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Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes / 2003 - 2004 Regular Session

As recorded by the House Chamber Voting System

* This list includes only actions by the House where there was a recorded roll call floor vote. This list does not include votes taken in committees. Please remember that not all actions on the House floor require a roll call vote.

Please see the Minnesota Constitution Article IV, Section 22 and House Rule 2.03 for more information on roll call votes

This information comes from the House Chamber voting system. In the case of system failure the vote will be taken by voice and will not be available electronically except that it is recorded and available in the House Journal.

HF0001 - Anti-terrorism; driver's license information regulation provided including proof of identity and residency, and federal laws and regulations adopted.

HF0002 - Profile of learning repealed and replaced; and legislative review of proposed academic standards in language arts, mathematics, science, history, and geography required.

HF0042 - Public funds use to promote or defeat a ballot measure prohibited.

HF0051 - Long-term care insurance included in the definition of health insurance.

HF0074 - State government finance bill appropriating money and reducing appropriations for education, health, human services, corrections, economic development, transportation, environmental, and other purposes.

HF0075 - Joint and several liability apportionment regulated.

HF0095 - Archaic prohibition on misrepresenting the size of certain items relating to wagons repealed.

HF0106 - Litigation and settlement proceeds deposited in the general fund.

HF0112 - Title, lien, and mortgage technical, clarifying, and conforming changes provided.

HF0120 - Teacher licensing duplicative filing requirement eliminated; and license verification authorized using the Department of Children, Families, and Learning website.

HF0129 - Candidates affidavits required to include address of residence, affidavits rejected which indicate candidate does not live in the district of election, and city council elections provided after reapportionment for cities of the first class.

HF0151 - Children eligible for adoption assistance exempted from the prepaid medical assistance program.

HF0169 - Memorial fund trusts provided, application provision modified, agreements provided, and procedures clarified.

HF0195 - Voting integrity and voter access account established, funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF0219 - Retired teachers encouraged to serve as short-call substitute teachers.

HF0258 - Arsenic; fertilizers containing arsenic prohibited.

HF0259 - School bus continued operation by licensed child care providers and by holders of Class D drivers' licenses under limited conditions.

HF0266 - Purchasing alliance stop-loss fund modified relating to health plan companies.

HF0267 - Fire insurance standard policy provisions modified relating to terrorism.

HF0268 - State Fair Police Department authorized to employ additional part-time peace officers.

HF0273 - Revisor's bill correcting erroneous, ambiguous, and omitted text and obsolete references.

HF0276 - Washington County; Baytown special well construction area disclosure required before property sales and development, and well testing notice and disclosure required.

HF0279 - Physician assistants authority expanded, and health rule amendments required.

HF0293 - Municipalities authorized to prescribe fees by a fee schedule.

HF0294 - Military reserve; state employees called to active duty from the National Guard or other military reserves authorized to receive payment of a salary differential, and local governments authorized to pay similar salary.

HF0302 - Profile of learning repealed.

HF0306 - Biwabik authorized to reimburse the town of White for orderly annexed property.

HF0307 - Noncommercial sign ordinance exemption provided during state general election years.

HF0314 - Blue lights display on front of emergency vehicles authorized.

HF0317 - County facilities use for commercial wireless service providers authorized, lease of sites for public safety communications equipment permitted, and Rock County recorder appointment permitted.

HF0321 - Northfield medical facilities related to the municipal hospital authorized outside the city limits.

HF0326 - Dental practice provisions modified.

HF0335 - Irrigation system moisture or rainfall sensing equipment required.

HF0348 - Type III vehicle usage for transport of school children age of vehicle provision extended.

HF0351 - Middle school redefined to include minimum of two grades.

HF0352 - Parental consent for certain medical treatments modified, parental access to minor's medical records permitted, and minor consent agreements provided.

HF0361 - Special election procedures for town officials provided.

HF0376 - Health maintenance organization enrollee cost sharing provisions modified.

HF0385 - Fires; criminal penalties imposed for fires caused by grossly negligent persons that result in bodily harm to a person.

HF0394 - Municipal guaranteed energy savings contracts maximum length extended to 15 years.

HF0414 - Soil and water conservation district law updates provided, petition and election requirements modified, and supervisor removal provisions clarified.

HF0419 - Child care licensing provisions modified.

HF0424 - Charter school leave provisions modified.

HF0428 - Cities authorized to exercise town powers within their limits, and to collect unpaid emergency service charges by special assessment.

HF0433 - State and other governmental agency response deadline provisions modified relating to zoning.

HF0437 - Omnibus health and human services finance bill.

HF0441 - Carver County hospital construction moratorium exemption provided.

HF0446 - Minors exempted from minimum age restrictions for work as youth athletic program referees.

HF0456 - Hennepin County; Victory Memorial Drive designated as a historic district.

HF0471 - School district election primaries required.

HF0480 - Job reference information disclosure protections provided, schools required to disclose data relating to acts of violence or inappropriate sexual contact with students, and employee right to inspect personnel records regulated.

HF0494 - Independent School District No. 709, Duluth, at-large school board member reduction authorized.

HF0503 - Ballot preparation provisions clarified.

HF0504 - City and town ballot questions limited to those meeting all deadlines.

HF0532 - Snowmobile use of highway right-of-way provisions modified.

HF0536 - Joint underwriting association coverage and market assistance responsibilities modified.

HF0547 - Farm implement dealers warranty work payment regulated, and definition of heavy and utility equipment modified.

HF0575 - Art expenditures in state-financed buildings limited.

HF0592 - Adult foster care licensing provisions modified.

HF0606 - Minnesota Health Plan Contracting Act adopted modifying prior authorization requirements for health care services, establishing contracting requirements, and modifying provisions for claims payment.

HF0624 - Local government impact notes provided for state agency rule proposals, and legislative approval required for specified rulemaking.

HF0627 - Omnibus transportation finance bill.

HF0628 - Emergency notification actions liability limitation provided.

HF0643 - Motor vehicle registration, dealer transaction, insurance regulatory responsibilities, truck weighing, and driver's license expiration provisions modified.

HF0645 - Technology business licensing provisions modified.

HF0646 - Racino; gaming machines provided, and horse racing purse payments established.

HF0647 - Nicollet County nursing home construction moratorium exception provided, special provisions for moratorium exceptions modified, and appropriation carryforward authorized.

HF0668 - Woman's Right to Know Act requiring informed consent of a female upon whom an abortion is performed, providing civil remedies, and appropriating money.

HF0671 - Telephone company service promotions and packages regulated, and expiration dates removed for telecommunications provider alternative regulation plans and utility vehicle highway weight limitations.

HF0673 - Comprehensive health association authorized to offer policies with higher annual deductibles, writing carrier contract extension permitted, and other provisions clarified.

HF0677 - Licensure requirements modified for architects, engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, geoscientists, and interior designers.

HF0680 - Hearing required for the termination or nonrenewal of a licensed or unlicensed coach or assistant coach.

HF0692 - Scope of practice modified for occupational therapists, licensed professional counselors, alcohol and drug counselors, unlicensed mental health practitioners, and pharmacists; and money appropriated.

HF0700 - Civil action immunity provided for good faith reports to or requests for assistance from law enforcement.

HF0710 - Mandatory retirement obsolete language deleted.

HF0719 - Bar hours expanded to 2:00 a.m.; brewpubs authorized to make off-sales; posting requirement, licensing, and sampling provisions modified; and various local on-sale licenses authorized.

HF0722 - Weight restriction exemptions provided for garbage trucks and recycling vehicles.

HF0723 - Seat belt law exemption modified relating to work vehicles traveling under 25 miles per hour.

HF0730 - Home warranty statute of limitations specified for certain actions based on breach of warranty.

HF0739 - Government data use and release regulation provided, attorney fees modified, and commissioner of administration authorized to issue written opinions regarding compliance.

HF0741 - Motor vehicle dealer advertising regulated.

HF0748 - Omnibus jobs and economic development finance bill.

HF0750 - Omnibus judiciary finance bill providing funding for corrections, public safety, courts, and other agencies; imposing criminal penalties; and appropriating money.

HF0754 - Displaced person definition changed to correspond with federal law.

HF0768 - Military certificates of discharge classified as private data, and release procedures provided.

HF0770 - Aitkin County Long Lake Conservation Center fund made a separate county enterprise fund.

HF0778 - Omnibus family law bill reforming and recodifying marriage dissolution, child custody, child support, and property division provisions; providing enforcement, providing for alternate marriage solemnization, and appropriating money.

HF0779 - Omnibus environment, natural resources, agriculture, and rural development finance bill.

HF0784 - Emergency communications interference prohibited.

HF0810 - State land acquisition provided; Mississippi Whitewater Trail modified; outdoor recreation system modified; Mineral Coordinating Committee established; and Boundary Waters and other state land additions, sales, and exchanges authorized.

HF0831 - Unemployment insurance trust fund solvency provisions increased.

HF0837 - Clearwater River Watershed District authorized to charge facilities for disposing sewage, and other waste.

HF0850 - Sibley County land conveyance provided from the Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area.

HF0859 - Timber sale provisions modified and criminal penalties provided.

HF0860 - Conservation reporting requirements exemption provided for municipal utilities and use of conservation funds for refurbishing municipal district heating and cooling systems authorized.

HF0883 - Metropolitan Airports Commission chair subjected to confirmation by the senate, composition and terms of office modified, and legislative oversight provided.

HF0885 - Canning; food licensing and inspection requirements exemption provided for producers of certain home-processed and home-canned foods, and food licensing and inspection requirements clarified.

HF0894 - Manufactured homes certificates of title provisions modified.

HF0923 - Township officer conflict of interest law exception provided, and town of White reimbursement from city of Biwabik authorized according to orderly annexation agreement.

HF0943 - State finance practices and procedures modified, and state treasurer duties transferred to the commissioner of finance.

HF0944 - Local public notice newspaper designation requirements exception provided.

HF0946 - Insurance Guaranty Association regulation and insurance information usage regulation provided.

HF0956 - Veterans homes fund usage clarified relating to wood shops.

HF0968 - State highway routes modified, repealed, and vacated.

HF0981 - Right-of-way acquisition provided from common interest ownership communities.

HF0984 - Minnesota Cooperative Associations Act adopted authorizing businesses to organize as cooperative associations.

HF0988 - Railroad lands replacement authorized when needed for a trunk highway.

HF0995 - Notice and plan requirements modified for excavating around utility facilities.

HF1006 - Help America Vote Act of 2002 conformity provided, election administration provided, and campaign material disclaimer requirements conformed to constitutional limitations.

HF1011 - Occupational therapists license requirements modified when licenses have lapsed for more than four years.

HF1016 - Medicare supplement insurance regulated, state law conformity with minimum federal standards provided, loss ratio on health coverages regulation provided, and evaluation of mandated health benefit proposals required.

HF1026 - Medical assistance capitated payment option authorized for waivered services, day training and habilitation services, and intermediate care facility services for persons with mental retardation or a related condition.

HF1036 - Inmate meal frequency provided.

HF1044 - Health care professional boards costs and penalties relating to disciplinary proceedings clarified, and civil penalties provided.

HF1059 - Housing Finance Agency clarifying and technical changes to programs provided, debt ceiling increased, and civil service pilot project extended.

HF1064 - State employee insurance billing and employee assistance program technical and housekeeping provisions clarified.

HF1071 - Speeding violations of the 60 miles per hour speed limit not exceeding five miles per hour not recorded on driving record, and engineering and traffic investigations required on trunk highways in order to adjust speed limits.

HF1080 - National Guard tuition reimbursement program extended.

HF1083 - Petroleum product specifications updated.

HF1091 - Iraq; support for our troops in the war against the Iraqi regime expressed by resolution to the President and Congress, the governor requested to call for a day of prayer, and the President urged to use international cooperation for peace.

HF1095 - Construction deadline extended for previously approved nursing home moratorium exception projects, and approval for specified expired or canceled proposals carried forward.

HF1112 - Veterans Affairs Department authorized to access certain state databases to determine eligibility for the state soldiers' assistance program.

HF1119 - Election deadlines, procedures, and requirements modified; and money appropriated.

HF1140 - Nuclear materials regulation agreement under the Atomic Energy Act of requirements modified, and social work license issuance and payment of fees regulated.

HF1145 - Crisis services coordinated with removal of certain students, district removal reporting provided, graduation rates of students with emotional or behavioral disturbance increased, and warning signs of mental illness required.

HF1155 - Goodhue County existing ICF/MR licensing change authorized.

HF1158 - County nursing home payment adjustment increased, intergovernmental transfer payment increased, and money appropriated.

HF1167 - Parental liability owed to a victim for certain acts of juvenile offenders increased and victim rights enhanced.

HF1214 - Transportation Department provisions modified relating to state-aid highway and street status, recordkeeping, and other rulemaking.

HF1234 - Cemetery interment error corrections required.

HF1244 - Lawful gambling clarifying and technical changes provided, definitions provided and modified, resale of certain equipment authorized, linked bingo regulated, and conduct of high school raffles games clarified.

HF1251 - Nursing home qualification requirements and medical assistance payment demonstration project modified, federal sanctions policy change pursued, nursing services law exclusion provided for certain home care agencies, and review required.

HF1257 - Drainage authority authorized to compensate landowners for bridge removal.

HF1268 - Vehicle light display when visibility is impaired provisions clarified.

HF1317 - Governor's Residence Council extended.

HF1374 - Agriculture and Health Department headquarters named the Orville L. Freeman building.

HF1392 - City charters allowed to prohibit members of the governing body of the city from serving on the charter commission, and commission term limits removed.

HF1404 - Omnibus kindergarten through grade 12 education finance bill.

HF1425 - Money judgment stays of execution regulated and bond amounts limited.

HF1426 - Workers' compensation technical changes provided, medical fee schedule conversion factor frozen for one year, and surcharge rate established.

HF1469 - Capital improvement bonds, and other capital and public financing and economic development tools and procedures provided for cities, counties, and other municipalities and local governments.

HF1597 - Omnibus tax bill modifying provisions relating to income, franchise, estate, sales and use, motor vehicle sales, tobacco, health care, and other taxes; imposing levy limits; providing reverse referenda; and appropriating money.

HF1645 - Minnesota Museum Property Act adopted providing museum and archives repositories loans and abandoned property regulation, and providing a process for establishing ownership of loaned property.

HF1681 - Omnibus health and human services finance bill, providing health plan and health care policy, making health and human services forecast adjustments and reductions, and appropriating money.

HF1683 - Traffic signal override device possession restricted and penalties provided.

HF1691 - Local government road construction and improvement contract provisions modified.

HF1710 - Minnesota Humanities Commission employees provided state employee insurance and benefits.

HF1721 - Collection of criminal booking fees expanded, and procedures modified for return of booking fees.

HF1737 - Lake Elmo long-term comprehensive plan authorized.

HF1793 - Omnibus kindergarten through 12th grade education policy bill providing general education, academic excellence, special programs and facilities; and science and social studies academic standards.

HF1794 - Airport federally funded projects minimum required local contribution decreased.

HF1800 - Tribal agreement-related costs report related to the management of game, fish, or other natural resources required.

HF1828 - Minnesota Family Investment Program eligibility income exclusions expanded to include county adoption assistance payments.

HF1835 - Lawful gambling lawful purpose expenditures expanded to include sending certain veterans to National World War II Memorial dedication events.

HF1836 - Mineral tailing deposition into mine pits permitting clarified.

HF1838 - Motor vehicle carriers authorized to operate articulated buses up to 6 feet in length without a permit.

HF1851 - State transportation fund project approval by Regional Development Commission or Metropolitan Council requirement repealed.

HF1861 - Recreational purpose definition modified relating to liability on land used for recreational purposes.

HF1867 - Omnibus environmental and natural resources finance bill.

HF1897 - Ground water consumptive use provided.

HF1898 - Natural preservation routes on county state-aid highways review by advisory committee requirement repealed.

HF1941 - Anoka County Personnel Board of Appeals authorized.

HF1944 - Domestic abuse orders for protection grounds expanded to include imminent or recent release from incarceration.

HF1961 - Child abuse causing death murder in the first degree crime expanded.

HF1978 - Truck driver hours law technical corrections provided to conform to amended federal regulations.

HF1983 - Uniform Commercial Code revisions enacted.

HF2000 - Individual sewage treatment system rule requirements expanded.

HF2002 - Attorney fee award amount determination factor provided.

HF2005 - Phosphorous use in fertilizers restriction extended.

HF2011 - Card club maximum table requirement eliminated.

HF2017 - Joint underwriting association regulated and coverage modified.

HF2027 - Austin nursing home construction moratorium exemption provided.

HF2028 - Omnibus judiciary finance bill providing funding for courts, public safety, and corrections; providing methamphetamine penalties; imposing life penalty and other sentencing for criminal sexual conduct crimes; and appropriating money.

HF2040 - Wastewater treatment technology certification program created, warrantied sewage treatment system provisions modified, and money appropriated.

HF2050 - Foreign medical school graduates required to use a credentials verification service, and physician application fee authorized.

HF2052 - Supportive housing and managed care pilot project sunset date extended.

HF2069 - Mille Lacs Lake; 1837 Ceded Territory Fisheries Committee meetings required to be open to the public.

HF2071 - Employment agency provisions re-enacted.

HF2078 - Railroad grade crossing requirements and crimes involving public transit clarified, and penalties provided.

HF2085 - Rural hospital grants and loans status specified, hospital moratorium exceptions review provided, and money appropriated.

HF2087 - Data collection and dissemination provided, data classification proposed and modified, data release and sharing provided, and mental health records released to law enforcement in emergency situations.

HF2095 - Mortgage foreclosure consultant contracts regulated, other foreclosure provisions regulated, enforcement remedies and notices required, and criminal penalties imposed.

HF2101 - Local government impact notes provided, legislative approval required for specific rulemaking, and money appropriated.

HF2103 - Municipalities authorized to require the dedication of land for public purposes and dedication terms and conditions provided.

HF2105 - Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation commissioner's office established.

HF2139 - Real estate title insurance required premium reserves provided.

HF2151 - Telecommunications provisions modified, credits provided for incorrect directory assistance, utility deposits and cable franchises and systems regulated, and wireless consumer protection provided.

HF2166 - Military family position under child care assistance fund reserved, employers prohibited from inquiring about military status, school employees salary differential required, and veterans benefit provisions modified.

HF2175 - Health, dental, and counseling occupation requirements modified; essential community provider designation provided; immunization procedures modified; Emergency Health Powers Act extended; and money appropriated.

HF2187 - Debt collection agency employees required to be registered instead of licensed.

HF2207 - Pharmaceutical manufacturer rebate program participation authorized.

HF2212 - Natural resources; wild rice, motorboat, ski pass provisions, and minnow transport requirements modified; RIM work plan requirement eliminated; and money appropriated.

HF2213 - Conservation officer patrol vehicles exempted from security barrier requirement, and limited natural resources law enforcement employees designated by commissioner.

HF2217 - Vehicles required to wait at railroad crossings until roadway is clear.

HF2227 - Manufactured home parks water and sewage charges regulated.

HF2235 - Unemployment insurance definitions and penalty provisions modified; and technical, housekeeping, and policy changes provided.

HF2246 - Nursing facility survey process modified, quality improvement program established, reports required, and search by commissioner of health for federal waivers and approvals required.

HF2247 - Metropolitan area second transportation beltway evaluation required; transportation policy provisions modified; toll facilities regulated; and vehicle registration, title, dealer, and driver's license provisions modified.

HF2255 - Claims against the state settlement provided, and money appropriated.

HF2258 - Health organization risk-based capital requirements established, minimum standard of valuation for health insurance provided, model regulations enacted, and loss revenue certifications regulated.

HF2270 - Newspaper public notice publication provisions modified and report required.

HF2277 - Human services licensing provisions modified; child protection dispositions regulated; mental health case management provision clarified; and child care, long-term care, and health care regulation provided.

HF2288 - Conciliation court debtor disclosures modified.

HF2296 - Peace officers authorized to operate any vehicle or combination of vehicles while on duty.

HF2304 - Provisional driver's license operation restrictions provided.

HF2334 - State lands sale, disposition, and management provisions modified; state forests, parks, and wildlife management areas modified; land sales authorized; previous sales modified; Greenleaf Lake State Park established; and money appropriated.

HF2363 - Invasive and nonnative species control provisions modified, and penalties provided.

HF2368 - Game, fish, turtle, migratory bird, and trapping license, refuge, and restrictions provisions modified; mourning dove hunting season authorized; deer hunting provisions and fees modified; and transport of carcasses restriction modified.

HF2378 - Local municipal special assessment service charges expanded, conforming change provided, Hoyt Lakes zoning and subdivision regulations extended with the consent of the town of White, and money appropriated.

HF2383 - Forest resources Interagency Information Cooperative provisions and State Timber Act modified, and timber sales on tax-forfeited land provisions modified.

HF2386 - Economic Security Department and Employment and Economic Development Department merged.

HF2391 - Controlled substance dispensing authority modified, and legend drug prescribing program proposal required.

HF2419 - Purchase money mortgages and specified mortgage foreclosures provided.

HF2425 - Medical assistance coverage clarified for skilled nursing facilities, and collaborative service models provided.

HF2436 - Public health emergencies policy provided.

HF2444 - Civil action limitation periods regulated, and Uniform Conflict of Laws-Limitations Act established.

HF2446 - State fund and account elimination and consolidation principles, criteria, and procedures authorized.

HF2453 - Funeral provider attorney fee recovery in actions to recover costs of services authorized.

HF2455 - Five-level correctional facility classification system authorized.

HF2521 - Lawful gambling provisions modified.

HF2540 - Omnibus tax bill.

HF2551 - Safe deposit companies regulated, collateral requirements applicable to depositories of local public funds regulated, and law enforcement agencies authorized to retain dishonored check service charges.

HF2554 - Health and accident insurance dependent coverage regulated.

HF2558 - No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 state affirmation provided and social studies and science rigorous core academic standards rulemaking and implementation authorized.

HF2561 - Student transportation requirements modified, including provisions relating to training.

HF2577 - Revisor's bill correcting erroneous, ambiguous, and omitted text and obsolete references; eliminating redundancies; and making technical corrections.

HF2586 - Immunity from liability provided for school district and district employee notification of students with a history of violent behavior.

HF2609 - Affirmative action provisions modified.

HF2629 - Planning office transfer to Department of Administration codified, forward pricing for energy purchases authorized, Small Business Procurement Advisory Council reinstated, and money appropriated.

HF2630 - Postconviction relief limited.

HF2633 - Ethanol plant environmental review exemptions provided.

HF2637 - Child care, family investment program, long-term care, and health care changes provided.

HF2640 - Insurance fraud law enforcement agency created, funding prescribed, data disclosure provided, auto theft prevention program transferred, Board of Barber and Cosmetologist Examiners established, and money appropriated.

HF2642 - Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Initiative established, parent education programs provided, notices and reports required, and money appropriated.

HF2651 - Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision amended and interstate compact repeal delayed.

HF2671 - Motor carrier provisions modified.

HF2678 - Off-highway vehicle operation provisions, decal requirements for off-highway motorcycles, all-terrain vehicle provisions, and forest classification review procedures modified; and fees provided.

HF2684 - Omnibus state government finance bill providing funding for the general legislative and administrative expenses of state government, establishing the Fair Campaign Reform Act, and appropriating money.

HF2691 - Disability Council authorized to meet by telephone or electronic means.

HF2724 - Child care assistance, adoption and child placement, child welfare, economic supports, mental health, and continuing care for the elderly provisions modified.

HF2737 - Municipal airport closure notice to transportation commissioner and public notice of hearing before final closure of airport required.

HF2755 - Omnibus agriculture and rural development finance bill.

HF2762 - Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association regulated, board composition provided, incentive authorized for participation in a disease management program, plans modified, health occupations regulated, and study required.

HF2763 - Civil liability clarified for receiving motor fuel without paying as not barring criminal liability.

HF2798 - Marriage defined as a union between one man and one woman, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF2799 - Dislocated worker program provisions modified.

HF2832 - Internet access software filtering or blocking technology required in schools and libraries, and financial penalties imposed.

HF2864 - Kosher food labeling basis clarified.

HF2867 - Prekindergarten through grade 12 education, general education, early childhood and family education, and health and human services funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF2878 - Dr. Norman E. Borlaug World Food Prize Day designated.

HF2906 - Payroll processing efficiency increased for local governments, and use of electronic time recording systems authorized.

HF2930 - Flags in the Capitol area required to be flown at half-staff following the death of a public safety officer or Minnesota military personnel killed in the line of duty.

HF2986 - Iron nugget production scale demonstration facility environmental review exemption provided.

HF2991 - Omnibus bonding bill authorizing spending for capital improvements, making adjustments to previous bonding, issuing bonds, and appropriating money.

HF3005 - County seat; polling hours increased for voting on changing the location of a county seat.

HF3061 - State Board of Investment data relating to certain venture capital investments classified.

HF3067 - Domestic fatality review team pilot project in the fourth judicial district extension authorized.

HF3081 - Local public finance authority provisions modified relating to purchase of computers, conservation easements, special service districts, and street reconstruction.

HF3090 - Omnibus jobs and economic development finance bill.

HF3141 - Omnibus transportation finance bill.

HR0001 - A house resolution setting the requirements for adjustments to general fund expenditures for the biennium ending June 30, 2003.

HR0011 - A house resolution relating to Representative Arlon Lindner.

SF0003 - Minimum wage increase

SF0028 - Uniform commercial code revisions

SF0030 - State agencies administrative rules adoption notice requirements

SF0039 - Hennepin county community clinic as essential community provider

SF0040 - Graffiti civil damages recovery

SF0058 - DWI blood alcohol concentration level reduction and records retention requirements

SF0061 - State agencies administrative rules adoption procedures statement of need and reasonableness content requirement clarification and expansion

SF0094 - St. Cloud state land conveyance description correction

SF0112 - Uniform Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Act

SF0174 - St. Louis county officers or employees political activity restriction modification

SF0187 - Woman's Right to Know Act, abortion informed consent requirements

SF0230 - Landlord housing violations summonses and complaints service and hearings scheduling time limit modifications

SF0231 - Independent school district #625, St. Paul and city of St. Paul civil service functions separation retroactive effective date

SF0256 - Search warrants issuance and service procedures modification

SF0287 - Schools pledge of allegiance recitation requirement

SF0293 - Public employment labor agreements, compensation plan amendments and salary increase proposals ratification

SF0296 - Children, families and learning department name change

SF0308 - Closed iron mines maintenance plan requirements

SF0328 - Psychologists and psychological practitioners provisions modification

SF0333 - Speech language pathologists and audiologists licensure requirements; health advisory councils expiration date extension; nurses temporary permit issuance conditions modification, medications administration and title use

SF0350 - FAIR property insurance plan provisions modification and clarification; health insurance plans disabled children coverage termination notice content requirements

SF0351 - Police communication equipment use without permit

SF0356 - Child de facto custodian provisions modifications

SF0374 - St. Paul civic center (RiverCentre) authority powers and duties technical modifications

SF0388 - DWI motor vehicle forfeiture standards and procedures modification and clarification

SF0407 - Town officers optional election provisions modifications

SF0418 - Optometrists legend drugs prescription authority expansion

SF0420 - Membership travel contracts regulation provisions modifications

SF0421 - Minneapolis unclassified service positions establishment

SF0422 - Scott and Wright counties real estate title examiners alternative compensation method authority

SF0433 - Nursing and adult day care facilities, home care providers and housing with services establishments employees dementia care training

SF0479 - County nursing home audits by certified public accountants

SF0484 - Counties park and recreation land dedication

SF0512 - Rockford metropolitan council jurisdiction removal

SF0515 - Financial crimes investigation modifications

SF0552 - Payment of claims against the state

SF0575 - Sexual abuse against minors civil actions statute of limitations modification

SF0578 - Civil commitment examiner definition correction and health officer definition expansion

SF0645 - Tenant eviction actions assignment to city attorneys and security deposits interest rate reduction

SF0653 - Multiline telephone systems emergency telephone (911) system enhancement requirements; drivers license invalidation requirement modification

SF0675 - Omnibus higher education appropriations and policy changes

SF0676 - Retirement provisions modifications

SF0693 - Metropolitan council energy forward pricing mechanisms

SF0726 - State building code cumulative fees collection reporting requirement modifications

SF0727 - Adoption agencies nonidentifying social and medical data release requirement

SF0768 - Capitol area architectural and planning board enabling language technical modifications

SF0770 - Hennepin county medical center contracting and purchasing requirements modification

SF0790 - Department of Human Services Background Studies Act

SF0794 - Nuclear facility radioactive waste management and additional dry cask storage; hydrogen energy economy goal and development programs; renewable energy development and energy conservation provisions; energy enterprise and innovation zones

SF0806 - Retirement plans actuarial services joint contract

SF0842 - Natural resources department provisions modifications; Minnesota Citizens Personal Protection Act of 2003; criminal offenders firearms possession prohibition extension

SF0857 - Lake improvement districts establishment or termination petition requirement modification

SF0872 - Civil actions involving fault damages apportionment modification

SF0891 - Housing and redevelopment authorities corporations formation for housing projects construction

SF0905 - Omnibus environment, natural resources, agriculture, economic development and housing appropriations

SF0906 - Sex offenders treatment copays; civilly committed as sexual psychopathic personalities or sexually dangerous persons pornography receipt or possession prohibition

SF0907 - Corrections department forensic pathologists death certificates issuance

SF0926 - Property managers background checks computerized system search response requirement modification

SF0941 - Hazardous materials incident response provisions modifications

SF0942 - Criminal proceedings blood specimens evidence admissibility

SF0964 - Rape examination costs payment; earlier victim input in plea agreement process; child abuse victims videotaped interviews disclosure conditions; predatory offenders registration law terms definitions

SF0980 - Crime of identity theft reporting procedures, venue and aggregation; crime of mail theft

SF0990 - Agriculture provisions modifications

SF1001 - Solid waste management plans updating and content requirements modifications

SF1015 - Veterans income tax return information disclosure

SF1019 - Minnesota Adverse Health Care Events Reporting Act of 2003

SF1064 - Child labor law minimum age requirements youth soccer athletic program event assistant referees exception

SF1069 - Financial institutions regulation provisions modifications

SF1071 - Human remains alkaline hydrolysis disposal method licensing and regulation

SF1080 - National guard members tuition and textbook reimbursement increase; veterans homes provisions update and correction and wood shops profits use

SF1095 - State soldiers assistance fund use restriction clarification

SF1098 - Occupational safety and health provisions modifications

SF1099 - Entertainment agencies regulation repeal

SF1115 - Telecommunications carriers third party billing regulation and telephone companies alternative regulation forms provisions modifications

SF1158 - DWI breath testing instruments regulation provisions modifications

SF1176 - State employees civil actions against the state authority clarification

SF1180 - Administration department provisions modifications

SF1192 - Drivers license and identification card applicants information transmission for selective service system registration purposes

SF1260 - Telephone assistance plan provisions modifications

SF1278 - Predatory sex offenders registration law reporting requirements clarification

SF1282 - Hmong veterans statue of honor in capitol area

SF1373 - Election polls information disclosure requirement

SF1505 - Omnibus tax policy bill

SF1511 - Omnibus higher education appropriations and policy changes

SF1524 - Omnibus state departments, criminal justice, public safety and economic development appropriations

SF1530 - Regulated animals possession and ownership restrictions

SF1546 - Revisor's bill

SF1604 - Nursing facilities medical assistance property related payment rate adjustment requests response and planned closures negotiation budget neutral requirement; new reimbursement system recommendation

SF1613 - Roseville elections alternative voting forms

SF1614 - Service animal injuries criminal penalty and restitution requirement

SF1621 - Mortgage satisfaction certificates and assignments or releases

SF1626 - Storm and sanitary sewer financing provisions modifications

SF1639 - Motor vehicle dealers certificate of title provisions modifications; unattended motor vehicles impoundment

SF1653 - Real property survey and monument requirements modifications

SF1671 - Assisted living facilities under housing with services establishments law

SF1697 - Cities and towns audit requirement threshold amount increase

SF1716 - Itasca and Hennepin counties hospital construction moratorium exceptions

SF1745 - Trust and guardianship provisions modifications; wills revocation by marriage dissolution effective date

SF1748 - Emergency medical services regulatory provisions modifications

SF1753 - Schools wind energy conversion systems; public utilities low income customer affordability program; cooperative associations and municipalities energy conservation improvement plan overview requirements modification

SF1758 - Paternity establishment presumptions modification

SF1787 - Local government unit employees payroll direct deposit

SF1790 - Local government units contracting flexibility; Ramsey county petty misdemeanor diversion program funding

SF1799 - Watershed and soil and water conservation districts officers contracting conflict of interest prohibition exception

SF1803 - Uniform Limited Partnership Act 2001; business and nonprofit corporations organization, structure and governance regulation modifications

SF1814 - Metropolitan council electronic funds transfer authority

SF1815 - Metropolitan council postretirement reserves investment

SF1836 - Secretary of state filing requirements modification and simplification

SF1859 - State agency heads cooperative purchase of goods

SF1866 - State labor agreements and compensation plans ratification

SF1903 - Counties hazardous buildings and property removal authority

SF1907 - Election campaign practices alleged violations investigation responsibility transfer

SF1922 - Homeowners insurers discriminatory practices regulation

SF1946 - Extended employment pilot project; vocational rehabilitation programs additional funding

SF1958 - Towns electronic or wire transfer payments and credit card or electronic payments acceptance authority

SF1973 - Public safety radio communication system provisions modifications

SF2009 - Tourism functions transfer

SF2063 - Local government units financial institution deposits collateralization requirements clarification

SF2065 - Local government unit tort liability immunity for limited partnerships

SF2080 - Outpatient surgical centers and diagnostic imaging facilities licensure and regulation

SF2112 - Medical assistance eligibility asset transfers prohibition exceptions

SF2114 - Public bodies closed meetings for property purchase or sale negotiation

SF2141 - National and community service commission membership modification and youth works program provisions modification and repeal; regional library system appropriation modifications

SF2177 - Metropolitan livable communities affordable and life cycle housing opportunities amounts determination method modification

SF2181 - State lottery provisions modifications

SF2182 - Natural gas utilities performance regulation plans provisions modifications

SF2222 - Resolution for boundary waters canoe area wilderness reservation fee increase

SF2231 - Police officers legal costs recovery entitlement clarification

SF2241 - State agencies infrastructure and electronic government services projects appropriation

SF2263 - Transportation and highway provisions modifications

SF2265 - Industrial loan and thrift companies deposit acceptance authority restriction

SF2274 - City or town interim planning ordinance limits and nonconforming uses continuation conditions modification

SF2299 - Petroleum storage tank violations enforcement procedures expansion

SF2300 - House districts 41A and 41B boundary adjustment

SF2342 - State agencies proposed rules statements of need and reasonableness preparation consultation requirement; county recorders security deposits acceptance option

SF2365 - Adverse health care events reporting requirements modifications

SF2379 - Real estate brokers and salespersons provisions recodification and modification

SF2386 - Federally subsidized transit facilities construction competitive bidding requirement exception

SF2387 - Peace officers and correctional employees assault crimes expansion

SF2413 - Employees overtime pay regulation modification

SF2422 - PCB waste management

SF2428 - Agriculture provisions modifications

SF2429 - Employee termination advance notice requirement

SF2437 - Farm product liens and financing statements regulations modifications

SF2453 - Petroleum inspection requirements and fee increase; oxygenated gasoline requirements modification

SF2455 - Propane education and research council expiration date repeal

SF2472 - Natural resources department responsibilities modification

SF2498 - Domestic abuse ex parte protection or temporary restraining orders effectiveness

SF2593 - Residential property flags or noncommercial signs display restrictions prohibition

SF2609 - Community transition interagency committees for youth with disabilities mental health representation requirement

SF2620 - Property and casualty insurers notice requirements and combination policy risks modification and clarification

SF2626 - Hastings veterans home property leasing authority

SF2640 - Inmates nonconsensual medical information release or blood sample collection expedited process

SF2696 - Liquor license and sales provisions modifications

SF2703 - State employment process modifications

SF2851 - Drivers instruction permits or provisional drivers licenses issuance prohibition

SF2869 - Radioactive and nuclear material fees modifications and nuclear regulatory commission agreement approval; Itasca and Hennepin counties hospital construction moratorium exceptions effective date

SF2903 - Towns annual audits subjection expansion

Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes