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Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes / 2007 - 2008 Regular Session

As recorded by the House Chamber Voting System

* This list includes only actions by the House where there was a recorded roll call floor vote. This list does not include votes taken in committees. Please remember that not all actions on the House floor require a roll call vote.

Please see the Minnesota Constitution Article IV, Section 22 and House Rule 2.03 for more information on roll call votes

This information comes from the House Chamber voting system. In the case of system failure the vote will be taken by voice and will not be available electronically except that it is recorded and available in the House Journal.

HF0006 - Omnibus prekindergarten through grade 12 education finance bill.

HF0008 - Tax conformity provided for tax year 2006 to the federal teacher expense deduction, tuition subtraction, and other provisions of the Tax Relief and Health Care Act, Heroes Earned Retirement Opportunity Act, and Pension Protection Plan.

HF0087 - St. Paul Asian Pacific Cultural Center predesign expenditures authorized from previous appropriation.

HF0110 - Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact enacted.

HF0116 - Customer sales and service call center requirements imposed.

HF0117 - Personal jurisdiction over foreign corporations and nonresident individuals modified.

HF0122 - Omnibus jobs, economic development, and housing finance bill establishing and modifying programs; and appropriating money.

HF0160 - Help America Vote Act account appropriations transfer authorized.

HF0230 - Predatory offender registration law expanded to include offenders under the domestic assault by strangulation statute.

HF0270 - Habitual truant termination of jurisdiction provision removed.

HF0272 - Firearms safety and usage training certificates continuation provided while soldiers and essential employees are engaged in active military service.

HF0274 - Rural Finance Authority agricultural loan funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

HF0293 - Environment and natural resources funding provided, Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources meeting requirements modified, and money appropriated.

HF0305 - Freedom to Breathe Act of 2007 adopted establishing public policy to protect employees and the public from hazards of secondhand smoke and prohibiting persons from smoking in specified areas.

HF0380 - Omnibus bonding bill authorizing spending to acquire and better public lands and buildings, issuing bonds, and appropriating money.

HF0413 - Outdoor sport equipment dealers franchise agreements with manufacturers regulated.

HF0448 - Auto insurance verification mailing program repealed.

HF0455 - Public defense provisions updated and clarified, right to representation modified, public defender system supervision provided, chief public appellate defender appointment provided, and public defender co-pays statutory language stricken.

HF0464 - School employee statewide health insurance plan established, and money appropriated.

HF0472 - Renewable energy production incentives eligibility period extended.

HF0532 - Military personnel utility and other contracts regulated, and cancellations authorized.

HF0539 - Trunk Highway Route No. 145 technical correction provided, and Legislative Route No. 262 removed.

HF0548 - Omnibus state government finance bill appropriating money for general legislative and administrative expenses of state government, regulating state and local government, and abolishing the Department of Employee Relations.

HF0562 - Transportation, Metropolitan Council, and public safety funding provided, motor vehicle sales tax provisions modified, Public Safety Department fees increased, and money appropriated.

HF0615 - Sexually transmitted infections and diseases education program modified, and information on immunizations required.

HF0683 - Affordable health care right for every resident established, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF0736 - Ambulance service personnel longevity award and incentive program renamed the Cooper/Sams volunteer ambulance program.

HF0775 - Right to keep, bear, and use arms defined as a fundamental right; and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF0829 - Omnibus public safety finance bill appropriating money for the courts, public safety, corrections, and other agencies; imposing criminal and civil penalties; and regulating DWI and driving provisions.

HF0854 - Video display device collection, transportation, and recycling provided; civil penalties imposed; and money appropriated.

HF0878 - Board of Animal Health consultants expanded to include the commissioner of agriculture.

HF0881 - Metropolitan Land Planning Act and related statutes modified, and erroneous and obsolete references corrected.

HF0886 - Omnibus bonding bill providing capital improvements funding, issuing bonds, canceling and modifying previous appropriations, and appropriating money.

HF0946 - Omnibus transportation finance bill appropriating money for transportation, Metropolitan Council, and public safety activities; issuing bonds; modifying taxes; authorizing local transportation sales taxes; and modifying various fees.

HF0966 - State nurse overtime provisions modified, and report required.

HF0995 - Peak Oil; Governor memorialized, by resolution, to take action to prepare a plan of response and preparation to meet the challenges of Peak Oil.

HF1004 - Predatory mortgage lending practices prohibited.

HF1008 - Child placement background check requirements modified.

HF1022 - Rental vehicle no-fault auto insurance coverages regulated.

HF1033 - Employer retaliation protections expanded.

HF1048 - Employee Relations Department abolished and duties transferred, and employee protections provided.

HF1063 - Omnibus higher education finance bill establishing and amending higher education programs, and appropriating money.

HF1078 - Omnibus health and human services finance bill.

HF1175 - Aircraft facilities state financing modified to allow flexibility in obtaining a new lessee for a facility, and other statutory provisions modified.

HF1200 - Revisor's bill correcting erroneous, ambiguous, and omitted text and obsolete references; and making technical corrections.

HF1208 - Construction code and licensing provisions modified, penalties and enforcement provided, statutes recodified, and money appropriated.

HF1219 - Milk truck weight exemption sunset date repealed.

HF1283 - Independent contractor exemption certificates required, penalties provided, notice to the commissioners of revenue and employment and economic development authorized, and review of certifications of independent contractor status required.

HF1314 - Live musical performances or productions advertising regulated.

HF1351 - Omnibus transportation policy bill providing policy changes relating to transportation, highways, drivers' licenses and railroads, and appropriating money.

HF1396 - Guardianship and conservatorship recommendations study required.

HF1409 - Well contractor's license provisions modified.

HF1441 - Limited purpose trust companies nonsubstantive term changes provided.

HF1490 - Scott County personnel rules adoption authorized, and veterans' preference administration provided.

HF1499 - Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act adopted as approved and recommended by the National Conference of Commissions on Uniform State Law.

HF1542 - Methamphetamine precursor drugs consumer purchase limit specified.

HF1546 - Automatic updates provided for voter registration.

HF1594 - National Guard reenlistment bonus program expanded, and academic awards provided.

HF1724 - Naturopathic doctor registration provided, advisory council established, and money appropriated.

HF1758 - Financial institution access cards regulated, and security breach liability established.

HF1781 - Motor carrier insurance requirements regulated.

HF1812 - State government operations funding provided and money appropriated.

HF1875 - Statewide health insurance purchasing pool created for school district employees, and money appropriated.

HF1973 - Minneapolis Public Library and Hennepin County library system merger enabled; and transfer of employees, property and assets to Hennepin County authorized.

HF1981 - Maternal and Child Health Advisory Task Force expiration date extended.

HF2090 - Hose connection backflow prevention requirements in recreational camping areas limited.

HF2205 - Sexual offenses; applicability provided for certain old sex offender provisions for crimes committed before enactment of new sex offender law.

HF2227 - Omnibus agricultural and veterans affairs bill appropriating money; modifying revenue and fund disposition; modifying and creating funds, fees, and accounts; providing for NextGen energy; and changing veterans provisions.

HF2245 - Omnibus E-12 education finance bill.

HF2268 - Omnibus tax bill.

HF2285 - Natural resources and cultural heritage dedicated funding provided through increased sales tax revenue, funds established, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF2291 - Telecommunications/Internet access equity aid full funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF2293 - Claims against the state settlement provided relating to corrections, and money appropriated.

HF2294 - Omnibus tax bill modifying property tax provisions, providing a homestead credit state refund, increasing property tax refunds, providing a school bond agricultural credit, and adding an income tax bracket and rate.

HF2362 - Omnibus tax bill modifying income, property, franchise, sales and use, motor vehicle sales, health care provider, tobacco, insurance, mortgage, gambling, and other tax provisions; and appropriating money.

HF2389 - Attorney fees and damages awarded in claims arising from breach of an insurance policy by an insurer.

HF2433 - Browns Valley flood relief funding provided, flood mitigation projects authorized, and money appropriated.

HF2459 - Pesticides application information access expanded.

HF2522 - Health care availability and affordability guaranteed, Minnesota Health Care Plan established, report required, and money appropriated.

HF2529 - Transportation, Metropolitan Council, and public safety funding provided; fees and accounts modified; bonds issued; and money appropriated.

HF2553 - Alternative compensation and settlement process provided for survivors of the I-35W catastrophe, and money appropriated.

HF2582 - Vietnam Veterans Day designated as March 29.

HF2590 - Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board members authorized to serve two consecutive terms, and certain trauma triage and transportation guidelines delayed.

HF2599 - Memorial Day observances county expenditure limit increased.

HF2602 - Police vehicles exempted from window glazing restrictions.

HF2636 - Towns; public park, town celebration and service recognition expenditures authorized.

HF2652 - English designated as the official language.

HF2748 - Rural health cooperative established, requirements revised for county-based purchasing for state health care programs, and money appropriated.

HF2788 - Nashwauk Public Utilities Commission membership increased from three to five members.

HF2800 - Transportation finance bill appropriating money for highway maintenance, local roads, emergency relief related to the I-35W bridge collapse, establishing a bridge improvement program; issuing bonds; and modifying motor fuel taxes.

HF2816 - Nicollet County auditor-treasurer office made appointive.

HF2827 - County historical society funding modified relating to cities of the first class.

HF2837 - Optometrist practice and licensing provisions modified.

HF2877 - Disarming a peace officer crime established.

HF2896 - War veterans memorial referendum requirement removed.

HF2898 - Claim denials under aviation liability coverage regulated.

HF2904 - Natural disaster assistance procedures established for state agencies.

HF2907 - Yellow Medicine County; appointive offices process provided.

HF2932 - Cemetery fund use specified.

HF2996 - Sexual offender provisions modified relating to confinement, data access, registration, hearings, MINNCOR marketing plan, parole, payments and fees, district courts, controlled substances, and custody and appropriation flexibility provided.

HF3000 - Statewide public safety radio system financing technical correction provided.

HF3010 - Immigration law enforcement noncooperation ordinances and policies prohibited, and data use authorized.

HF3034 - Electrical, plumbing, water conditioning, boiler, and high-pressure piping professional provisions modified.

HF3055 - State agencies deficiency funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF3066 - Precinct caucus dates established by the appropriate political parties, and notice to secretary of state required.

HF3082 - Public and state employee retirement provisions modified, and money appropriated.

HF3089 - Temporary permit use allowed while awaiting delivery of license plates.

HF3090 - Department of Transportation position provisions modified.

HF3099 - Emergency management training required for executive branch employees.

HF3114 - Park district property acquisition provision provided.

HF3138 - Compensation plan required for employees of the legislative auditor and plan subject to legislative review and approval, and state labor contracts ratified.

HF3139 - Program for the Assessment of Veterinary Education Equivalence certification recognized, drug use limited, requirements changed, and prescription of drugs regulated.

HF3149 - Omnibus tax bill.

HF3157 - Big Stone County; county treasurer duty assignment authorized.

HF3172 - Election provisions modified relating to lobbying, preelection reports, affidavits, campaign advertisements, absentee ballots, election judges, mail, school district and special elections, recounts, electronic voting and voter registration.

HF3195 - Legislative Greenhouse Gas Advisory Group established, cap and trade studies and reports required, and money appropriated.

HF3201 - Omnibus technical tax bill; tax policy and administration provisions modified relating to income, franchise, property, sales, and other taxes; and money appropriated.

HF3220 - Nonprofit organization grants authorized by political subdivisions.

HF3222 - Health care service provisions amended, managed care contract provision changed, HMO renewal fee increased, sex offender program provisions changed, MFIP work activity changed, report required, and money appropriated.

HF3240 - Minnesota's Mexican-American veterans authorized to place a plaque in the court of honor on the Capitol grounds to honor all Minnesota veterans who have served at any time in the United States armed forces.

HF3289 - Auctioneers exempted from certain requirements applicable to professional fundraisers.

HF3292 - School trust fund lands management provided, school trust fund land return improvements provided, Permanent School Fund Advisory Committee mission redefined, and report provided.

HF3301 - Design-build project provisions modified.

HF3332 - Credit card surcharges regulated.

HF3346 - Mortgage foreclosure assistance provided, and maximum amount of financial assistance increased.

HF3357 - Municipal boundary changes provided, and chief administrative law judge powers and duties imposed.

HF3367 - Closed meetings required to be recorded, and attorney fees granted.

HF3368 - Filing deadlines set for certain reports, customer payment arrangements regulated during cold weather periods, and utility payment agreements regulated.

HF3372 - Uniform billing and electronic claim filing provisions changed and compliance procedures for electronic transactions established.

HF3376 - MFIP provisions modified, child placement and welfare provisions changed, Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children established, child in voluntary foster care for treatment established, and data practices and technical changes made.

HF3380 - State health care county-based purchasing program requirements revised, and money appropriated.

HF3391 - Health care program affordability and continuity increased, provisions modified, subsidies provided, commission established, standard created, program implemented, payment system and benefit evaluation required, and money appropriated.

HF3411 - Petroleum product standards updated and number provided to advertise grade of gasoline.

HF3420 - County registrars procedures and fees revised, death deed transfer provided, representative capacity acknowledgments clarified, registered land application clarified, Uniform Probate Code modified, and foreclosure provisions modified.

HF3477 - Lending practices and default regulation provided relating to manufactured housing.

HF3486 - Transportation policy provisions modified, and money appropriated.

HF3488 - General fund debt limit provided.

HF3493 - Disaster relief funding provided, state reimbursement provided, and money appropriated.

HF3494 - State government administration and operation policy provisions modified.

HF3498 - Firefighter Training and Education Board member compensation authorized.

HF3500 - Business Corporations Act; Limited Liability Company Act; Uniform Limited Partnership Act of 2001; technical amendments proposed, and nonprofit limited liability company formation authorized.

HF3515 - Petroleum Tank Release Compensation Board cost adjustment publication provided.

HF3516 - Foreclosure information specification provided, report required, and electronic recording provisions provided.

HF3539 - Hospital construction moratorium exception provided.

HF3569 - University of Minnesota directed to study workers' health including lung health, and money appropriated.

HF3574 - Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center Authority authorized to enter construction work contract, State Building Code provisions regulated, education course content modified, and commercial liability insurance for licensees required.

HF3577 - Houston County; county offices appointive process provided.

HF3585 - Local governments authorized to engage in energy-related activities, including ownership of renewable energy projects.

HF3597 - Sexual assault indictment limitations modified.

HF3643 - Individual sewage treatment system professional licensing requirements modified.

HF3644 - Guaranteed energy savings contract terms extended and changed under the uniform municipal contracting law.

HF3657 - Carver County Board granted authority over library system with exceptions.

HF3662 - Public hearing and testimony provided before making an appointment to fill county board vacancy, and time period changed in which an appointment may be made.

HF3699 - Write-in absentee ballot use authorized, discretionary partial recounts provided, procedures specified, voting system requirements changed, and funds transferred.

HF3708 - Health profession licensing requirements changed and unlicensed complementary and alternative health care practitioner provision changed, and county standards provided for transporting a dead body.

HF3722 - Omnibus economic development policy bill.

HF3729 - Legislative Energy Commission established, and Legislative Electric Energy Task Force abolished, conforming corrections made, and money appropriated.

HF3783 - Insurance provisions regulated relating to fees, coverages, contracts, filings, forms, financial planners, vehicle sales, appraisers, subdivided lands, domestic mutual insurance companies, collection agencies, and underwriting associations.

HF3796 - Council authorized to establish salaries and per diem for legislators, Citizen Compensation Council composition changed, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF3800 - Omnibus transportation and transit policy bill; transportation-related program or activity provisions modified and added, penalties imposed, reports required, and technical and clarifying corrections made.

HF3807 - Real ID Act implementation prohibited in Minnesota.

HF3955 - I-35W bridge collapse survivor payments regulated, community-based care for older adults promoted through the establishment of a community consortium demonstration project, account established, and evaluation required.

HF3969 - Help America Vote Act funds transfer authorized.

HF4023 - Health, human services, and education forecast adjustments made, and money appropriated.

HF4060 - Regional Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Cap and Trade Accord memorializing the governor to incorporate greenhouse gas emission reduction principles.

HF4072 - Supplemental bonding bill, and money appropriated.

HF4075 - Bovine tuberculosis control provided in certain areas, and money appropriated.

HF4166 - Revisor's bill; miscellaneous oversights, inconsistencies, ambiguities, unintended results, and technical errors corrected.

HF4223 - Business Energy Accountability Act established; district provisions modified, drainage transfer and uses provided, charter, registrar's fees, Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act, and Minneapolis dedication fee provisions modified.

SF0004 - Public utilities renewable energy standards

SF0026 - Health occupations licensing provisions modifications; Minnesota Board of Social Work Practice Act

SF0054 - Hibbing area redevelopment agency dissolution

SF0060 - Duluth PERA postemployment benefits accounts establishment

SF0069 - Gift certificates and gift cards expiration dates and service fees prohibition

SF0100 - Stem cell research state policy

SF0112 - Body piercing regulation

SF0118 - Capitol area architectural and planning board legislative membership expansion

SF0124 - County commissioners and officers vacancies filling modifications

SF0145 - Next Generation Energy Act of 2007; omnibus energy policy bill

SF0167 - Unemployment insurance provisions modification

SF0184 - Family planning clinics oral contraceptive dispensing by registered nurses

SF0218 - Airport zoning regulations disclosure requirements

SF0221 - Employee rights and remedies written notice requirement

SF0238 - Freedom to Breathe Act of 2007

SF0241 - Building contractors right to bring action for contribution or indemnity; mortgage loan application sale information prohibition; homestead exemptions and judgments; redemption of mortgaged lands by creditors regulation

SF0303 - Municipal boundary adjustment advisory task force extension and provisions modification

SF0321 - Independent nonprofit firefighting corporations joint powers agreements inclusion

SF0322 - Tetrahydrocannabinol and alcohol use by pregnant women mandatory reporting requirement; civil commitment chemically dependent pregnant women early intervention treatment

SF0358 - Adopted persons genetic siblings assistance

SF0372 - Crime of ticket scalping repeal

SF0420 - Firewood pest control, sale and distribution regulation

SF0430 - Omnibus pension bill

SF0457 - Independent school district #271, Bloomington; single member election districts

SF0463 - Notaries public maximum fees modification

SF0493 - Criminal gang activity as public nuisance

SF0538 - State funded buildings heating and cooling policy

SF0543 - Resolution for employee free choice act support

SF0547 - Scott county library subject to county board

SF0555 - Essential community provider designation extension

SF0563 - Renewable energy objective state economic benefit strategy development

SF0585 - National register of historic places property sale or lease restrictions repeal

SF0596 - Omnibus government data practices; duties and classifications provisions clarification and modification; BCA integrated search service (ISS); social security numbers use modification

SF0599 - Resolution to end trade, financial and travel restrictions to Cuba

SF0608 - Aircraft insurance liability limits modification; aviation insurance consultation and report

SF0646 - Electronic and internet intimidation and bullying prohibition in schools

SF0651 - Omnibus public health provisions modification; phthalates products prohibition for young children; patient's bill of rights doula support nonpharmacological pain relief information modification; polybrominated diphenyl ethers restrictions

SF0736 - Metropolitan inter-county association name change to Minnesota inter-county association

SF0744 - No-fault automobile insurance rental motor vehicle coverage requirement modification

SF0802 - Mortuary science provisions modification

SF0805 - Hearing aids health plan coverage modification

SF0837 - Hennepin and Wright counties boundary change process modification authority

SF0846 - State agencies deficiency appropriations

SF0875 - Minimum wage increase

SF0883 - Darlene Luther Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act

SF0960 - Local government officers and employees dependent definition modification

SF0961 - Shoreland resorts regulation

SF0988 - Predatory lending practices prohibition

SF1017 - City charter commission expenses limit increase

SF1018 - Physical therapists licensing provisions modifications

SF1019 - Public utilities commission terminology technical change

SF1045 - Scott county housing and redevelopment authority name change to Scott county community development agency

SF1048 - Indian Affairs council membership and duties modification

SF1069 - Motor fuels unavailability notice requirement; biofuels requirement waiver

SF1070 - Omnibus liquor provisions modifications

SF1073 - Public employment labor agreements and compensation plans ratification

SF1075 - Investment board Sudan holdings divestment requirement

SF1085 - Mercury containing products and fluorescent and high intensity discharge lamp provisions modifications

SF1098 - Beltrami county recorder appointment

SF1105 - Health risk limits for perfluorooctanoic acid and perfluorooctane sulfonate

SF1128 - Personal sick leave benefits use modification

SF1131 - Omnibus game and fish bill; Uniform Environmental Covenants Act

SF1133 - St. Louis county civil service director provision modification

SF1165 - Governmental emergency meetings by electronic means; closed meeting requirement modification

SF1168 - Manufactured home installers and roofers liability insurance requirements modification

SF1186 - Minnesota public facilities authority act housekeeping modifications; pollution control agency project priority rule modification

SF1193 - Motor vehicle fuel dispensing requirement; petroleum products specifications update

SF1196 - Minnesota manufactured home relocation trust fund establishment

SF1215 - Radioactive material license renewal fee elimination; ionizing radiation producing equipment fee; operating x-ray equipment requirements; maternal and child health advisory task force sunset extension

SF1218 - Absentee voting procedures modification

SF1236 - State government employment technical modifications; voluntary unpaid leave of absence authority

SF1262 - Jewelry products containing lead manufacture and sale regulations

SF1266 - Hospital emergency rooms emergency treatment and information to sexual assault victims requirements

SF1271 - Child support policy clarifications and modifications; child support judgments enforcement time periods extension

SF1294 - Public utilities commission electronic filing authorization

SF1298 - Elections provisions modifications

SF1302 - Metropolitan land planning act modifications; legislative commission on metropolitan government termination; metropolitan council reporting requirements modification; metropolitan council nonprofit foundation creation

SF1311 - Preventive health services program for cities

SF1332 - Meeker county economic development authority membership increase

SF1333 - Car buyers bill of rights

SF1370 - Amusement rides regulation provisions modification

SF1377 - State boards and advisory groups provisions modifications and repeal

SF1396 - Municipal planning fair market value determination in dedication proceedings

SF1436 - State auditor provisions modifications

SF1464 - Motor vehicle air bag repair and replacement requirement

SF1483 - Minnesota council on disability sunset elimination

SF1495 - Payroll card accounts and report requirements provisions expiration date extension

SF1499 - State high school league sponsored activities student participation after licensed treatment programs completion

SF1509 - Hennepin county design build provisions modifications

SF1533 - Mortgage foreclosures provisions modifications; homestead property exemption modification and inflationary adjustment; homestead judgment enforcement regulation

SF1542 - Insurer conduct in motor vehicle collision cases

SF1556 - Office of enterprise technology terminology provisions modifications

SF1557 - Historical society record retention requirements modification

SF1578 - Consumer reports security freezes fees provision modification

SF1581 - Insurance provisions modifications; life policies mortality tables use authorization; life insurance policy illustrations and interest rate regulation; auto insurers withdrawal from market notification; nonrenewal notice requirements

SF1597 - State employee combined charities campaign registration modification

SF1675 - Support our troops account money uses expansion

SF1705 - Colorectal screening tests health insurance coverage requirement

SF1724 - Human services department licensing provisions modifications

SF1735 - Radon control provisions adoption requirement

SF1753 - Airport funding advisory task force

SF1755 - Charitable organizations joint or cooperative purchasing agreements participation authorization

SF1787 - Workers compensation coverage federal exclusions information requirement

SF1790 - Adverse health care events reporting requirements modifications

SF1807 - Hennepin county health care system personnel conflicts of interest regulation

SF1902 - Energy forward pricing mechanisms definition modification

SF1918 - Ultra high speed broadband goal task force

SF1920 - Miscellaneous financial institutions provisions modifications

SF1949 - Minnesota sesquicentennial commission duties and procedures modifications

SF1959 - County return of unused drugs and medical devices to pharmacies; prescription certification requirement

SF1966 - Lawful gambling provisions modifications

SF1989 - Omnibus higher education appropriations

SF1997 - Omnibus state departments appropriations

SF2024 - Disabled children notice of redetermination of eligibility for services requirement

SF2030 - Surplus property rulemaking authority of administration commissioner

SF2043 - Anoka housing and redevelopment authority commissioners appointment procedure

SF2089 - Omnibus jobs and economic development appropriations

SF2096 - Omnibus environment, natural resources, energy and commerce appropriations

SF2161 - Plats of land provisions modification

SF2171 - Omnibus health and human services appropriations

SF2226 - Private cemeteries use clarification and regulations modifications

SF2262 - Telecommunications state agency obsolete rules repeal

SF2368 - Enterprise activities closure or relocation human services commissioner legislature notification requirement

SF2369 - School districts athletic coaching or extracurricular services hiring criminal history background check requirements

SF2377 - Ambulance service basic life support and advanced life support requirements provisions modifications

SF2379 - Eminent domain displaced business reestablishment costs limitation

SF2390 - Social security number collection and use restrictions modification

SF2399 - Public nuisance law provisions modifications

SF2402 - Accountancy board provisions modifications

SF2403 - Disabled peace officers or firefighters continued health insurance eligibility provision modification

SF2428 - Open meetings and events on caucus date authorization

SF2468 - Minnesota Technology, Inc. name change to Enterprise Minnesota, Inc. and provisions modifications

SF2471 - Blood donation minimum age requirement reduction

SF2492 - LCCMR funding recommendations for environment and natural resources

SF2500 - Horse racing purse set aside and breeders fund revenue sharing and racetrack simulcasting restrictions modifications

SF2511 - Health care peer review committee and Minnesota breeders fund committees reestablishment

SF2533 - Gambling device definition clarification; gambling devices manufacture for use in other states provision repeal

SF2564 - TANF maintenance of effort programs modification

SF2576 - Crime of false police and fire emergency calls as misdemeanor offense

SF2597 - School background check requirement provisions modification

SF2605 - Metropolitan council member staggered terms

SF2642 - Safe at home program data practices provisions modification

SF2651 - Omnibus game and fish, lands, forestry and natural resources policy provisions modification

SF2653 - School contracts without bids conflict of interest exception authorization

SF2667 - Radiation therapy facility construction moratorium extension

SF2688 - Trucking industry employers unemployment compensation audits; independent contractor status general rule exception elimination

SF2706 - Sustainable building 2030; building performance standards development

SF2755 - Public safety department deputy register of motor vehicles New Prague office move

SF2765 - Automobile insurance unethical claims practices provisions modification

SF2775 - Disconnection notice requirement to city upon customer gas or electric service shutoff

SF2786 - Restricted plumber licenses modifications

SF2795 - Real property transfer on death deeds

SF2796 - Early childhood family education programs teacher licensure requirements modification

SF2806 - Local economic development authorities conflict of interest rules clarification

SF2809 - Nonsmoking hotel room smoking violation penalties increase

SF2822 - Insurance standard of conduct (first party good faith) insurance claims practices regulation

SF2828 - Critical public service property trespassing prohibition modifications

SF2830 - Payroll card accounts and report requirements provisions expiration date repeal

SF2833 - Abigail Taylor Pool Safety Act

SF2861 - Gang and drug oversight council annual legislative report due date modification

SF2876 - Dangerous dogs provisions modifications; dogs in outdoor food and beverage service establishments

SF2881 - Contracts for deed and mortgage lending regulation

SF2908 - Landlord and tenant notice requirements under foreclosure and contract cancellation proceedings

SF2909 - Right of tenants to pay utility bills modifications

SF2910 - Eviction case mandatory records expungement requirement

SF2915 - Human rights hearings civil penalties and punitive damages provision modification; residential mortgage fraud penalties sentencing provision modification

SF2918 - Reduced mortgage foreclosure redemption period proof of abandonment requirements modifications

SF2919 - Civil commitments hearings time requirements modifications

SF2930 - Debt management services regulation modifications

SF2936 - Plat requirements modification

SF2939 - Alternative telecommunication regulation plan provisions modification

SF2941 - Justin's Law; drug prescribing and filling provisions modification; chiropractic examinations or treatments regulation

SF2942 - Omnibus higher education policy provisions modification

SF2948 - Firefighters final offer total package arbitration provision repeal

SF2965 - Gestational carrier (surrogate) arrangements regulations and assisted reproduction provisions

SF2980 - Flood insurance noncoverage disclosure requirement for homeowners insurance purposes

SF2988 - School bus drivers type III licensing qualifications

SF2996 - Biomass definition expansion for renewable energy objectives; metropolitan area water supply advisory committee expiration date extension

SF3001 - Omnibus education policy bill

SF3021 - Claims against the state

SF3049 - Children's mental health services providers restrictive procedures use, planning and reporting requirements; hospitals chemical use assessments for emergency room patients county contract authority; mental health needs work group

SF3056 - Permanent school fund provisions modifications; natural resources department administrative sites sales proceeds use and environmental learning centers requirements modification; recreational vehicle and state park provision modification

SF3058 - High occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes and dynamic shoulder lanes fees imposition, account establishment and appropriation

SF3069 - Special 2008 U.S. Womens Open motor vehicle license plates temporary permits issuance

SF3070 - Custodial trust account withdraw method modification

SF3082 - Motor vehicle title branding provisions modification

SF3084 - Spirit Mountain recreation area authority land description correction

SF3096 - Energy improvement financing programs for state and local governments; green economy application; microenergy loan program establishment; guaranteed energy savings contracts provisions modifications; green jobs task force creation

SF3098 - Lawful gambling provisions modifications

SF3119 - Interstate assistance by local governments authorization

SF3132 - Medical debt information regulation

SF3135 - Minnesota responds medical reserve corps; interstate assistance by local governments authorization

SF3137 - Commuter rail lines exercise of powers, operation and maintenance responsibilities

SF3138 - Genetic information newborn screening government entities handling provisions modification

SF3139 - Crime of interfering with internet ticket sales

SF3140 - Boiler operations licensing procedures modification

SF3147 - Blind and disabled persons accessible electronic information service expiration date repeal

SF3154 - Residential mortgage originators and services borrower eligibility consideration requirements

SF3158 - Explore Minnesota tourism vacation rental lodging study

SF3166 - Child welfare, licensing and data practices provisions modifications; Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children repeal and replacement; child and adult adoptions regulation; children in voluntary foster care for treatment regulation

SF3174 - Uniform securities act name change to Minnesota securities act and provisions modifications

SF3189 - Drivers license examination successful completion requirement for controlled substance offenses

SF3193 - Adoption records and original birth certificates access provisions modifications

SF3202 - Employee relations department elimination and duties transfer

SF3213 - Human services technical changes, health care and miscellaneous provisions clarifications

SF3214 - Minnesota residential mortgage originator and servicer licensing act modifications

SF3218 - Workers compensation advisory council recommendations adoption

SF3224 - Nonmotorized transportation advisory committee

SF3225 - Ombudsman for mental health and developmental disabilities and the medical review subcommittee deceased clients data gathering authorization

SF3227 - Nursing home compliance and moratorium provisions modification; resident reimbursement classification provisions modification; Alzheimer's disease facilities; personal care assistant services standards report requirement

SF3235 - Omnibus data practices provisions modification

SF3256 - Day training and habilitation programs separate license requirements exceptions

SF3263 - Hospital records electronic image transfer authority; transportation of dead human bodies provisions modification

SF3286 - Health plan company complaint form filing requirements modification

SF3303 - Minneapolis nonprofit riverfront revitalization corporation

SF3322 - State health care programs county based purchasing requirements and management provisions modification

SF3323 - Federally qualified health centers allocation of subsidies provision modification

SF3331 - Minneapolis park and recreation board condemnation proceeds of park land for interstate expansion retention

SF3336 - Motor vehicle window glazing restrictions exemptions

SF3337 - Omnibus energy bill

SF3342 - E-charging service and fingerprinting requirement

SF3360 - Animal fighting events penalties increase

SF3362 - Peace officer disciplinary hearing representation provisions modification

SF3363 - State government budget information dissemination, modifications and requirements

SF3364 - Deaf and hard-of-hearing people commission provisions modification

SF3372 - Long term disability parking permit program minimum requirements

SF3377 - Furniture safety act repeal

SF3396 - Minnesota Subprime Borrower Relief Act of 2008

SF3397 - Foreign cooperatives regulation

SF3441 - Domestic abuse advocates testimony restriction

SF3443 - Korean War Armistice Day designation

SF3446 - Small employers flexible benefits plans availability notice requirement

SF3455 - Beer keg purchase by scrap metal dealers regulation

SF3461 - County budget data state auditor submission date change

SF3474 - Rock county auditor-treasurer appointment authorization

SF3486 - Medicare special needs plans provisions modification

SF3492 - Orders for protection and restraining orders duration extension

SF3502 - Implement of husbandry provisions modifications

SF3508 - Motor vehicle insurance adjustments insurer prohibitions

SF3555 - Watonwan county soil and water conservation district supervisor vacancies appointment

SF3563 - Human services licensing fines clarification; medical assistance reimbursement provisions modification; senior nutrition appropriations clarification

SF3564 - Compressed natural gas special fuel excess tax transitional rate correction and surcharge administration provisions

SF3571 - State operated services programs nonstate employees employment

SF3576 - Viral hemorrhagic septicemia control provisions

SF3594 - Real estate transaction regulation and title insurance definition

SF3622 - Uniform municipal contracting law contract threshold amounts modification

SF3647 - Emergency responders for emergency communication equipment permit requirement exemption

SF3669 - Transportation construction impacts mitigation effects on small businesses report

SF3672 - Omnibus liquor provisions modification

SF3674 - Revisor's bill

SF3683 - Omnibus agriculture and veterans policy provisions modification

SF3715 - Steele county nursing home bed moratorium exception and asset transfer

SF3775 - Paint stewardship pilot program establishment

SF3780 - Statewide health improvement program; health care homes and reporting requirements; interoperable health records; electronic prescription drug program; health care reform review council

Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes