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Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes / 2023 - 2024 Regular Session

As recorded by the House Chamber Voting System

* This list includes only actions by the House where there was a recorded roll call floor vote. This list does not include votes taken in committees. Please remember that not all actions on the House floor require a roll call vote.

Please see the Minnesota Constitution Article IV, Section 22 and House Rule 2.03 for more information on roll call votes

This information comes from the House Chamber voting system. In the case of system failure the vote will be taken by voice and will not be available electronically except that it is recorded and available in the House Journal.

HF0001 - Protect Reproductive Options Act; fundamental right to reproductive health established.

HF0002 - Paid family, bonding, and applicant's serious medical condition benefits provided; employment leaves regulated and required; income tax withholdings authorized and taxes imposed; penalties authorized; actuarial report required; and money appropriated.

HF0003 - Voter registration and absentee voting provisions modified; voting instructions and sample ballot required to be multilingual and interpreters required to be provided; intimidation, deceptive practices, and interference regulated; campaign finance provisions modified; and money appropriated.

HF0004 - Noncompliant driver's license or Minnesota ID card requirements modified and related changes made, including on eligibility, proof of lawful presence, primary and secondary documentation, and data practices; and money appropriated.

HF0005 - Free school lunch and breakfast provided for students, and money appropriated.

HF0006 - Price gouging prohibited during an abnormal market disruption, and penalties prescribed.

HF0007 - Electric utility renewable energy standard obligations modified, cost recovery provided, wind projects exempted from certificate of need proceedings, low-voltage transmission line included in solar energy generating system definition, local energy employment provisions added, and Public Utility Commission permit authority modified for electric generation facilities.

HF0013 - Child care assistance rates and funding priorities modified, termination and disqualification of human services providers and grant recipients procedures modified, child care assistance program and grant funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF0016 - Conversion therapy prohibited for children and vulnerable adults, medical assistance coverage prohibited, and misrepresentation of conversion therapy services or products prohibited.

HF0019 - Earned sick and safe time provided, Ninth Judicial District court judge added, report required, rulemaking authorized, and money appropriated.

HF0024 - Lead drinking water service line replacement grant program established, report required, and money appropriated.

HF0026 - Federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF0028 - Right to vote restored to individuals convicted of a felony upon completion of any term of incarceration imposed and executed by a court for the offense, and money appropriated.

HF0030 - Catalytic converter purchase or acquisition requirements established, penalties provided, and money appropriated.

HF0031 - Individual income and corporate franchise tax provisions modified, and federal tax provisions conformity provided.

HF0035 - State forecast required to include the rate of inflation.

HF0036 - Worker safety requirements established, and money appropriated.

HF0037 - Race definition modified relating to hair styles and textures within the Minnesota Human Rights Act.

HF0042 - Labor trafficking definitions amended, penalties enhanced, conforming changes made relating to statewide human trafficking assessment, and Sentence Guidelines Commission required to consider assigning a severity level ranking to the labor trafficking crime.

HF0043 - Gross misdemeanor maximum term of incarceration set at 364 days.

HF0045 - Assessment process established to determine if current and former members of the military charged with offenses are eligible for deferred prosecution.

HF0050 - Easement and state land conveying and leasing requirements modified, state forests added to and deleted from, state parks added to, and sale and conveyance of land authorized.

HF0055 - Office created for missing and murdered Black women and girls, office authorized to issue grants, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension required to operate missing person alert program, report required, and money appropriated.

HF0056 - Recording and title provisions modified and updated, clarifying and technical changes made, and obsolete provisions repealed.

HF0062 - Public Employment Relations Board data modified, and money appropriated.

HF0090 - Board of Public Defense funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF0100 - Cannabis finance and policy bill.

HF0111 - Crime of surreptitious intrusion that does not take place through a window or aperture established, crime of surreptitious intrusion under or around a person's clothing established, statute of limitations amended for surreptitious intrusion, and technical and conforming changes made.

HF0112 - Review of physical education standards delayed.

HF0121 - Competency attainment; technical changes made, and money appropriated.

HF0146 - Gender-affirming health care; use of subpoenas to gather information prevented; child custody and child welfare provisions amended; and warrant, arrest, and extradition provisions amended.

HF0150 - Child care stabilization base grants and early learning scholarships modified, and money appropriated.

HF0153 - Individual income tax provisions modified, and unlimited Social Security subtraction allowed.

HF0156 - Manufactured home park utility billing practice provisions amended.

HF0197 - A resolution memorializing Congress to resolve that the requirements have been met to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and that it shall now be known as the Twenty-Eighth Amendment to the Constitution.

HF0207 - Lawns to legumes grant program established, and money appropriated.

HF0213 - Food shelf program funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF0238 - Children and families finance bill.

HF0244 - Uniform Electronic Wills Act adopted; and technical, clarifying, and conforming changes made.

HF0300 - Social Security; individual income tax provisions modified, and public pension benefit subtraction established.

HF0366 - Reproductive health care; health records release limited, health-related licensing board acts prohibited, background study disqualification prohibited, judgement enforcement prevented, subpoena enforcement restricted, lawsuit cause of action created, and extradition of persons charged in another state prohibited.

HF0375 - Open appointments to multimember agencies modifications made, and multimember agency appointments made subject to ban the box law.

HF0402 - Health care entity transaction requirements established, health care transaction data reported, expiration date changed on moratorium conversion transactions, health system required to return charitable assets received from the state to the general fund, study required on regulation of transactions, and report required.

HF0444 - Homeless Youth Act modified, and money appropriated.

HF0447 - Legislative enactments; miscellaneous oversights, inconsistencies, ambiguities, unintended results, and technical errors corrected.

HF0463 - Rural Finance Authority funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

HF0548 - Penalties increased for transferring firearms to persons who are ineligible to possess firearms.

HF0581 - Motor vehicle titles and disclosure governing requirements technical change made.

HF0601 - Lost and stolen firearms required to be reported promptly to law enforcement, and money appropriated.

HF0669 - Capital investment; spending authorized to acquire and better public land and buildings, new programs established and existing programs modified, prior appropriations modified, bonds issued, conveyance of state bond-financed property authorized, reports required, and money appropriated.

HF0670 - Capital investment; spending authorized to acquire and better land and buildings and for other improvements, programs established and modified, prior appropriations canceled, and money appropriated.

HF0717 - Chanhassen; Trunk Highway 5 segment designated as Prince Rogers Nelson Memorial Highway, and Augie Mueller Memorial Highway modified.

HF0733 - Nursing facility payment rates modified, elderly waiver rates modified, payment rates for customized living services provided under disability waivers modified, payment rates for home-delivered meals under disability waivers modified, and money appropriated.

HF0745 - Department of Corrections; ombudsperson removal authorized only for just cause.

HF0782 - Minnesota Secure Choice retirement program established, civil penalties provided, money transferred, and money appropriated.

HF0800 - Labor agreements and memorandums of understanding ratified.

HF0917 - Housing; discrimination based on participation in public assistance prohibited, pet declawing and devocalization prohibited, fees prohibited, inspections required, notice provided, penalties provided, right to counsel provided, lease covenants and repairs in residential tenancy provided, renewal and termination of lease provided, residential evictions provided, and expungements provided.

HF0975 - Towed vehicle contents retrieval governing requirements amended, and cause of action provided for aggrieved vehicle owners.

HF1019 - Civil actions; causes of action survival modified.

HF1104 - Employer retaliation provisions modified, and pregnancy accommodations modified.

HF1126 - Postsecondary attainment goals, student financial aid, institutional licensure provisions, and institutional grant program policy changes provided.

HF1178 - Type III vehicle retirement after 12 years requirement amended.

HF1182 - Grounds required for a peace officer to use deadly force modified.

HF1200 - State and local jail and prison inmates required to be housed in publicly owned and operated jails and prisons, and state and counties prohibited from contracting with private prisons.

HF1224 - Education; tiered licensure changes made.

HF1234 - Peace officer and firefighter duty disability provisions modified, report required, and money appropriated.

HF1269 - Prekindergarten through grade 12 provisions modified including general education accountability and transparency, education excellence, American Indian education, charter schools, discipline, teachers, special education, and early learning; and reports required.

HF1278 - Disaster assistance contingency account money transferred.

HF1327 - Metropolitan Council authority to establish fare program and passes clarified.

HF1355 - Corrections; e-filing of disposition of detainers authorized, language access provided, statutory language amended, rehabilitation facility provided, warrant issuance practices amended, release of incarcerated persons provisions modified, challenge incarceration program readmission provided and program offered at Shakopee facility, Advisory Council of Interstate Adult Supervision and Interstate Commission for Juveniles combined, intensive community supervision program law repealed, funding mechanism provided for transitioned probation services.

HF1370 - Cause of action for nonconsensual dissemination of deep fake sexual images established, crime of using deep fake technology to influence an election established, and crime for nonconsensual dissemination of deep fake sexual images established.

HF1403 - Aging, disability, behavioral health, substance use disorder, and statewide opioid litigation laws modified and established.

HF1440 - Family homeless prevention and assistance program funding provided, report required, and money appropriated.

HF1486 - Supervised practice of alcohol and drug counseling by former students allowed for limited time, HIV training requirements modified in substance use disorder treatment programs, withdrawal management license requirements modified, and substance use disorder treatment client record documentation requirements modified.

HF1510 - Public safety; various provisions modified relating to public safety commissioner authorization to accept donations or other gifts of money; Minnesota Hazardous Materials Incident Response Act; bomb disposal cost reimbursement; smoke alarms; questioned identity process; Criminal and Juvenile Justice Information Advisory Group; victim notification of plea, sentencing, and sentencing modification hearings; and reimbursement act.

HF1523 - Department of Corrections Fugitive Apprehension Unit authority expanded.

HF1581 - Legislative enactments; miscellaneous and technical corrections made to laws and statutes; erroneous, obsolete, and omitted text and references corrected; and redundant, conflicting, and superseded provisions removed.

HF1587 - Agriculture policy bill.

HF1656 - Energy grant programs established to enhance competitiveness of Minnesota entities in obtaining federal funding, account created, report required, and money appropriated.

HF1826 - State and local government policy bill.

HF1830 - State government finance bill.

HF1900 - Environment and natural resources trust fund renewal provided and trust fund provisions modified, community grant program established, community grant program advisory council established, report required, money appropriated, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF1930 - End-of-life option established for terminally ill adults with a prognosis of six months or less, criminal penalties provided, data classified, reports required, immunity provided, and enforcement authorized.

HF1937 - Veterans and military affairs finance bill.

HF1938 - Tax finance and policy bill.

HF1960 - Information and telecommunications technology systems and services protected during emergencies.

HF1989 - Ticket sale disclosure required, ticket sale conduct prohibited, data disclosure to the commissioner of commerce required, and enforcement allowed by the commissioner of commerce.

HF1999 - Legacy finance and policy bill.

HF2073 - Higher education finance and policy bill.

HF2093 - East Phillips Neighborhood Institute grant funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF2105 - Easement conveying requirements modified; state parks and forests added; and state land sales, purchases, and transfers authorized.

HF2175 - Nonbank mortgage servicers regulated, and report required.

HF2204 - Metropolitan Council redistricting provided.

HF2292 - Early learning scholarships, Head Start, and early education programs modified; early childhood educator programs provided; reports required; and money appropriated.

HF2310 - Environment, natural resources, climate, and energy finance and policy bill.

HF2324 - Drill core library funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF2335 - Housing finance and policy bill.

HF2369 - Transportation network company driver protections established, civil action provided, and criminal penalties provided.

HF2476 - Child protection; economic supports; housing and homelessness; child care licensing; Department of Children, Youth, and Families provisions modified; reports required; and money appropriated.

HF2497 - Education finance bill.

HF2609 - Gun trafficking investigations and firearm seizures report required by Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and Violent Crime Enforcement Teams, trigger activator definition amended, and transferring firearms to persons who are ineligible to possess firearms penalties increased.

HF2757 - Taxation; standard deduction calculation and statewide local housing aid definitions modified, and Beltrami County local sales and use tax authorization amended.

HF2790 - Major political parties prohibited from accepting contributions during legislative session.

HF2887 - Transportation finance and policy bill.

HF2895 - Judiciary; spousal maintenance modified, and child support provisions modified.

HF2950 - Pension policy bill.

HF2988 - 2023 Workers' Compensation Advisory Committee recommendations adopted, workers' compensation self-insurance modified, system efficiencies improved, permanent partial disability schedule modified, post-traumatic stress disorder study and report required, housekeeping changes made, and money appropriated.

HF3071 - Written driver's examinations and the driver's manual plain language standard incorporation required, report required, and money appropriated.

HF3100 - Pension finance bill.

HF3204 - Parenting time and spousal maintenance provisions modified, antenuptial and postnuptial agreements governing provisions modified and updated, assisted reproduction rights and responsibilities established, and revisor of statutes directed to update terms used in statute.

HF3276 - Ranked choice voting provided; jurisdictions authorized to adopt ranked choice voting for local offices; procedures established for adoption, implementation, and use of ranked choice voting for local jurisdictions; local jurisdictions allowed to use electronic voting systems with a reallocation feature; rulemaking authorized; and money appropriated.

HF3288 - Claims against the state; settlement of certain claims provided, and money appropriated.

HF3304 - Public safety; military veteran sentencing report required.

HF3309 - Uniform Public Expression Protection Act proposed for adoption by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws enacted.

HF3342 - Nursing facility workforce incentive program, nursing facility payments, and nursing facility temporary rate add-on provided; partial reimbursement to hospitals provided for qualifying avoidable patient days; and money appropriated.

HF3376 - Digital image use allowed as proof of possession of passes and licenses, and electronic device use provided to display documents.

HF3377 - Environment and natural resources trust fund; previous appropriations modified, and money appropriated.

HF3431 - State and local government supplemental budget bill.

HF3436 - Transportation policy bill.

HF3437 - Plymouth; Michael Gau Memorial Bridge over U.S. Highway 169 on Hennepin County State-Aid Highway 9 designated.

HF3438 - Failure to disclose mandatory fees in advertising added as a deceptive trade practice.

HF3454 - Adjutant general powers expanded, veterans home provisions modified, armories provisions modified, veterans policy provisions amended, and veterans Meals on Wheels program grant availability extended.

HF3466 - Opportunities to protect native prairie expanded.

HF3488 - Minors appearing in Internet content creation provided compensation.

HF3489 - School Resource Officers; public safety provided, grounds for use of reasonable force in schools modified, school resource officer duties defined and minimum training requirements established, school resource officer model policy development required, and money appropriated.

HF3508 - State land transfer fee provisions modified, land added to state parks, state land sales and conveyances authorized, Upper Sioux Agency State Park deauthorized, and money appropriated.

HF3520 - Age range conformed for hiring a minor to engage in prostitution.

HF3526 - Application of abnormal market disruption and unconscionably excessive price prohibition changed.

HF3567 - Assisted reproduction rights and responsibilities updated, surrogacy agreement requirements created, and recordkeeping and information sharing provided for genetic donation.

HF3589 - In rem jurisdiction clarified for judicial proceedings.

HF3613 - Forecasted Metro Mobility funding clarifications provided, education forecast adjustments effective date provided, and money appropriated.

HF3614 - Public safety; policy and technical changes made to provisions including crime victim policy, criminal justice reform, public safety policy, predatory offenders, and corrections policy; crimes established; penalties provided; data classified; and reports required.

HF3631 - Capital projects previous appropriations amended, and report submission date changed.

HF3646 - Department of Children, Youth, and Families statutory infrastructure created; and statutes moved and copied.

HF3757 - Felony offense established for reporting a fictitious emergency and directing the emergency response to the home of other individuals, and conforming change made.

HF3769 - Corporate franchise tax provisions modified, and effective date modified of a reduction in the limitation on the deductibility of net operating losses.

HF3800 - Housing cooperatives; organization and operation provided for seniors, low and moderate income people, and limited equity cooperatives and leasing cooperatives for designated members.

HF3868 - Uniform Commercial Code amendments adopted to accommodate emerging technologies.

HF3872 - Judiciary provisions policy and technical changes made, including data practices, family law, judiciary policy, guardianships, public defense, and civil law; data classified; and crimes established.

HF3911 - Environment and natural resources supplemental budget bill.

HF3925 - Property insurance provided for grantee beneficiaries of transfer on death deeds; and technical, clarifying, and conforming changes made to transfer on death deeds.

HF3926 - Minnesota Human Rights Act changes made.

HF3987 - Transfer of duties from Department of Human Services to Department of Direct Care and Treatment implemented; general executive board duties, powers, rulemaking authority, and administrative service contracting established; and conforming changes made.

HF4024 - Higher education policy and finance bill.

HF4109 - Human rights law provided, and civil penalties and other remedies provided.

HF4124 - Outdoor heritage legacy finance bill.

HF4176 - Early learning programs modified.

HF4247 - Transfer care specialist registration established, behavior analysts licensure established, veterinary technician and veterinary institutional license established, veterinary supervision provisions modified, specialty dentist licensure and dental assistant licensure modified, physician assistant additional collaboration requirements removed, social worker provisional licensure modified, guest licensure established for marriage and family therapists, pharmacy provisions modified, and money appropriated.

HF4300 - Firearm safe storage standards established and criminal penalties provided for failing to meet those standards, and money appropriated.

HF4310 - Compensation plans ratified.

HF4334 - Veterans; veteran's preference provisions modified, state benefits prohibited when veterans and former service members forfeit federal benefits, veterans home administrators oversight modified, and new state veterans cemetery planning required.

HF4411 - Elections, campaign finance, and secretary of state funding provided and policy modified; voting rights act cost sharing account established; transfers and appropriations modified; and money appropriated.

HF4457 - Civil legal service and volunteer attorney clients allowed to proceed without prepayment of fees, costs, and security for costs.

HF4483 - Miscellaneous technical corrections made to laws and statutes; erroneous, obsolete, and omitted text and references corrected; and redundant, conflicting, and superseded provisions removed.

HF4518 - Education finance forecast adjustments made, and money appropriated.

HF4613 - Tenants permitted to terminate a lease based on elevated radon concentration.

HF4661 - Workers' compensation; policy and technical changes made to coverage and hearings, and Workers' Compensation Court of Appeals related provisions modified.

HF4738 - Office of Emergency Medical Services established to replace Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board, duties specified and transferred, advisory council established, alternative EMS response model pilot program established, conforming changes made, provisions modified relating to ambulance service personnel and emergency medical responders, emergency ambulance service aid provided, report required, and money appropriated.

HF4746 - Transportation network companies regulated, civil cause of action provided, human rights commissioner powers and duties modified, and money appropriated.

HF4753 - General fund surplus dollars required to be allocated to the disaster assistance contingency account.

HF4757 - Cannabis; Office of Cannabis Management and the Department of Health appropriations modified, cannabis provisions modified, Department of Commerce assessed fees modified, consumer protection provisions added and modified, Minnesota Consumer Data Privacy Act established, rulemaking authorized, data classified, technical changes made, reports required, and money appropriated.

HF4772 - Elections policy and finance bill.

HF4803 - Secretary of state required to place questions on 2024 state general election ballot related to approval of state flag and state seal designs adopted by State Emblems Redesign Commission.

HF4837 - Eligible uses of public safety aid by local governments modified.

HF4984 - Joint Committee on Library of Congress of United States Congress requested to approve replacement of statue of Henry Mower Rice now on display in National Statuary Hall in the United States Capitol, and memorial resolution proposed.

HF4993 - Human services forecast adjustments made, and money appropriated.

HF5006 - Regulation of transportation network companies by political subdivisions prohibited.

HF5040 - Pensions supplemental budget bill.

HF5216 - Judiciary, public safety, and corrections supplemental budget bill.

HF5237 - Education supplemental budget bill.

HF5242 - Transportation supplemental budget bill.

HF5246 - Tax-forfeited lands settlement account established, money transferred, reports required, and money appropriated.

HF5247 - Taxation and state government operations; various provisions modified, and money appropriated.

HF5299 - Higher education; funding and related policy changes provided to bonding, licensure, and grant provisions; fees established; and money appropriated.

HF5363 - Minnesota Paid Leave Law; paid leave provisions modified.

SF0010 - Skilled and trained contractor workforce use at petroleum refineries authorization

SF0013 - Juneteenth (June 19) state holiday recognition

SF0033 - Office of the Attorney General funding to provide legal services for enhanced criminal enforcement and related initiatives, and money appropriated

SF0037 - Constitutional amendment providing for equality under the law

SF0040 - Iron ore mining and related industry additional unemployment benefits program establishment

SF0667 - Minnesota Indian Family Preservation Act modifications

SF0716 - Minnesota African American Family Preservation Act

SF1384 - Nurse and Patient Safety Act

SF1816 - Office of Administrative Hearings deficiency funding authorization and appropriation

SF1955 - Omnibus Agriculture, Broadband and Rural Development appropriations

SF2219 - Historical horse racing prohibition

SF2265 - Commissioner of human services public health emergency transition procedures establishment; continuous medical assistance eligibility for children establishment; state-funded cost-sharing reduction program establishment; appropriating money

SF2369 - Omnibus Economic Development policy bill

SF2744 - Omnibus Commerce appropriations

SF2904 - Omnibus Environment policy bill

SF2909 - Omnibus Judiciary and Public Safety appropriations

SF2934 - Omnibus Human Services appropriations

SF2995 - Omnibus Health appropriations

SF3035 - Omnibus Jobs, Economic Development, Labor, and Industry appropriations

SF3204 - Public employees insurance program modification, Minnesota insurance pool committee creation, and appropriation

SF3307 - Miscellaneous oversights, inconsistencies, ambiguities, unintended results, and technical errors corrected

SF3492 - Residential housing tenant and landlord provisions modifications

SF3546 - Licensed traditional midwife authority to obtain, possess, and administer certain drugs, supplies, and devices clarification

SF3567 - Omnibus Education policy bill

SF3852 - Omnibus Labor and Industry policy bill

SF3881 - Designating a portion of marked U.S. Highway 169 between Marble and Mountain Iron as "Senator David J. Tomassoni Memorial Cross Range Expressway"

SF4097 - Omnibus Commerce policy bill

SF4225 - Omnibus Capital Investment appropriations

SF4399 - Omnibus Human Services policy bill

SF4579 - Single-metered utility service in residential buildings regulations and provisions modifications

SF4699 - Omnibus Health and Human Services supplemental appropriations and policy provisions

SF4942 - Omnibus Agriculture, Commerce, Energy, Utilities, Environment and Climate supplemental appropriations

SF5289 - Omnibus Jobs, Economic Development, supplemental appropriations

SF5335 - Omnibus Human Services supplemental appropriations

Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes