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Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes / 2001 Special Session

As recorded by the House Chamber Voting System

* This list includes only actions by the House where there was a recorded roll call floor vote. This list does not include votes taken in committees. Please remember that not all actions on the House floor require a roll call vote.

Please see the Minnesota Constitution Article IV, Section 22 and House Rule 2.03 for more information on roll call votes

This information comes from the House Chamber voting system. In the case of system failure the vote will be taken by voice and will not be available electronically except that it is recorded and available in the House Journal.

6/28/2001 - HF0001 - Omnibus tax bill providing income, sales and use, property, motor vehicle, and other tax modifications; and appropriating money.

6/28/2001 - HF0002 - Omnibus K-12 education finance bill.

6/26/2001 - HF0004 - Family and early childhood education appropriations bill providing for children and family support programs and appropriating money.

6/26/2001 - HF0005 - Omnibus economic development, housing and other state agencies appropriations bill.

6/27/2001 - HF0005 - Omnibus economic development, housing and other state agencies appropriations bill.

6/30/2001 - HF0008 - Public capital improvements funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

6/25/2001 - HR0001 - A house resolution setting the maximum limit on general fund expenditures for the biennium.

6/30/2001 - SF0001 - Revisor's bill

6/30/2001 - SF0004 - Omnibus health, human services and corrections appropriations

6/29/2001 - SF0007 - Omnibus transportation, public safety and criminal justice appropriations

6/30/2001 - SF0009 - Omnibus state departments appropriations

6/25/2001 - SF0010 - Omnibus environment, natural resources and agriculture appropriations

6/25/2001 - SF0011 - Omnibus higher education appropriations

6/29/2001 - SF0018 - Apartment managers criminal background check requirements expansion

6/30/2001 - SF0021 - State departments and agencies and K-12 education transitional financing

Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes