plan sales permitted to Minnesota residents.

HF2373 - Felony of fraudulent or other improper finance statements extended to include retaliation against a sheriff or county recorder for performance of official duties regarding real property.

HF2376 - School food service fund equipment purchase approval process simplified.

HF2392 - Anoka County Housing and Redevelopment Authority powers and jurisdiction provided.

HF2394 - Minnesota sex offender program; community notification required when a person is released from the program.

HF2398 - Omnibus agriculture bill.

HF2447 - Office of Administrative Hearings judge authorized to perform marriages.

HF2455 - Montgomery authorized to convey property for less than market value.

HF2458 - Advisory inspection process created.

HF2463 - Alcoholic beverage special licensing purchase authorized until the state is able to issue the necessary card.

HF2506 - School district reserved staff development revenue allocation requirement stricken.

HF2508 - State-controlled substance schedules aligned with federal controlled substance schedules, Board of Pharmacy's controlled substance regulation authority modified, and penalties provided.

HF2527 - Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act approved by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Law enacted.

HF2532 - Electronic prescribing of controlled substances allowed.

HF2555 - Sunset review process changes implemented and Sunset Advisory Commission permitted to enter into contracts, and other provisions modified relating to state councils and agencies, and money appropriated.

HF2580 - Parents empowered to request school district intervention in a "Priority" school.

HF2614 - Administrative law judge and compensation judge mandatory retirement age changed.

HF2622 - Omnibus bonding bill.

HF2627 - Electronic claims and electronic transaction requirement changed, health care and disability service provisions changes made, supplemental agreement provided to a contract for community social services, family stabilization service provision changes made, procedures required to establish reciprocal child support agreement with Bermuda, and public pool exemption provisions changed.

HF2634 - Subsurface sewage treatment systems alternative local standards provided.

HF2638 - Portable electronics insurance sale regulated.

HF2647 - Public data definition relating to agreements involving payment of public money clarified.

HF2676 - Abortion; grant eligibility modified for abortion alternative programs.

HF2683 - Unified personal health premium account administration permitted.

HF2685 - Omnibus transportation bill.

HF2690 - Individual income, corporate franchise, property, sales and use, and other taxes and tax-related provisions changed; supplemental targeting refund provided; city aid payments modified and cities exempted from 2011 aid payment penalties; technical, minor, and clarifying changes made in enterprise zone and economic development powers, and obsolete provisions eliminated; fund transfer required; and money appropriated.

HF2705 - Closing agents regulated, and licensed attorneys and direct employees of licensed attorneys exempted from the licensing requirements for closing agents.

HF2731 - Community energy technical assistance and outreach assessment and grant required.

HF2738 - Voters required to present photographic identification, photographic identification provided to voters at no charge, equal verification standards required for all voters, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF2754 - State Capitol repair and restoration improvement funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

HF2786 - Qualifying cities exempted from 2011 aid penalties.

HF2789 - Drug and methamphetamine paraphernalia definitions amended.

HF2793 - Vehicle combination allowed to transport property and equipment.

HF2795 - Card club and pari-mutuel wagering provisions modified, and regulatory threshold concentrations provided to be set by the commission.

HF2810 - Vikings stadium; National Football League Stadium in Minnesota provided for; Minnesota Stadium Authority established; Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission abolished; local tax revenue use provided for; electronic pull-tab, electronic linked bingo, and sports-themed tipboard games provided for; conditional imposition of taxes and collection of other revenues provided for; tax rates on lawful gambling modified; state appropriation bonds issued; and money appropriated.

HF2821 - House of representatives district boundaries adjusted within senate districts 39 and 49, and obsolete district descriptions repealed.

HF2861 - Municipalities authorized to make grants to emergency medical services agencies.

HF2934 - State government and veteran affair funding provided, fund transfers provided for, various fees and accounts provided for, military burial honor provisions clarified, GI Bill program modified, and money appropriated.

HF2939 - School district detachment and annexation proposal petition requirements modified.

HF2949 - General education, education excellence, special education, and other programs provided for, and money appropriated.

HF2958 - Vikings stadium bill; National Football League stadium in Minnesota provided for; Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority established; Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission abolished; local tax revenue provided for; electronic pull-tab games, electronic linked bingo games, and sports-themed tipboard games provided for; conditional imposition of taxes and collection of other revenues provided for; tax rates on lawful gambling modified; bonds issued; and money appropriated.

HF2967 - Equalizing factors and threshold rates updated to reflect the changed adjusted net tax capacity tax base, education and human services appropriations updated for changes reflected in the February forecast, veterans job-training program provided for, supplemental budget appropriations provided, disposition of fees modified, newborn screening provisions modified, Housing Finance Agency provisions modified, reports required, and money appropriated.

SF0004 - Nuclear power plant decommissioning and spent fuel disposal monitoring and regulation and certificate of need issuance prohibition elimination

SF0040 - Alternative teacher preparation program and limited-term teacher license establishment

SF0054 - Claims against the state; deficiency funding and forecast adjustments and appropriation

SF0055 - Charter school authorizer approval deadline modification

SF0056 - School district and charter school salary freeze imposition; safe schools levy set aside requirement removal; staff development reserved revenue and school district contract deadline and penalty repeal

SF0067 - Waterfront structures transport on trunk highways department of transportation special permit fees authorization

SF0086 - Carbon dioxide emissions increase by utilities ban modification

SF0119 - Emergency medical technician-community paramedic (EMT-CP) certification

SF0125 - Northern township detached banking facility establishment

SF0134 - Public employee definition modification

SF0137 - Mortgage foreclosure redemption period modifications; real property deeds to correct title clarification; residential purchase agreements cancellation authorization; attorney as agent for service modifications; child support judgments effective date clarification

SF0139 - Lead poisoning prevention provisions effective dates modifications; lead certification fee imposition prohibition

SF0149 - Omnibus torts bill

SF0170 - Teacher candidates basic skills exam pass requirement

SF0191 - Small employer health insurance mandatory consideration of offering section 125 plan repeal

SF0194 - Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) article 9 revisions

SF0230 - Nurse Licensure Compact

SF0247 - Public employees insurance program (PEIP) local government employees participation or withdrawal approval requirements; service cooperative health insurance refund regulation

SF0248 - Radiation therapy facility construction requirements establishment; radiation therapy facility capacities study and appropriation

SF0249 - Residential contractors insurance claims for goods and services regulation

SF0288 - Dental laboratories regulations

SF0301 - Crime of fourth-degree assault expansion for reserve officers and utility and postal service employees and contractors and crime of assaulting a police horse expansion

SF0302 - Dental plan contracts and provider audits regulation

SF0361 - Leo's Law; mitochondrial disease awareness week designation

SF0373 - Limitation period for civil actions reduction

SF0396 - Horses as livestock agricultural classification modification

SF0429 - Attorney fees awards determining factor establishment

SF0477 - Food, beverage, and lodging establishment statutory governance exemptions modifications

SF0478 - Motorcycle license plates for physically disabled persons

SF0488 - Air carrier employees overtime requirements modifications

SF0506 - Conciliation court civil claim limit increase

SF0508 - Motor vehicle insurers to inform insureds of the right to select any rental vehicle company requirement

SF0509 - Omnibus voter photo identification finance bill; The 21st Century Voting Act

SF0530 - Civil action verdicts, awards, and judgments interest computation modification

SF0551 - Cities stadium liquor license issuance modification

SF0612 - Youth athlete concussion policies and requirements establishment

SF0626 - Nursing home bed moratorium exception for hardship areas; Bloomington nursing facility project moratorium exception funding

SF0680 - Criminal act definition expansion under racketeering crime

SF0712 - Omnibus state lands bill

SF0742 - Hospital moratorium exception for expanded psychiatric hospital bed capacity

SF0753 - Social workers licensure modifications; alcohol and drug counselors and licensed professional counselors licensure requirements establishment

SF0760 - Omnibus health and human services finance bill

SF0779 - Red Wing land conveyance authorization; Goodhue county surplus state land conveyance to the city of Red Wing

SF0799 - Higher education student records and data usage liability clarification

SF0881 - E-charging expansion to citations, juvenile adjudication, and implied consent test refusal and failure

SF0882 - Targeted misdemeanors no contact order misdemeanor violations inclusion for fingerprinting purposes

SF0885 - Revisor's bill

SF0887 - Omnibus jobs, economic development and housing appropriations

SF0943 - Omnibus game and fish bill

SF0946 - School districts joint operation and innovative delivery of education pilot project establishment and appropriation

SF0955 - Pawnbrokers pledged goods return regulations; location restrictions near gambling casinos repeal

SF0958 - Omnibus public safety and judiciary finance bill

SF0994 - Bingo minimum lawful purpose expenditure requirement decrease

SF1009 - Election vacancies in nomination and certain primaries procedures modifications; state primary election returns canvassing time frame modifications for counties, municipalities and school districts

SF1016 - Omnibus agriculture and rural economic development appropriations

SF1044 - Natural disasters state agencies responses provisions modifications; flood damage assistance provisions modification

SF1045 - Continuing education and prelicensing requirements, insurance coverages, certain disclosures, nonadmitted insurers, insolvencies, real estate closing agents adjusters and real estate appraisers regulations modifications; workers compensation self-insurers provisions modifications

SF1047 - Omnibus state government, military affairs and veterans affairs appropriations; Minnesota Sunset Act

SF1073 - School districts transition planning for high school students to successfully pursue postsecondary education and employment; school districts adequate student-to-counselor ratio encouragement

SF1115 - Omnibus natural resources policy provisions modification

SF1123 - Gang activity definition expansion to include unlawful possession of a firearm by a minor

SF1130 - Unemployment insurance and workforce development provisions modifications

SF1143 - Omnibus data practices provisions modification

SF1159 - Workers compensation advisory council recommendations adoption

SF1162 - Landlord and tenant application of foreclosure provisions clarification

SF1183 - Tort claims liability limits for state and local governments modifications; municipality contracts maximum liability provision modification

SF1197 - Miscellaneous energy provisions modification

SF1208 - Residential mortgage transaction agents or servicers disclosure of note owner information to mortgagor requirement; life insurance and title insurance reserves regulation; bank owned real estate rule repeal

SF1212 - Adult children of deceased person patient definition addition

SF1213 - Adult education performance tracking system modifications

SF1234 - Omnibus secretary of state policy provisions clarifications and modifications

SF1236 - Innocent Successor Asbestos-Related Liability Fairness Act

SF1240 - Criminal forfeiture provisions modifications

SF1265 - Professional athletes drug and alcohol testing program provisions

SF1270 - Geospatial advisory council provisions modifications and expiration date extension

SF1280 - Employment gratuity sharing provision modification

SF1285 - Human services chemical and mental health services policy provisions modifications; rate reforms; juvenile treatment screenings and oversight provisions modifications

SF1286 - Health care facilities resident case mix classification provisions modifications; detoxification services interstate contracts authorization; body art establishments and technicians provisions modification

SF1287 - Minnesota sex offender program provisions modifications

SF1308 - Constitutional amendment to recognize marriage solely between one man and one woman

SF1363 - Legacy bill; outdoor heritage fund, clean water fund, parks and trails fund, arts and cultural heritage fund appropriations and provisions modifications

SF1371 - Forfeited firearms sale by law enforcement agencies to federally licensed firearms dealers authorization

SF1416 - Manufactured home unaffixment from real property process establishment

SF1420 - Revisor's bill

SF1492 - Fallen Firefighters Memorial Day date change

SF1528 - Teachers 21st century tools; digital learning authorization; students online course encouragement; Online Learning Option Act modifications; online learning advisory council provisions modifications; report requirement and appropriation

SF1542 - Defensive driving refresher course requirements modifications

SF1543 - Medical assistance (MA) community paramedic services reimbursement coverage authorization

SF1553 - Dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistant temporary guest license and general dental licensing provisions modifications; board of nursing home administrators prior appropriation base adjustment modification

SF1567 - Environmental permits efficiency; environmental review modifications; water supply plans requirements modifications; appropriation

SF1573 - Omnibus higher education provisions modifications and appropriations

SF1586 - Vulnerable adult neglect crime felony deprivation penalty creation; unreasonable restraint of a child provision modification

SF1597 - Veteran-owned small business contracts bid preference county program authority; transportation department (DOT) highway construction projects small business contract bid preferences modifications for veteran-owned small businesses and small targeted group businesses

SF1599 - Veterans and spouses of a disabled or deceased veteran hiring and promotion preference by private employer authority

SF1620 - Eminent domain relocation assistance eligibility or assistance amount administrative law judge hearing

SF1621 - Child care accrediting organizations standards requirements, application and approval process development

SF1626 - Dentists volunteer agreement form to enroll as medical assistance (MA) provider only for the purpose of providing volunteer dental services requirement

SF1653 - Independent contractors provisions modification; labor and industry technical conforming provisions

SF1656 - High school academic standards and graduation requirements cyclical revision legislative authorization requirement

SF1675 - Children and family services policy, adoption reform, child support, child care, child safety, safe place for newborns; Minnesota family investment program/diversionary work program (MFIP/DWP) simplification; Home and Community-Based Services Standards (HCBS) standards

SF1678 - Public defenders provisions modifications; financial responsibilities outline for children in need of protection services (CHIPS) cases

SF1679 - American Indian advisory council, alcohol and other drug abuse citizens advisory council, traumatic brain injury program advisory committee and American Indian child welfare advisory council expiration dates extension

SF1689 - Veterans waiver of immunity to sue state for Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) violations; veteran-owned small businesses set aside program modification; veterans reemployment rights protections extension

SF1694 - Fireworks manufacture, sale and use regulations modifications

SF1717 - State building code and licensing modifications; apprenticeship training clarifications and modifications; fire sprinkler installation requirement in single-family detached homes prohibition; independent contractors provisions modifications

SF1735 - Bank closures for holidays clarification; state bank lending limits provisions modification; obsolete language repeal

SF1750 - State lands sales, easements, and lease terms and state parks, forest, and recreation areas modifications; BWCA expedited land exchange; Minnesota wild, scenic, and recreational rivers system designation exemption

SF1754 - Lawful gambling per diem reimbursement modification for military marching, color guard or honor guard units

SF1755 - Collective bargaining offers public data establishment; memorandum of understanding submission to the legislative coordinating commission (LCC) establishment; state employees unpaid leave option to avoid layoffs establishment

SF1793 - Health plan company definition modification

SF1808 - Omnibus retirement bill

SF1809 - Hospital community benefit programs collaboration plans evidence-based strategies requirements elimination; health provider peer grouping requirements modifications

SF1815 - Electric transmission owners incumbent rights regarding federally approved transition lines

SF1856 - Lawful gambling licensed organizations authority to contribute net profits to 501(c)(19) organizations

SF1860 - Concrete diamond grinding and saw slurry disposal solid waste exemption for highway construction, improvement, or repair activities

SF1875 - Property and casualty insurance coverage provisions modification

SF1917 - School district prone restraint usage extension and data collection and reporting requirements

SF1921 - Abortion facility licensure requirements

SF1922 - State agency rulemaking regulation and reporting methods provisions modifications

SF1933 - Health Care Compact

SF1934 - Township mutual fire company combination insurance policies regulations modification

SF1964 - Window cleaning safety measures state building code inclusion requirement

SF1981 - Police civilian review authorities uniform procedures

SF1983 - Construction code fund transfer to the general fund elimination; fire safety premiums surcharge and fire safety account allocation modification

SF1993 - Sump pumps installation licensing exemptions expansion

SF2014 - Metropolitan council member terms of service change to staggered terms and members removal provisions

SF2060 - Revisor's bill

SF2069 - Travel insurance offer and dissemination regulations

SF2084 - Omnibus corrections policy bill

SF2098 - Cooperative electric associations report to commission in lieu of an integrated resources plan filing requirement modification

SF2112 - Corrections department claims against the state settlement provision and appropriation

SF2114 - Child support 20-year survival judgments provisions elimination

SF2131 - Design-build contracting program for local transportation projects provisions modifications

SF2137 - Residential contractor insurance claims for goods and services provision modification

SF2173 - Automated drug distribution systems authorization; physicians drugs dispensing in health care facilities located in health professional shortage areas

SF2181 - Renewable development account regulation

SF2183 - Education commissioner unadopted rules enforcement prohibition

SF2184 - Registered lands time share interests registration and examiner of titles directives provisions modifications

SF2224 - Unemployment insurance federal conformity, policy and housekeeping provisions

SF2271 - Minnesota national guard military award issuance to nonmembers authorization

SF2273 - Junked vehicles eligible buyers expansion

SF2296 - Absentee ballot return envelope certificates date requirement removal; political party certain coercion activities prohibition; presidential electors nomination procedure modification

SF2297 - Jacob's Law; law enforcement social services agency notification of child abuse requirement

SF2316 - Veterans preference removal hearing board appointment procedure modification

SF2324 - Satellite system contractors and installers licensure and regulation

SF2334 - Lobbyists principal disclosure reporting requirements for large energy facilities spending activities

SF2342 - Auto insurance claims practices modifications and medical treatment solicitation provisions

SF2354 - Disabled veterans state government noncompetitive appointment authorization

SF2360 - Health professional education loan forgiveness program modification

SF2379 - Courts voter list data for jury selection limitation removal

SF2392 - Omnibus liquor provisions modification

SF2394 - Towed implements of husbandry brake requirements modifications

SF2464 - Sex offender sentencing grid modification

SF2493 - Legacy bill; outdoor heritage fund, clean water fund, arts and cultural heritage fund, parks and trails fund, environment and natural resources trust fund appropriations and provisions modifications

SF2535 - School administrators board duties modifications; fee adjustment authorization

Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes