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Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes / 2005 - 2006 Regular Session

As recorded by the House Chamber Voting System

* This list includes only actions by the House where there was a recorded roll call floor vote. This list does not include votes taken in committees. Please remember that not all actions on the House floor require a roll call vote.

Please see the Minnesota Constitution Article IV, Section 22 and House Rule 2.03 for more information on roll call votes

This information comes from the House Chamber voting system. In the case of system failure the vote will be taken by voice and will not be available electronically except that it is recorded and available in the House Journal.

HF0001 - Omnibus public safety finance bill appropriating money for the courts, Public Safety, and Corrections Departments; providing other law enforcement grants; and requiring life sentences for specified sexual assault crimes.

HF0003 - Omnibus bonding bill providing capital improvements funding for various state departments and higher education institutions including the University of Minnesota, modifying previous bonding, issuing new bonds, and appropriating money.

HF0006 - Marriage recognized as the union of one man and one woman only, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF0011 - Motor vehicle insurance coverage verification mailings required to be delivered by certified mail, and driver's license suspension prohibited on grounds of failure to respond to request without evidence of delivery.

HF0042 - Silencers authorized to muffle discharges of firearms for natural resource wildlife control.

HF0047 - City aid base calculation corrected relating to state aids.

HF0057 - Deficiency funding provided for specified state agencies, and money appropriated.

HF0068 - Coaching contract nonrenewal timely notice and opportunity to respond required.

HF0118 - Food manufacturers and sellers protected from legal actions taken against them to recover damages for alleged injury or weight gain resulting from consumption of food.

HF0128 - Funeral provider attorney fee recovery in actions to recover costs of services authorized.

HF0218 - Renewable energy production incentive eligibility extended.

HF0221 - Recreational purpose land definition expanded to include land used for rock climbing and exploring caves relating to civil actions.

HF0225 - Minnesota Government Data Practices Act technical, conforming, and clarifying changes provided; terms defined; civil penalty and damage amounts modified; and motor vehicle records provisions modified.

HF0241 - Public employers and contractors prohibited from forbidding employees from wearing an American flag patch or pin.

HF0248 - Common School District No. 815, Prinsburg, referendum authority converted; school levy recertification authorized; and private school student exemption percentage modified.

HF0263 - University of Minnesota football stadium state support process provided, Dakota County land transfer to University of Minnesota provided, and money appropriated.

HF0367 - Defeasible estates provided, residential purchase agreement cancellations modified, foreclosure advice notice amended, and Mississippi River Land Use District land deletion modified.

HF0369 - Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act modified.

HF0378 - Revisor's bill correcting erroneous, ambiguous, and omitted text and obsolete references.

HF0400 - School food service workers unemployment insurance eligibility exception made permanent.

HF0419 - Great horned owls protection status modified.

HF0423 - Hot tubs on houseboats exempted from regulation as public pools.

HF0426 - Farmer-lender mediation program expiration date extended and codified.

HF0436 - Natural Resources Department commissioner's evaluation required before vacating certain roads adjacent to public waters, right of intervention created, and exemption provided for participants in National Veterans Wheelchair Games.

HF0460 - Natural resource, off-highway vehicle, hunting and fishing license, and other environmental provisions modified; silencers authorized for wildlife control; and money appropriated.

HF0466 - Warehouse storage, maintenance, operation, and safety laws modified.

HF0473 - Creditor remedies exemptions modified to include wedding rings.

HF0478 - Land surveyors; alternative filing of surveys provided if there is no county surveyor, surveyor requirements modified, and transfer of records provided.

HF0487 - Mentally retarded, mental retardation, physically handicapped, and other similar terms changed throughout statute.

HF0561 - Sex offenders prohibited from becoming custodians of unrelated children.

HF0563 - Service cooperatives permitted to provide group health coverage to private employers.

HF0588 - Small employer group health coverage flexible benefits plans authorized.

HF0675 - Hospice care bill of rights modified, hospice provider survey completion required, and death report requirements for recipients of hospice care modified.

HF0680 - Utility metering and billing provisions relating to landlord and tenant regulations clarified to include a de minimis exception.

HF0731 - Individual sewage treatment system inspection requirements modified to avoid conflicts of interest.

HF0732 - Electric or utility special assessments exceeding standards authorized on petition of all affected owners.

HF0742 - Employment agency licensing requirement exemptions provided, certain fee payments prohibited, and Thief River Falls pilot project extended.

HF0785 - Omnibus tax bill modifying income, franchise, property, sales and use, health care provider, cigarette and tobacco products, and other tax provisions; and appropriating money.

HF0792 - Mortgage originators and servicers, and athlete agents regulated.

HF0814 - Public land sales and conveyances provided in specified counties, scientific and natural areas designation provisions modified, and easement provided on state land bordering a public water.

HF0820 - Initiative and referendum provided by proposed constitutional amendment, procedures established, and penalties provided.

HF0823 - Forest road designations, timber sales on tax-forfeited lands provisions, State Timber Act, and wood standard measurements modified.

HF0847 - Game and fish regulations modified.

HF0868 - Coyote (Canis latrans) destruction bounties authorized.

HF0871 - Day training and habilitation services provider participation in state cooperative purchasing agreements authorized; and certain facilities and extended employment and services providers included in agency acquisition process.

HF0872 - Omnibus education finance bill providing for early childhood, adult, family, and kindergarten through grade 12 education including general education, special programs, facilities and technology, and other funding; and appropriating money.

HF0874 - Electronic voting equipment standards provided, and money appropriated from the Help America Vote Act account.

HF0892 - Campaign material unauthorized removal prohibited, and penalty provided.

HF0894 - Public waters inventory authority, public waters work permit and water use permit provisions, and enforcement authority modified; and Scott County private land sale restriction modified.

HF0898 - Unemployment insurance federal requirement conformity and technical corrections provided, and appeal procedures modified.

HF0902 - Omnibus environment and natural resources bill appropriating money for environmental and natural resources purposes, establishing programs, providing reorganization and regulation, and creating the Clean Water Legacy Act.

HF0915 - Aeronautics transportation provisions clarified.

HF0925 - Medicare-related coverage federal conformity, financial solvency regulation for stand-alone Medicare Part D prescription drug plans, and related technical changes provided.

HF0933 - Motor Vehicle Retail Installment Sales Act recodified.

HF0947 - Optional record of birth resulting in stillbirth provided.

HF0949 - Hearing aid user consumer protection increased.

HF0973 - State employment provisions modified.

HF0974 - Peace officer operation of any vehicle or combination of vehicles authorized.

HF0986 - Urban initiative program definition of low income area modified.

HF0987 - Cribs safety regulations provided, sale and commercial use prohibition specified, and enforcement provided.

HF0997 - Burns Township detached banking facility authorized.

HF1009 - Casino operated by the State Lottery authorized in the main terminal of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, and money appropriated.

HF1036 - Office of Administrative Hearings provided three copies of Minnesota Rules, hearings and cases regulated, rulemaking provided, and costs assessed.

HF1109 - Firefighting training and education board revived and reenacted.

HF1164 - Passing of a parked emergency vehicle provisions modified to include requirement to slow down and when possible to provide one full lane of separation, and eligibility criteria modified for business panels on logo sign panels.

HF1176 - Special education teacher license variance modified.

HF1189 - Recycling and garbage truck weight restriction exemptions provided.

HF1272 - Marriage and family therapy included in definition of professional services, and marriage and family therapist practice of services in combination authorized.

HF1320 - Hennepin County regional park district provisions modified, and park superintendents term limit increased.

HF1333 - Wabasha and Ortonville port authority commissions authorized.

HF1334 - Iron nugget production scale demonstration facility environmental review exemptions modified.

HF1385 - Omnibus higher education funding bill appropriating money for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, the University of Minnesota, and the Mayo Medical Foundation; and modifying various higher education provisions.

HF1394 - Persian Gulf War veterans plaque authorized in the Court of Honor on the Capitol grounds.

HF1420 - Omnibus agriculture finance bill appropriating money for agricultural purposes; establishing and modifying certain programs; and providing regulation, accounts, assessments, and fees.

HF1422 - Omnibus health finance bill modifying license fees, state-operated services, nursing facility reimbursement, children and families programs, and other provisions; providing positive abortion alternatives; and appropriating money.

HF1443 - Voter registration proof of citizenship and picture identification required, identification cards provided at no charge to specified individuals, and unverified ballot procedure established.

HF1458 - Cass Gilbert and Julia Finch Gilbert portraits continued display in Capitol building requested.

HF1461 - Disabilities parking provisions modified and simplified.

HF1464 - Medical actions against health care providers expert review regulated, and liability limits provided for certain nongovernment licensees and medical directors.

HF1470 - Dry cleaner environmental fees annual adjustment authorized.

HF1480 - Red Lake County drainage system outlet fee authorized for drainage originating in Pennington County.

HF1481 - Omnibus state government finance bill providing for general legislative and administrative expenses, state and local government operations, and appropriating money.

HF1507 - Quarantine and isolation provisions modified for persons exposed to or infected with a communicable disease.

HF1528 - Claims practices regulated.

HF1555 - Minnesota Emergency Health Powers Act and authority of out-of-state license holders modified, and emergency executive order provided.

HF1575 - Public officer and employee vacation and sick leave accumulation clarified while on military leave, and payments of accumulated leave authorized.

HF1583 - Membership travel contracts regulated.

HF1595 - Hennepin and Wright County Boards authorized to initiate a process for the change of boundaries by resolution.

HF1650 - Cosmetology regulatory oversight transfer provided, regulatory provisions modified, and conforming changes provided.

HF1669 - Insurance fees, rate filings, policy renewals and alterations, and data collection regulated.

HF1692 - State Board of Investment compensation plans regulated.

HF1748 - State employee grievance appeal procedures modified, and correctional employee medical examination provision eliminated relating to working past mandatory retirement age.

HF1761 - Active military personnel allowed to disenroll from, and reenroll in MinnesotaCare coverage.

HF1809 - Insurance agency terminations, coverages, fees, forms, disclosures, reports, information security, and premiums regulated.

HF1816 - Mental health services coverage extended, civil commitment provisions modified, task force established to study committed sexually dangerous or psychopathic persons, and report required.

HF1820 - Cambridge State Hospital cemetery named the Garden of Remembrance.

HF1838 - Low-speed neighborhood electric vehicles authorized on streets and highways under certain conditions.

HF1862 - Health; evidence-based practice standards established, cost-containment measures implemented, discounted payments permitted, other health insurance provisions modified, and money appropriated.

HF1889 - Child protection, child welfare, child care, and child and family support provisions implemented.

HF1915 - Maple Grove hospital construction moratorium exemption provided.

HF1922 - Minnesota Computers for School authorized to acquire surplus property from the state.

HF1925 - Human services licensing provisions modified.

HF1949 - Stearns, Benton, and Sherburne County Boards initiation of process for the change of county boundaries by resolution authorized.

HF1951 - Long-term care provisions modified.

HF1976 - Omnibus jobs and economic development bill appropriating money for jobs, economic development, and human services purposes; establishing and modifying programs; providing fees; and making changes to programs for children and families.

HF2028 - Pope, Lac qui Parle, and Nobles Counties officers appointments provided.

HF2035 - Public Safety Department authorized to remove records of certain old liens on passenger automobiles.

HF2110 - Custody and parenting time domestic abuse hearings required findings limited related to best interests.

HF2121 - Businesses that possess personal data required to notify persons whose information has been disclosed to unauthorized persons.

HF2126 - State employees ordered to active military service pay differential law clarified.

HF2133 - St. Paul; lease of state property at 168 Aurora Avenue in St. Paul as a child care facility authorized.

HF2156 - Conservators powers and duties modified.

HF2166 - Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Committee termination date extended.

HF2187 - Hennepin County Medical Center governance provided, and county subsidiary corporation providing health care and related services created.

HF2192 - Postadoption services data collection and best practice guidelines provided, and report required.

HF2228 - Revenue commissioner general powers recodified and clarified; tax provisions modified; local government aid, credits, taxing and spending provisions modified; and money appropriated.

HF2279 - Cologne wetland replacement requirements exemption provided.

HF2341 - Legislative Coordinating Commission and subordinate agency governing provisions modified, Legislative Commission on Minnesota-Ontario matters eliminated, Compensation Council membership and operation modified, and money appropriated.

HF2448 - Human services and prekindergarten through grade 12 programs forecast adjustments provided, human services savings provided, and money appropriated.

HF2461 - Omnibus transportation finance bill providing funding for transportation, Metropolitan Council, and public safety; issuing bonds; modifying vehicle plate and tax provisions; appropriating money; and proposing constitutional amendments.

HF2480 - Baseball stadium financing, construction, and operation provided; Minnesota Ballpark Authority established; community ownership option provided; and Hennepin County and future Anoka County sales taxes authorized.

HF2482 - Racino; lottery gaming machines and other nonlottery games authorized at a gaming facility in conjunction with a tribal entity and a racetrack, licensing and regulation provided, fees imposed, and money appropriated.

HF2498 - Public finance and tax increment financing provisions modified, purchases authorized, tax abatement extension authorized, and money appropriated.

HF2500 - Individual health insurance policy forms filing and use regulated, minimum loss ratio guarantee established, rates and coverages regulated, various cost disclosures required, and service cooperatives authorized to provide certain coverages.

HF2514 - Uniform Securities Act of 2002 adopted and modified, and criminal penalties prescribed.

HF2574 - Cass County hospital construction moratorium exception provided, and licensing provided for home beds transferred from an existing facility to a new facility.

HF2576 - Immigration law enforcement noncooperation ordinances prohibited.

HF2623 - Redevelopment account previous appropriation modified relating to the city of Mounds View, and Ramsey and Anoka Counties.

HF2645 - Swift County rural development finance authority board membership increased.

HF2656 - Criminal sentencing provisions provided; controlled substances, DWI, and driving provisions modified; corrections, courts, coroners and medical examiners regulated; and enhanced drug paraphernalia and other criminal penalties imposed.

HF2677 - Towns authorized to contract for roads without competitive bidding in certain circumstances, and financial assistance limit modified for bridge construction work for certain towns.

HF2680 - Teacher training program for qualified professionals provided.

HF2688 - War dog and handler plaque authorized on the Capitol grounds, and Victory Memorial Drive restoration task force established.

HF2697 - Firefighters authorized to use communication headsets while operating an emergency vehicle during an emergency.

HF2709 - Shamrock Township detached banking facility authorized.

HF2721 - Individual sewage treatment system pilot program extended and storm water rules application modified.

HF2722 - Home-based adult foster care services insurance coverage regulated.

HF2745 - Medical license provisions modified.

HF2746 - Certificate of custodianship provided for conveyance of real property.

HF2806 - Licensed mental health practitioners and professionals medical assistance reimbursement study and report required.

HF2833 - Supplemental state government appropriations funding provided, state and local governmental operations regulated, legislative provisions modified, unfunded mandates moratorium imposed, labor agreements ratified, and money appropriated.

HF2854 - Hospital restricted construction or modification exception provided.

HF2872 - Political subdivision defined relating to state auditor and provisions applied.

HF2876 - Mutual insurance companies conversions and reorganization provisions modified, and exception modified to the restriction on insuring property in certain cities.

HF2892 - Mankato academic building construction authorized.

HF2916 - Fire safety account established from fire premium and assessment revenue, and fire insurance tax abolished.

HF2959 - Omnibus bonding bill providing capital improvements funding for various public projects, issuing bonds, and appropriating money.

HF2985 - Funeral, memorial, and burial service disruption prohibited; penalties imposed; and civil remedy provided.

HF2994 - Watercraft storage structure repair and replacement authorized on public waters.

HF2998 - Firefighter labor arbitration provision sunset repealed.

HF3002 - Minnesota Family Investment Program and general assistance provisions modified, and assistance transaction fees required.

HF3014 - Driver's license, permit, and identification permits regulation and federal conformity provided.

HF3027 - Nonconforming county land use provisions modified.

HF3039 - Timber permit extension provided in event of adverse surface conditions.

HF3045 - Nonpublic school exemption for timely wage payment requirements provided.

HF3066 - Nursery stock retail sale consumer education provided and report required.

HF3073 - Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act technical and conforming changes provided, and certain probate, trust, and mechanic's lien provisions modified.

HF3076 - Business corporations regulated, terms clarified and updated, and limited liability companies regulated.

HF3079 - Tort claims state and municipal liability limited, and liability limited on claims brought against a governmental unit participating in a joint venture or enterprise.

HF3111 - Interstate contracts for chemical health services provided.

HF3116 - Game and fish regulations modified.

HF3132 - Credentials verification service use by foreign medical school graduates authorized.

HF3142 - Hennepin County regional park district provisions modified.

HF3144 - Assisted living services requirements established, housing with services provisions modified, consumer information advisory committee established, home care bill of rights and long-term care provisions modified, and money appropriated.

HF3161 - Human services rate adjustments clarified.

HF3169 - Local government units prohibited from imposing fees related to students at postsecondary institutions.

HF3171 - Parents authorized to obtain a clean certified copy of a deceased child's birth record under certain circumstances.

HF3185 - Bioprocess piping and equipment data classified as nonpublic, and bioprocess piping included in the definition of high pressure piping.

HF3237 - Independent School District No. 728, Elk River, task force established to examine the governance, facilities, and programming of the district.

HF3243 - Protections for persons ordered into active military service provided.

HF3258 - Abortion notification reporting required relating to abortions performed on a minor or specified other women, state fund use prohibited, civil penalties provided, and money appropriated.

HF3285 - Metropolitan Council review of school district capital improvement programs requirement repealed.

HF3288 - Statewide Radio Board membership expanded to include Metropolitan Council chair or designee.

HF3302 - Municipal and county planning and zoning provisions modified, standards for preliminary plat approval in a proposed development provided, boundary adjustment provisions modified, and municipal boundary adjustment task force established.

HF3310 - Advance deposits and payments authorized for boat slip rental.

HF3374 - Disability provision council modified.

HF3383 - Grand Rapids capital improvement bonds issued to finance a joint public works and public utilities service center.

HF3442 - Beekeeping regulation repealed, inspections provided, previous appropriation reduced, and money appropriated.

HF3449 - Manufactured home park conversions regulated.

HF3451 - Land dedications standards provided.

HF3458 - Mass flu vaccination clinic delay in event of vaccine shortage required and penalties imposed.

HF3464 - Cosmetologist and horse racing occupational licensing provisions modified.

HF3472 - Recreational vehicle combination definition modified to include golf carts.

HF3477 - Credit letter release municipal action timelines established.

HF3488 - Revisor's bill correcting erroneous, ambiguous, and omitted text and obsolete references.

HF3515 - Preventive health services program operation by cities authorized.

HF3525 - Construction codes and licensing provisions recodified and modified, State Building Code modified, and enforcement penalties and conforming changes provided.

HF3538 - Crib safety requirements modified.

HF3605 - Natural resources provisions modified relating to lands, state parks, trails, and state forests; county rule exemptions provided; and money appropriated.

HF3664 - Military and veterans provisions modified, unpaid leave provided to family members of soldiers wounded or killed in active service, job protections provided, higher education credits required, and veterans plaque authorized.

HF3665 - Veterans Homes Board authorized to conduct certain meetings by telephone or other electronic means.

HF3670 - Food law provisions modified.

HF3697 - Omnibus health and human services bill modifying programs and policy, modifying long-term care provisions, and appropriating money.

HF3712 - Mercury Emissions Reduction Act of 2006 adopted requiring mercury emission reductions by public utilities, and notice required regarding disposal of fluorescent lamps containing mercury.

HF3718 - State purchasing of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles required in certain bid documents, and task force established.

HF3743 - State Designer Selection Board expiration date specified, and report required.

HF3747 - Motor fuel franchises regulation and petroleum fund compensation for transport vehicles provisions modified.

HF3761 - Omnibus transportation finance bill establishing transit fund and accounts, providing motor vehicle tax allocation, modifying proposed constitutional amendment, issuing bonds, and appropriating money.

HF3771 - Medical practice board examination provision modified relating to active military service.

HF3779 - Adults-only businesses required to give notice to cities of intent to begin operating, zoning authority granted, and adult business ownership by persons convicted of certain crimes restricted.

HF3855 - Congressional Medal of Honor recipients plaque authorized in the Court of Honor on the Capitol grounds.

HF3915 - Wild rice study provided.

HF3925 - Municipal boundary adjustment provisions modified, task force established, and fund usage authorized.

HF3940 - Farm winery production of certain fortified wines authorized, on-sale licenses authorized, licensing provisions modified and established, sale hours clarified, and alcohol without liquid devices prohibited.

HF3988 - Women's Right To Know Act provision modified.

HF3991 - Mississippi River Parkway Commission extended to 2016.

HF3995 - Claims against the state settled, and money appropriated.

HF4142 - Property tax rebate provided, state land sale authorized to offset administrative costs, and money appropriated.

HF4157 - Revisor's bill correcting miscellaneous oversights and providing technical corrections.

HF4162 - State government financing supplemental appropriations provided, and money appropriated.

HR0006 - General fund; a house resolution setting the maximum limit on general fund expenditures for the biennium ending June 30, 2007.

HR0008 - Finance bills; a house resolution setting the maximum limits on expenditures by major finance bills for the biennium in accordance with House Rule 4.03.

SF0003 - Minimum wage increase

SF0004 - Gasoline minimum ethanol content requirement increase; petroleum replacement goal

SF0051 - Methamphetamine precursor drugs sale regulation

SF0075 - Household goods movers fixed compensation requirement exemption for charitable work

SF0171 - Liquor license and sales provisions modifications

SF0180 - Multiple birth children school classroom placement parental discretion

SF0206 - University of Minnesota college of agriculture campus proximity off-sale intoxicating liquor license

SF0218 - Income tax Indian Ocean tsunami relief charitable contributions deduction acceleration

SF0225 - Legislative route #268 jurisdiction transfer

SF0232 - Secondary students nonprescription pain relievers possession and use

SF0234 - Legislative route #224 jurisdiction transfer

SF0244 - Probationary teachers consecutive teaching experience after active military service

SF0262 - Local government units filing and recording provisions technical corrections

SF0271 - Death records access by siblings

SF0284 - Public swimming pools use without lifeguard

SF0314 - Minnesota FAIR insurance plan policies property and liability coverage regulation

SF0358 - Special school district #1, Minneapolis; school board election procedure and district boundaries modifications

SF0367 - Health care cost containment measures implementation; electronic billing assistance promotion; women's right to know act provisions modification

SF0370 - News media polling places access expansion

SF0379 - Retired court commissioners Ramsey county district court appointment

SF0392 - Probate venue, trustee powers and omitted beneficiary provisions modifications and clarifications

SF0451 - Anoka county laws codification

SF0453 - Auctioneer licenses numbering requirements modification

SF0467 - Big Marine park reserve disabled veterans rest camp regulation

SF0493 - Yellow Medicine county hospital district board additional voting members

SF0518 - Hennepin county campaign finance provisions modifications and clarifications

SF0532 - Washington county library board as advisory board

SF0629 - Metropolitan airports commission taxicabs regulation authority and metropolitan council airports or aviation planning requirements modifications

SF0630 - Child support determination provisions modifications

SF0633 - Metro mobility buses freeway or expressway shoulders use

SF0644 - Marriage dissolution and child custody and protection provisions modifications

SF0663 - Public officers contracts prohibition exception

SF0664 - Liquor license and sales provisions modifications

SF0685 - Legislative route #143 description modification

SF0692 - Wright and Sherburne counties Mississippi recreational river land use district land deletions

SF0718 - Hospitals presumptive licensure eligibility expansion

SF0735 - Bradley Waage "Brainerd Brad" and veterans memorial bridge designations

SF0762 - Clean Water Legacy Act

SF0767 - Corporate regulation provisions recodification and clarification

SF0785 - Restricted video games sale or rental prohibition

SF0808 - Motorized foot scooters use and operation regulation and motorized bicycle definition modification; logo sign business panels eligibility modifications

SF0877 - Humanities commission and center; state poet laureate appointment

SF0879 - Cities, towns or counties state primary election elimination

SF0917 - Positive Alternatives Act

SF0930 - Compulsive gambling prevention and education appropriation

SF0953 - Local government employees compensation limit increase

SF1016 - Noxious weeds control or eradication orders appeal duties delegation

SF1031 - State fair camping area operation and maintenance continuation; livestock and midway exhibitors authority to sleep in vehicles

SF1039 - Farm tractors clock hour meters tampering prohibition

SF1040 - Released persons conduct medical professionals civil liability limit; Hennepin county healthcare system officers and directors civil liability limitations

SF1056 - Motor vehicle dealers registration plates and stickers distribution and retail installment sales optional electronic transfer fee

SF1057 - Retirement provisions modifications

SF1064 - Blind and disabled persons accessible electronic information service and local news programming closed captioning

SF1095 - Military personnel drivers license road test requirements waiver

SF1116 - Grant Allen Law, children lifejackets use requirement

SF1146 - County agricultural societies local zoning ordinances exemption clarification and police services contracting authority expansion

SF1204 - Health occupations licensing and regulation provisions modifications

SF1210 - Foreign judgments life span and interest rate clarification and payment regulation

SF1231 - Residential property signs or flags display regulation

SF1252 - St. Paul regional water services consumptive groundwater use

SF1254 - Hire a veteran month designation

SF1268 - State and local government employment veterans preference credit use prohibition repeal

SF1287 - Statutory housing warranties corporate dissolution affect; construction code inspectors competency criteria and continuing education requirements

SF1296 - Snowmobiles trunk highway rights-of-way use

SF1326 - State and county forest road maps recording authority

SF1335 - State construction projects design build, construction manager at risk or job order contracting; competitive bidding procedures modification

SF1355 - Power limited technicians license examination application deadline extension

SF1360 - Unclaimed property notice and distribution requirements modifications

SF1368 - Energy provisions modifications

SF1371 - Watershed district managers compensation increase

SF1378 - Medical education funding provisions modifications

SF1379 - Motor vehicles salvage title and consumer disclosure damage calculations exclusion

SF1405 - Occupational safety and health standard industrial classifications list rulemaking requirements modification

SF1466 - Public utility vehicles seasonal highway load restrictions clarification

SF1479 - Marriage dissolution spousal maintenance collection authority

SF1485 - Crane operators certification

SF1486 - Traffic and vehicle inspection citations quotas prohibition

SF1509 - Farm labor housing manufactured home parks regulation exemption

SF1525 - Sex offenders HIV testing and notice procedures clarification

SF1535 - Minneapolis additional on-sale intoxicating liquor license

SF1555 - Lawful gambling provisions modifications

SF1579 - Health department provisions modifications and clarifications

SF1604 - Resolution for Amtrak funding support

SF1625 - Retired national guard members temporary active service reinstatement higher pay and allowances

SF1636 - Financial institution, insurance, mortgage originator and real estate broker provisions modifications

SF1716 - Workers compensation provisions modifications

SF1720 - Children and family services and health and continuing care programs provisions technical modifications

SF1738 - Water use permits issuance prohibition exception

SF1780 - Professional athletes drug testing

SF1815 - Commerce department licensees requirements modification

SF1819 - Construction code inspectors competency and certification criteria

SF1841 - Project Riverbend board repeal

SF1861 - Biotechnology piping systems installation supervision procedures study

SF1869 - Local government units shared hospital or ambulance service purchasing programs contracts award authority

SF1878 - Carver county recorder, auditor and treasurer offices combination

SF1908 - Shooting ranges protection

SF1940 - Metropolitan council and airports commission membership residency, term and reporting requirements modification

SF1945 - City charter amendments enactment notice and hearing requirements modifications

SF1984 - Employer employees nonpayment penalty increases

SF1998 - Health plan companies reporting and billing requirements modifications

SF2002 - Consumer credit reports security freeze regulation; identity theft protection; personal records destruction; credit card offer address requirement and offer to minors regulation; data warehouses modifications

SF2093 - Employees payroll cards and payroll card accounts regulation

SF2112 - County board meetings location requirement modification

SF2160 - Payment of claims against the state

SF2239 - Omnibus retirement bill

SF2259 - Minnesota citizens personal protection act of 2003 reenactment

SF2302 - State fruit designation

SF2374 - Unlicensed dogs seizure notice requirement elimination

SF2437 - Individual sewage treatment straight pipe systems replacement or discontinued operation requirement

SF2460 - University of Minnesota football stadium funding and conditions; hockey hall of fame tax allocation

SF2528 - State and local government personal transactions credit and debit cards use study

SF2532 - Radiation therapy facilities construction limits expiration date modification

SF2576 - Ambulance purchase and lease regulations; Cass county and Fergus Falls hospital construction moratorium exceptions; hospital construction proposals alternative approval process; medical facility construction study requirement

SF2621 - Emergency medical technician certification programs pass rate requirements

SF2634 - Public employment labor agreements and compensation plans ratification

SF2635 - Aitkin county cities and towns public land ordinance authority

SF2646 - Organ and tissue donation driver education requirement; vehicle insurance sampling program suspension sunset elimination

SF2653 - Dual eligible pharmacy costs appropriation

SF2706 - Thief River Falls extended employment pilot project duration extension

SF2722 - State budget generally accepted governmental accounting principles compliance; state agencies appropriations continuation; executive council emergencies appropriation

SF2723 - Wastewater treatment facilities pollution control agency report and proposal requirements

SF2734 - Constitutional amendment for sales tax dedication to natural and cultural resources purposes; arts, humanities, museum and public broadcasting, heritage enhancement, parks and trails funds and clean water and heritage enhancement councils

SF2735 - Legislative audit commission provisions modification

SF2743 - Voter records data privacy; voting systems criteria; voting machines options working group establishment

SF2749 - County boards soldiers rest expenditures limit removal

SF2750 - Eminent domain procedures modifications

SF2814 - Legislative commission on Minnesota resources name change and provisions modification; Minnesota resources appropriations

SF2832 - Volunteer emergency personnel task force recruitment and retention study

SF2833 - Basic sliding fee system conversion; early childhood training and safety modifications; human services background studies variance; Runaway and Homeless Youth Act; Ramsey county child care pilot project for teen parents

SF2840 - Organ donation paid leave for public employees

SF2851 - State park land additions, deletions and exchange; state recreation land deletions; military personnel state park permit exemption; Rum River state forest addition; surplus state land sale; wetland restoration conservation easement

SF2883 - Child care licensing provisions modification

SF2939 - National register of historic places property sale or lease restriction; Pennock real estate acquisition, conveyance and bond issue; Kiester grocery store; Brainerd regional treatment center land conveyance; grand mound state historic site

SF2953 - Lawful gambling provisions modifications; breeders fund apportionments modification

SF2973 - Natural resources provisions modifications

SF2994 - Miscellaneous education provisions modifications

SF2995 - Motor vehicle storage charges liens regulation; passenger automobiles liens cancellation; motor vehicle dealers charitable interest

SF3017 - Milk volume production loan program funding study

SF3023 - State agencies environmental permits actions deadlines; Lower Minnesota River watershed district dredge material site authority

SF3087 - Child passenger restraint systems training requirements for child care providers modification

SF3105 - Real estate recording and registration fee provisions modifications

SF3106 - Drivers license suspension authority provision modification

SF3132 - Miscellaneous data practices provisions; tribal identification cards regulation; law enforcement secure subscription services

SF3199 - Child custody, paternity, adoption, support, medical support, and maintenance provisions modifications

SF3213 - Indian Affairs council membership modification; state aid road provisions modification; motor carrier regulation modification; state land conveyances; trunk highway #60 construction; state highway system route removal

SF3236 - Agricultural inspections and fees; grain buyer financial statement requirements modification, university of Minnesota licensing and Minnesota market impact study requirement; beekeeping regulations repeal

SF3246 - Commuter rail transportation commissioner railroad right of way contract authorization

SF3260 - Biotechnology and health sciences industry zones additional designations

SF3450 - Metropolitan council special transportation service requirements duties expansion

SF3465 - Workers compensation appeal and notice of coverage provisions modification

SF3480 - Miscellaneous insurance provisions modifications

SF3526 - Shawn Silvera memorial highway designation

SF3551 - Real estate appraisers provisions modification

SF3615 - Child care assistance provider parent fees provisions modification

Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes