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Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes / 2015 - 2016 Regular Session

As recorded by the House Chamber Voting System

* This list includes only actions by the House where there was a recorded roll call floor vote. This list does not include votes taken in committees. Please remember that not all actions on the House floor require a roll call vote.

Please see the Minnesota Constitution Article IV, Section 22 and House Rule 2.03 for more information on roll call votes

This information comes from the House Chamber voting system. In the case of system failure the vote will be taken by voice and will not be available electronically except that it is recorded and available in the House Journal.

HF0002 - Teacher licensure and employment conditions clarified; alternative teacher licensure amended; teacher licensure reciprocity provided; license via portfolio, exemption, and unrequested leaves of absence and teaching assignment decisions clarified; school administrators prohibited from placing students with ineffective teachers; and teacher skills examination requirements clarified.

HF0004 - Omnibus transportation policy and finance bill.

HF0006 - Federal income tax conformity provided, and computation of state aid payments to the Destination Medical Center in Rochester clarified.

HF0008 - Child protection provisions updated.

HF0012 - Blue Alert system created to aid in the apprehension of those who kill or injure law enforcement officers.

HF0043 - Expressly advocating definition modified relating to elections and campaign finance, and electioneering communication disclosure provided.

HF0071 - Criminal vehicular homicide enhanced penalty created for offenses occurring within ten years of qualified offense.

HF0134 - Veteran trust technical changes made, and obsolete provisions removed.

HF0177 - Self-service storage insurance regulated.

HF0239 - Conservators provided an exception to post bond for the assets of a protected person.

HF0262 - Plat approval by government modified, new certificate by examiner's directive authorized after cancellation of contract for deed, new certificate of possessory interest by directive authorized after cancellation of contract for deed, and apportionment of estate taxes provided.

HF0283 - Camp Ripley nearby lands designated as sentinel landscape, coordinating committee created, and report required.

HF0294 - Health plan contracts and stop loss coverage regulated.

HF0303 - Omnibus legacy bill.

HF0307 - Proof of insurance in electronic format provided.

HF0333 - Legislative approval of a state plan to comply with federal regulations regarding emissions from existing power plants required.

HF0372 - Firearm notice of possession at the Capitol complex requirement amended.

HF0385 - Business conversion provisions modified.

HF0417 - Houston County Economic Development Authority member three-year terms authorized.

HF0423 - Ambulance service staff requirement variance eliminated, alternative ambulance staffing allowed, and licensed ambulance service allowed in limited areas to accept full mutual aid support on a part-time basis.

HF0450 - Military Spouses and Families Day established.

HF0501 - Military and overseas voting provisions modified.

HF0510 - Hennepin County; filing of approved law modifying duties and procedures provided.

HF0546 - Government entity permitted to release military release forms to another government entity for purpose of locating records.

HF0564 - Intermediate care facility reimbursement rates modified for persons with developmental disabilities and home and community based service providers.

HF0622 - Public land, buildings, and other capital improvement spending authorized; previous appropriations modified; new programs established and existing programs modified; bonds issued; and money appropriated.

HF0718 - General education revenue technical corrections provided, and obsolete language eliminated.

HF0722 - Public official authority to disarm individuals at any time clarified and delimited.

HF0748 - Omnibus capital investment bill.

HF0794 - Land surveying statutory sections streamlined and simplified, and technical and conforming changes made.

HF0830 - Federal Gun Control Act; firearm sale and purchase permitted in any state where lawful under the act.

HF0841 - Resident status granted for purposes of higher education grants and scholarships to active members of the military who reside in Minnesota, and report required.

HF0843 - Omnibus employment, economic development, and energy bill.

HF0844 - Omnibus K-12 education policy and finance bill.

HF0846 - Omnibus agriculture, environment, and natural resources finance and policy bill.

HF0848 - Omnibus tax bill.

HF0916 - Crow Wing County; process for making county offices appointive provided.

HF1001 - Resident definition modified to exclude days spent in Minnesota for medical treatment.

HF1003 - Local governments permitted to donate surplus equipment to nonprofit organizations, and exception to tort liability created.

HF1027 - Minimum wage for employees receiving gratuities modified.

HF1036 - Physician assistant, midwife, and nurse provisions modified; and license suspension and contested case hearing provisions modified.

HF1066 - Competitive market regulation provided for local exchange carriers, informal review and resolution of disputes provided, call routing practices prohibited, and registration of wholesale transport providers provided.

HF1089 - Firework manufacture, sale, and use regulated.

HF1127 - Savings promotion raffles provided.

HF1193 - School age child care programs excluded from human services licensure.

HF1257 - Responsible contractor law provisions changed.

HF1291 - County attorney considered as attorney for any town in which a violation occurs for purposes of court fines, penalties, and forfeitures.

HF1322 - Herbicide purchase exemption created.

HF1333 - Spousal maintenance based on the cohabitation of the obligee modification allowed.

HF1357 - Dissolution certificates required, and requirements added to the certificate of dissolution form.

HF1358 - Uniform Municipal Contracting Law; energy conservation measure definition added.

HF1372 - Animal care trusts provided, probate provisions modified, Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act enacted and related statute references updated, receivership and assignment provisions clarified, short form of assignment provided for recording with a deed to transfer real property, fees clarified, and other business organization clarifying changes made.

HF1427 - District 1 Hospital Board meeting requirement changed.

HF1434 - Firearm suppressor possession and use prohibition repealed, chief law enforcement officers required to complete federal certifications relating to suppressors in a timely manner, and appeal process for denial of certification provided.

HF1437 - Omnibus jobs, economic development, and energy finance bill.

HF1451 - Livestock industry study required.

HF1519 - Gambling manager provisions modified, raffles provided, prize limits increased, and local regulation prescribed.

HF1535 - Omnibus health and human services policy bill.

HF1554 - Omnibus agriculture policy bill.

HF1556 - Hire a Veteran Month changed from May to July.

HF1585 - American steel product use or supply required on public work projects.

HF1586 - Bad faith assertions of patent infringements prohibited, and enforcement provided.

HF1674 - Sanitary district creation, annexation, detachment, and dissolution procedures modified; and filing and hearing requirements modified.

HF1725 - Electronic filing for hearings in contested cases at the Office of Administrative Hearings permitted, and electronic transfer of rulemaking documents permitted.

HF1732 - Federal REAL ID Act planning and implementation activities governed; planning, analysis, and enforcement extension activities directed; report required; and requirements on state fund use established.

HF1770 - Conciliation court provided jurisdiction to determine claims by a county against a nonresident.

HF1781 - Clean water fund; soil and water governing provisions modified, comprehensive watershed management planning program provided, Clean Water Council membership modified, and money appropriated.

HF1792 - Nursing home or certified boarding care home governing receivership provisions changed, and medical cannabis provisions changed.

HF1947 - Used wireless communication device cash payments permitted, and effect of nonredemption modified.

HF2014 - Driveway permit denial or revocation appeal process provided.

HF2018 - Railroad and pipeline taxation and safety governed, railroad property tax amended, railroad and pipeline company assessment sunset eliminated, railroad crossing improvement funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF2193 - Workers' compensation advisory council recommendations regarding inpatient hospital payments adopted, electronic transactions regulated, injury reporting requirements modified, rulemaking authorized, and report required.

HF2225 - Avian influenza emergency response activity funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF2294 - Marriage license five-day waiting period eliminated.

HF2296 - Avian influenza; disaster recovery loan program for farmers modified, avian influenza response activity funding provided, transfers and payments authorized, and money appropriated.

HF2445 - Osteopathic physician licensure requirement modified, and technical changes made to the composition of the Board of Medical Practice.

HF2478 - Workers' Compensation Advisory Council recommendations adopted.

HF2514 - Host community economic development grants modified.

HF2528 - David Dill memorial trail established, and money appropriated.

HF2540 - Fantasy sports authorized.

HF2552 - Mandatory hearing requirement for subsequent orders and extensions eliminated.

HF2553 - Respondent filing fee requirements for an order for protection eliminated.

HF2554 - Military member clarified, and veterans added to offense of impersonation.

HF2585 - Public hearing required after ten-day notice before imposing an interim ordinance relating to housing.

HF2602 - Private and nonpublic data use restricted to only purposes authorized by law, and motor vehicle registration data uses modified.

HF2607 - Nursing facility requirements modified.

HF2613 - Hospitals designated as ST segment elevation myocardial infarction receiving centers, ST segment elevation myocardial infarction transport protocols required, and technical changes made to the Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board audit and education provisions.

HF2625 - Richfield; response time residency requirement for firefighters extended.

HF2718 - Elk River; public utilities commission membership increase permitted.

HF2749 - Omnibus supplemental budget bill.

HF2777 - Blood samples; ex parte hearings authorized to determine when an emergency medical service person has a significant exposure to a source individual's bodily fluids, and peace officers authorized to take a noncompliant individual into temporary custody to collect a blood sample.

HF2803 - Clinical drug trial participation prohibited by persons subject to emergency admission or apprehend and hold orders, and notice requirement for early termination of an emergency admission specified.

HF2841 - Electronic waste management provisions modified, and metropolitan landfill contingency action trust account management provided.

HF2844 - Omnibus game and fish bill.

HF2870 - Counties authorized to continue participation in the community corrections subsidy program.

HF2927 - Service signs at two intersections or interchanges permitted.

HF2954 - Motor vehicle distribution unfair practices regulated.

HF2955 - Disability discrimination claim requirements established related to architectural barriers, and notices required in building inspection reports.

HF2956 - Dakota County Community Development Agency membership amended, Washington County Housing and Redevelopment Agency laws amended, Washington County Community Development Agency created, and obsolete language deleted.

HF2994 - Retention limits modified.

HF3014 - Autocycle regulations established.

HF3101 - Obsolete language related to the repealed veterans affairs commissioner guardianship program removed.

HF3102 - Gambling manager provisions modified, raffles provided, prize limits increased, and local regulation prescribed.

HF3135 - Hunter satisfaction survey requirements modified.

HF3142 - Health carrier required to update website; provisions amended relating to all-payer claims data, statewide trauma system, home care, assisted living, body art, hearing instrument dispensers, and food, beverage, and lodging establishments; Zika virus response activities directed; medical faculty license requirements adopted; medical cannabis program provisions changed; work group established; an appropriation canceled; and money appropriated.

HF3160 - Night vision possession restrictions modified.

HF3167 - Congressional Medal of Honor focus in character development education encouraged.

HF3175 - Driving instructor license applicant criminal history background checks required.

HF3208 - Blaze orange hunting requirements modified to allow blaze pink.

HF3209 - Lead shot hunting restrictions prohibited.

HF3211 - Advance deposit wagering authorized, horse racing revenue provided, and money appropriated.

HF3213 - Congo; agency procurement of supplies or services from persons that fail to disclose information relating to conflict minerals originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or its neighboring countries prohibited, and notices required.

HF3246 - No-fault auto benefits regulated, and deduction of basic economic loss benefits previously provided required.

HF3252 - Qualified active duty military members and veterans and spouses granted waiver for licensing experience requirement for broker's examination.

HF3255 - Labor agreements ratified, and compensation plan approved.

HF3281 - Raffle boards provided.

HF3308 - Family law case alternative dispute resolution information required to be provided by the court.

HF3328 - Imprisonment and Exoneration Remedies Act award payments provided; legislative consideration clarified; claims against Corrections Department payment provided; funding provided; claims for loss, damage, or destruction of property of patients or inmates provided; claim limit of $7,000 established for settlement; claims filing fee increased; and money appropriated.

HF3333 - Controlled substance schedules modified.

HF3353 - Voluntary solar site management practices established.

HF3370 - Registered predatory offender written statement for change of information required, and access to registration data by child protection workers for determination of child residence with predatory offender authorized.

HF3384 - Life insurance reserve provisions modified.

HF3423 - Statewide criminal and juvenile justice information policy and funding issues advisory group provided.

HF3467 - Omnibus health and human services, state government finance, and public safety policy and finance bill.

HF3469 - Interference with a body or scene of death crime modified and sentence increased.

HF3482 - Identity theft crimes statute of limitations extended.

HF3489 - Health insurers and fraternals minimum solvency requirements modified to conform to the accreditation standards of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

HF3548 - Special transportation service provider regulations and penalties amended, and nonemergency medical transportation provider requirements related to background studies set.

HF3584 - Labor agreements and compensation plan ratified.

HF3585 - Labor agreements and compensation plans ratified, affirmative approval required before interim implementation of state employee collective bargaining agreements, exclusive representatives prohibited from requiring political contributions, and open meetings required.

HF3588 - Motor vehicle weight limits governed, weight limit increased for vehicles powered by natural gas increased, and technical changes made.

HF3590 - Earned compliance credit program for persons under correctional supervision establishment study required, and report required.

HF3699 - St. Cloud, St. Paul, Janesville, and Minneapolis; various intoxicating liquor licenses allowed.

HF3829 - Outdoor heritage funding provided, Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council provisions modified, legacy fund provisions modified, prior appropriations modified, and money appropriated.

HF3925 - Iron Range resources and rehabilitation commissioner duties modified, Legislative-Citizen Commission created, legislative oversight provided, appropriations and distribution modified, conforming changes made, study required, and money appropriated.

HF3931 - Omnibus agriculture, environment and natural resources, employment and economic development, and energy policy and finance bill.

HF3944 - Radon testing and mitigation data specified, rulemaking required on indoor radon licensure and work standards, exemptions to radon testing provided, fees changed for radon license applications, and local governments allowed to require inspections or permits.

HF3980 - Revisor's bill correcting miscellaneous oversights, inconsistencies, ambiguities, unintended results, and technical errors.

SF0001 - Disaster assistance deficiency funding appropriations

SF0005 - Omnibus higher education bill

SF0086 - Automated license plate reader data classification, use of log and destruction of data requirements

SF0100 - Right to Try Act

SF0107 - Patient designated caregiver opportunity and patient aftercare needs requirements

SF0174 - State agency heads salaries legislative approval requirement and increase freeze; deficiency funding for departments of human services (DHS), natural resources (DNR), and health and the zoological board

SF0205 - Campaign finance and public disclosure board policy provisions modifications

SF0209 - Manufactured home space requirements modification

SF0229 - Lawful gambling modifications; casino style games prohibition; play at the pump, ATM, and internet lottery ticket sales prohibition and suspension

SF0253 - Interstate medical licensure compact

SF0280 - Labor agreements and compensation plans ratification

SF0417 - Professional licensed engineers licensing requirements clarification

SF0455 - Omnibus elections bill

SF0462 - Prenatal Trisomy Diagnosis Awareness Act

SF0495 - Stroke transport protocols development requirement

SF0498 - Portable recording system (body camera) data classification, destruction and regulation; legislative auditor review requirement

SF0578 - Minnesota Trust Code; Minnesota Prudent Investor Act; Uniform Principal and Income Act

SF0588 - Omnibus retirement bill

SF0634 - Lawful gambling games, licensing, reporting and other regulatory provisions modifications; lawful gambling clarifying, technical, and conforming provisions modifications

SF0698 - Legislative-citizen commission on Minnesota resources (LCCMR) provisions modifications; environment and natural resources trust fund appropriations

SF0857 - Silver alert system for missing senior citizens working group establishment

SF0877 - Public utilities commission (PUC) railroads and utilities assessment imposition authority; railroad right-of-way crossing permission requirement and procedure establishment and appropriation

SF0878 - Omnibus public safety finance and policy bill

SF0888 - Omnibus state government finance bill

SF0997 - Disability income coverage regulation; long-term care insurance partnership policy minimum permitted inflation protection reduction; long-term care policy rate recommendations by commissioner of commerce authorization

SF1006 - Unemployment insurance; providing for extended benefits

SF1025 - Strategic litigation against public participation(SLAPP) government protections modification

SF1075 - Hunting and fishing licenses online applications for anatomical gifts donation

SF1111 - School bus flagger motor vehicle driver stop requirement; bus passenger seat belt violations application to bus driver prohibition

SF1120 - Crime of fourth-degree assault protections expansion for secure treatment facility employees working directly with mentally ill and dangerous patients

SF1147 - Mortgage foreclosure advertisement publication requirements

SF1191 - Omnibus family law bill; Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act

SF1215 - Flame-retardant chemicals in children's products and upholstered residential furniture prohibition

SF1218 - Revisor's bill

SF1238 - Omnibus liquor bill

SF1265 - Individuals to contract with insurance producers to advocate for the individual with respect to health coverage with an insurance company

SF1350 - Mendota Heights Officer Scott Patrick Memorial highway designation

SF1371 - Labor and industry construction codes and licensing housekeeping modifications

SF1372 - Legislative coordinating commission (LCC) provisions modifications; professional or technical services contract requirements modifications

SF1398 - Omnibus retirement bill

SF1406 - Omnibus lands bill

SF1425 - Legend drugs as pharmaceutical waste collection and disposal provisions modifications; pharmacy practice definition modification; opiate antagonist protocol establishment

SF1438 - Retired workers compensation judges requirements modifications

SF1440 - Prescription monitoring program modifications

SF1444 - Mortgage foreclosure sales modifications

SF1455 - Veterans affairs commissioner guardianship program repeal

SF1458 - Omnibus health and human services appropriations bill

SF1478 - Interstate compact on juveniles repeal

SF1499 - Cedar Lake area water and sanitary sewer district filing deadline extension

SF1504 - E-health advisory committee, trauma advisory council, and the maternal and child health advisory task force sunset date extension; stillbirth review

SF1563 - Indian tribes background checks by bureau of criminal apprehension (BCA) at tribe request requirement

SF1587 - Agricultural property owners equity-stripping law protection extension

SF1646 - Real ID program eventual implementation and current Real ID requirements enforcement extension requirements

SF1647 - Omnibus transportation, metropolitan council and public safety appropriations

SF1679 - Transportation network companies financial responsibility

SF1694 - Religious objections to autopsies authorization

SF1741 - Patients to enjoin collection actions taken by nonprofit hospitals upon failure to provide a plain language summary of its financial assistance policy

SF1816 - Uniform Voidable Transactions Act

SF1854 - Sergeant Joseph Bergeron memorial highway designation on trunk highway #36 in Maplewood

SF1898 - Building and construction contracts progress payments and retainages modifications

SF1973 - Corrections department claims settlement appropriation

SF2101 - Omnibus agriculture, environment, natural resources, jobs, and economic development appropriations

SF2227 - Fourth degree assault against a peace officer clarification

SF2315 - McLeod county trunk highway #7 designation as Patrol Officer Michael Alan Hogan Memorial Highway

SF2378 - Substance use disorder system continuum of treatment reform

SF2381 - Omnibus elections bill

SF2414 - Long-term care ombudsman office, chemical and mental health treatment services, and miscellaneous policy provisions modifications; psychologists duty to warn extension to postdegree supervised students, alcohol and drug counseling practicum students and postdegree professional practice and to students and interns practicing marriage and family therapy under supervision; durable medical equipment medical assistance (MA) payment rate modification; Minnesota eligibility system executive steering committee establishment

SF2426 - Inmate mental health treatment co-payment exclusion

SF2428 - Legislative task force on child protection extension and modifications

SF2430 - Medical assistance (MA) median total care-related per diem cost technical corrections

SF2498 - Co-occurring mental health and chemical dependency disorders screening modification

SF2503 - Buffer requirements on public waters and drainage ditches clarification and modification

SF2527 - Outdoor heritage fund and clean water fund appropriations and prior appropriations modifications; Lessard-Sams outdoor heritage council provisions modifications; White Bear Lake augmentation authorization; legacy fund provisions modifications; prior arts and cultural heritage appropriations modifications

SF2539 - Nursing facility payment language recodification

SF2548 - 90-day supply of prescription drug dispensed by pharmacist authorization

SF2555 - Temporary family health care dwellings zoning regulation; temporary dwelling permits establishment

SF2603 - Medical facilities televisions closed captioning requirement

SF2614 - Higher education workforce development dual training grant program clarification

SF2626 - Labor agreements and compensation plans ratification; retirement agency directors salary increase ratification; statewide pension plan directors salaries establishment by appointed boards authorization

SF2649 - Energy transmission and telecommunications equipment crime damage expansion

SF2665 - Real estate appraiser fees, costs, and management companies regulation

SF2709 - Workforce development areas modifications

SF2713 - Nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual images and nonconsensual sexual solicitation civil cause of action creation

SF2733 - AWAIR (a workplace accident and injury reduction) program provisions modification

SF2759 - Game gross overlimits penalty modifications

SF2760 - Omnibus lands bill

SF2764 - Hennepin county select construction projects job order contracting use authorization and county energy forward pricing provisions modifications

SF2802 - Eyelash extension services regulation

SF2815 - Corrections department access to employment data for research of effectiveness of employment programming for offenders in the community authorization

SF2850 - State capitol preservation commission capitol grand reopening fund-raising authorization

SF2857 - Human services disability waiver rate system modification

SF2869 - Debt settlement services tax debt inclusion authorization

SF2881 - Consumer-directed community support budget methodology existing exception sunset extension

SF2891 - Unemployment insurance employer tax liability modification

SF2896 - Child foster care providers foster care, mental health and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder training requirement

SF2963 - Environment and natural resources trust fund appropriation, certain fund money use requirements establishment and University of Minnesota (U of M) reimbursement procedures creation; Legislature-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources provisions modifications

SF2985 - Presidential primary establishment

SF2986 - Fence viewing process cities exemption of certain land authorization

SF3018 - Agricultural-related provisions policy and technical changes; solar site volunteer management practices establishment; elk management plan modification; farmer-lender mediation task force and farm safety initiative establishment; report requirement

SF3047 - Individual health plans conversion non-renewal by health plan carriers authorization

SF3084 - Small vehicle passenger service ordinances regulating pedicabs requirements modification

SF3113 - Revisor's bill

SF3131 - Eligible energy reimbursement costs clarification; Hibbing public utility commission membership increase authorization and city ward system modification

SF3175 - Bullion product dealers regulation authorization

SF3208 - Legislative task force on access to affordable child care establishment

SF3262 - Staff Sergeant Kevin Witte memorial highway designation

SF3272 - Nutrient treatment technology incentive voluntary municipal investment

SF3317 - Dry cleaner response and reimbursement account provisions and prior appropriation modification

SF3368 - Temporary use of certain rights-of-way permit requirements modification

SF3376 - Sulfate effluent permit compliance for wild rice water quality standard

SF3481 - Controlled substance crimes thresholds modifications; marijuana plants and controlled substance trace amounts possession new offenses creation; lower level controlled substance crimes mandatory minimum sentences elimination; community justice reinvestment account establishment; appropriation

SF3589 - REAL ID Act requirements authorization, implementation, limitation, and appropriation; resident lifetime game and fish license information driver's license or state ID care placement authorization; New Brighton driver's license agent

Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes