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Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes / 2009 - 2010 Regular Session

As recorded by the House Chamber Voting System

* This list includes only actions by the House where there was a recorded roll call floor vote. This list does not include votes taken in committees. Please remember that not all actions on the House floor require a roll call vote.

Please see the Minnesota Constitution Article IV, Section 22 and House Rule 2.03 for more information on roll call votes

This information comes from the House Chamber voting system. In the case of system failure the vote will be taken by voice and will not be available electronically except that it is recorded and available in the House Journal.

HF0002 - Omnibus K-12 education bill.

HF0056 - Stearns County; grantee for parks appropriation corrected.

HF0078 - 2008 Green Acres law changes repealed.

HF0085 - Mounting global positioning systems on windshields authorized.

HF0108 - Seat belt violation made a primary offense in all seating positions regardless of age, and increased speed limit provided when passing.

HF0111 - Divestment required from certain investments relating to Iran.

HF0171 - Freedom of choice in health care constitutional amendment proposed.

HF0211 - Statutory housing warranties recovery for breaches regulated.

HF0212 - Pretrial filing prerequisite of a transcript eliminated for admission into evidence of law enforcement vehicle recordings.

HF0239 - Homeowners permitted to recover certain damages incurred due to faulty construction, and double recovery prohibited.

HF0265 - Disposition of items on death references clarified, collection by affidavit provided of certain property, provisions governing final disposition of remains modified, and an erroneous reference and other clarifications corrected.

HF0266 - Parental fees modified for services for persons with developmental disabilities.

HF0330 - Homeowners provided with a longer period within which to notify contractors of construction defects.

HF0334 - Garnishment instructions, forms, procedures, and exemptions modified.

HF0348 - Provisions modified and removed which limit the practice of law by deputy sheriffs and coroners.

HF0354 - Mortgage foreclosure proceedings on homestead property mediation provided prior to commencement, and homestead-lender mediation account created.

HF0362 - Homeowner notice requirements modified.

HF0363 - Corporate income tax rate gradual phase out provided beginning in 2010.

HF0384 - Technology standards and tools developed to exchange information electronically between groups.

HF0392 - Federal update provided relating to income, corporate franchise, and property taxation; Green Acres program modified; rural preserve property tax program created; and reports required.

HF0412 - Home owner warranty claims statute of repose adjusted.

HF0417 - Recovery of damages and attorney fees provided for breach of an insurance policy, deceased professional's surviving spouse permitted to retain ownership of a professional firm that was solely owned by the decedent for up to one year after the death.

HF0420 - Existing statutory implied residential construction warranties required to be made as express warranties and be provided to the buyer in writing, and warranty waivers prohibited.

HF0486 - Trunk highway system routes removed.

HF0519 - Nonconforming lots in shoreland areas regulated.

HF0523 - School background check requirements modified relating to disciplinary actions.

HF0534 - Certificates of insurance authorized and regulated.

HF0535 - Health occupations provisions modified for chiropractors, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, physician assistants, psychologists, nutritionists, and social work; dental therapists and oral health practitioners licensure provided; and fees set.

HF0598 - Nursery law provisions changed.

HF0602 - Public Utilities Commission proceeding recording provisions modified, and cold weather rule technical changes made.

HF0612 - Sick leave minimum standards established.

HF0653 - Municipal precinct and ward boundary procedures and requirements changed.

HF0655 - Candidacy affidavit required to state candidate's residence address or campaign contact address and telephone number, certain information classified, candidate placement on ballot prohibited if residency requirements are not met, candidate access to facilities modified, and completion of absentee ballot certificate required.

HF0668 - Postcrash procedures provided for school buses in accidents.

HF0702 - State expenditure pilot project on children authorized for various purposes, and study required on the collection and reporting of summary data relating to decisions that affect a child's status within the juvenile justice system.

HF0705 - Preventive health care promoted by requiring high deductible health plans used with a health savings account to cover preventive care with no deductible as permitted by federal law.

HF0776 - Uniform Foreign-Country Money Judgments Recognition Act enacted and recommended for passage by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws.

HF0789 - Public Utilities Commission provisions modified relating to deadline for rate determination.

HF0801 - State report and document laws modified.

HF0804 - Guardian and conservator governing provisions modified, and fees provided for central registration and use of fee proceeds.

HF0818 - Vulnerable adults; financial records disclosure in connection with financial exploitation investigations authorized; procedures for reporting and investigating maltreatment modified; human services commissioner directed to seek federal grants; duties of financial institutions specified in cases alleging financial exploitation; financial exploitation crime amended; and money appropriated from the federal government.

HF0819 - Unfair ticket sales prohibited.

HF0855 - Omnibus bonding bill.

HF0865 - Wabasha and Olmsted Counties; Great River Ridge Trail established.

HF0878 - Highway centerline relocation governing provision added, county state-aid highway and municipal state-aid street provisions modified, seat belt provisions modified, advertising device placement regulated, and plats of lands abutting state rail bank property procedures provided.

HF0885 - Omnibus technical tax bill.

HF0886 - General fund balance allocation exempted at end of fiscal year 2009, and balance of governor's general fund budget required for fiscal years 2012 and 2013.

HF0890 - Parentage presumption and right to custody provisions modified and clarified, and prebirth parentage orders or judgments provided in certain cases.

HF0908 - Shared work plan provided relating to unemployment insurance.

HF0910 - Notary public fees modified, commissions and notarial stamps and seals regulated, clarifications provided, accommodations of physical limitations provided, and premarital education provisions modified.

HF0925 - Dissemination and calculation of the state unemployment rate regulated, and use of funds authorized.

HF0927 - Construction codes and licensing modified.

HF0928 - Omnibus transit and transportation policy bill.

HF0936 - Communities for a lifetime criteria specified, and Minnesota Board on Aging required to study and report on communities for a lifetime.

HF0986 - County maintenance of effort provisions amended.

HF0988 - REAL ID Act implementation prohibited.

HF1053 - Public officials required to provide additional data to the secretary of state for use in maintaining the voter registration system, and automatic voter registration of applicants for a driver's license, instruction permit, or identification card provided.

HF1056 - Prompt payment of construction subcontractors required, and progress payments and retainages regulated.

HF1122 - Omnibus agriculture and veterans affairs bill.

HF1132 - Omnibus game and fish bill.

HF1182 - Public service corporation eminent domain authority clarified, and granting of route permits regulated for high-voltage transmission lines.

HF1193 - Department of Corrections and Department of Employment and Economic Development claims settlement provided, and money appropriated.

HF1209 - Corporate deputy registrar expiration date removed, and new location in Burnsville provided for deputy registrar.

HF1217 - Legend and nonprescription drug possession allowed by those disposing of them, and definitions modified.

HF1231 - Omnibus cultural and outdoor resources finance bill.

HF1237 - Natural resources and state park provisions modified, and money appropriated.

HF1242 - Brandon's law established, and procedures implemented for investigating missing person cases.

HF1250 - Electric vehicle infrastructure regulated.

HF1275 - Sewage treatment systems provisions modified.

HF1276 - County human services mandates modified.

HF1298 - Omnibus public finance bill.

HF1301 - Omnibus public safety policy bill.

HF1309 - Omnibus transportation finance bill.

HF1320 - Board of Pharmacy required to adopt rules regarding the substitution of drugs used for the treatment of epilepsy or seizure if the United States Food and Drug Administration determines that substitution may cause a health risk to patients.

HF1328 - Youth violence addressed as a public health problem; prevention and intervention programs addressing risk factors of youth violence coordinated and aligned; and commissioner of health required to apply for private, state, or federal funding.

HF1352 - Cancer surveillance system provisions modified.

HF1362 - Omnibus health and human services finance bill.

HF1432 - Children aging out of foster care provisions modified, Runaway and Homeless Youth Act modified, and money appropriated.

HF1476 - Liquor licensing requirements clarified and modified, various licenses authorized, shipments into the state provisions modified, wine tastings provided, and certain on-sale hours extended.

HF1505 - Prostitution and sex and labor trafficking; data gathered and compiled every two years, criminal penalties increased, trafficking crimes expanded, promotion of trafficking crime to the firearm law's definition and the victim's right's law definition, repeat offenders penalty enhancement provision expanded, and prostitution in a public place crime broadened.

HF1529 - Attorney or agent fees dollar limitation removed.

HF1657 - Omnibus public safety bill.

HF1671 - Supplemental budget bill; state government funding provided for state agencies, departments, and commissions, and various other state government provisions modified, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

HF1677 - Sex offenders excluded from the safe at home program, and protected address use limited by landlords and local government entities.

HF1680 - Minnesota legislature resolved to apologize on behalf of citizens of the state to all persons with mental illness and development and other disabilities who have been wrongfully committed to state institutions.

HF1692 - Dispute arbitration provided, and Uniform Arbitration Act adopted.

HF1728 - Child care programs, program integrity, and adult supports amended including general assistance medical care and group residential housing.

HF1744 - Technology accessibility standards created for the state, advisory committee established for technology standards for accessibility and usability, report required, and money appropriated.

HF1745 - Pharmacy provisions modified; provisions in health occupations modified for speech language pathologists; definition expanded; food, beverage, and lodging provisions changed; use of federal government rules and guidelines required to implement the minimum data set; and fees established.

HF1760 - Omnibus health and human services policy bill.

HF1780 - Revisor of statutes required to survey recipients of free state publications.

HF1797 - Federal economic recovery transportation funds receipt and appropriation provided.

HF1849 - Local governmental unit mandates removed, extended, and modified, and requirements changed for a qualified newspaper.

HF1853 - Miscellaneous commerce provisions regulated.

HF1880 - Interview required for veterans listed as meeting minimum qualifications and claiming veterans preference for positions of state government employment, state civil service applied to removal provisions in current local government law, and report required of certain state employment statistics pertaining to veterans.

HF1960 - Alternative statutory short form of general power of attorney created for military members who are in active service.

HF1988 - Technical health and human services changes made, health care program policy changes made, health care eligibility provisions changed, appropriations changed, and money appropriated.

HF2037 - General fund balancing proposed, payment schedules modified, appropriations reduced for various departments, calculation modified, receipt deposit provided in special revenue fund, fourth tier added to income tax rates, and money appropriated.

HF2072 - Education finance reference updated.

HF2073 - Education finance obsolete reference removed.

HF2088 - Omnibus economic development bill.

HF2116 - Vehicle transaction fees increased.

HF2123 - Omnibus environment and natural resources bill.

HF2227 - Commission on Service Innovation established and duties imposed, Minnovation Council established and powers and duties of council imposed, innovation and redesign grants authorized, home rule charter commission provided for certain counties, Task Force for Policy Innovation and Research established, and money appropriated.

HF2231 - Road authorities allowed to remove snow from certain roads in uncompleted subdivisions.

HF2251 - Federal stimulus oversight funding provided, Minnesota law conformed to receive the federal stimulus money, Hennepin County's 2009 nonfederal share of medical assistance costs modified, eligibility for sparsity revenue authorized for the Deer River School District, higher education tuition limits adjusted, funding for MNSCU modified, and money appropriated.

HF2323 - Omnibus tax bill.

HF2360 - Minneapolis; Special School District No. 1; two member appointment provided on the Minneapolis redistricting commission, and standards established.

HF2405 - Temporary successors provided to members of the legislature called into active military service, implementation of statutory language provided, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF2561 - North Branch; Veterans Memorial Bridge on marked Trunk Highway 95 designated.

HF2578 - Gambling authorized as other than parimutuel betting at a licensed racetrack, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF2612 - Civil commitment venue clarified.

HF2614 - Omnibus health and human services bill.

HF2616 - Bicyclists allowed to stop and proceed through red light under limited circumstances.

HF2624 - Environmental and natural resources funding provided, approval required for acquisition of certain lands to be conveyed to the state, and money appropriated.

HF2634 - Mt. Simon-Hinckley aquifer water appropriation prohibitions expanded.

HF2639 - Wireless telecommunications service providers authorized to provide call locations for emergencies, and Kelsey Smith Act provided.

HF2668 - Cash payment receipts required between landlord and tenant, recovery of attorney fees provided, tenant screening fee procedures modified, imposition of late fees provided, eviction procedures for tenants of certain foreclosed property provided, clarifying, conforming, technical, and other changes made to landlord and tenant provisions.

HF2690 - Executive agency appropriations required to include proportionate reductions in expenditures on contracts, requirements provided during periods of projected deficits, and executive branch positions eliminated.

HF2695 - Omnibus jobs bill.

HF2700 - Omnibus bonding bill; capital improvement funding provided, previous appropriations modified, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

HF2706 - Certified public accountant licensing requirements clarified.

HF2709 - Volunteer protections during an emergency or disaster modified, and immunity specified for certain entities.

HF2729 - Richfield; firefighter limited response time residency requirements permitted.

HF2753 - State road construction funding provided, trunk highway bonds issued, and money appropriated.

HF2786 - Duluth; membership rules provided for the Spirit Mountain Recreation Area Authority.

HF2801 - Special license plates provided, trunk highway funding provided, bonds issued, public safety programs and activities funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF2809 - Veteran-owned small business bid preference program eligibility broadened for goods and services.

HF2823 - Deed filing contract definitions clarified, and common interest community certificate changes made.

HF2828 - Instrument requirements to secure debt clarified.

HF2840 - Collaborative governance council established.

HF2848 - Traffic fines and forfeited bail money allocations modified.

HF2851 - Trunk highway routes Nos. 332 and 297 routes modified.

HF2855 - Boiler provisions modified and civil and criminal penalties amended and imposed.

HF2856 - Continuing education requirements changed for real estate brokers and salespersons.

HF2859 - Nursing facility rate provisions modified.

HF2866 - Executive branch authority to reduce unexpended allotments modified.

HF2879 - Minors allowed to contract for automobile insurance.

HF2881 - Qualified persons with medical training or supervision authorized to take blood samples from DWI offenders, and legal immunity provided.

HF2899 - Administrative remedy provided for certain data practice law violations, data sharing agreement provided with the department of education, civil penalty provided, and money appropriated.

HF2907 - State goals set for the deployment and speed of high-speed broadband.

HF2908 - Federal Respite Leave Benefit payment urged for the members of the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 34th Division of the Minnesota National Guard who served in Iraq during the Troop Surge of 2007.

HF2915 - Bridge project ongoing prioritization provided.

HF2918 - Beverage production in basements authorized, and commissioner of agriculture directed to amend Minnesota Rules.

HF2949 - Treatment works allocation and interceptors reserved capacity costs provisions modified.

HF2956 - Indian tribal government authorized conveyance of land no longer needed for trunk highway purposes.

HF2988 - Minnesota Data Practices Act provision added on computer data, and state agency use of temporary session cookies on government Web sites clarified.

HF3017 - Municipalities authorized to permit certain solicitations by firefighters.

HF3027 - Mercury testing requirements amended for new incinerator units.

HF3033 - Spent nuclear fuel storage fee modified, rebate program established for solar photovoltaic modules, and money appropriated.

HF3048 - Construction codes and licensing provisions modified, and certain notice provisions modified.

HF3056 - Provider peer grouping timelines and system modified, and agricultural cooperative health plan for farmers provision added.

HF3061 - Minnesota's waste management hierarchy amended.

HF3065 - Securities lending agreements and holding of municipal funds provided.

HF3067 - Watershed plan provisions modified.

HF3093 - Alternative teacher preparation program and limited-term teacher license established.

HF3096 - Rehabilitation facility, extended employment provider, and day training and habilitation service program provisions changed.

HF3106 - Implied consent, driving while impaired, and ignition interlock provisions modified.

HF3108 - Elections provisions modified.

HF3111 - Ballot board use required to process absentee ballots, absentee ballots permitted to be counted starting on the fourth day prior to election, and other absentee ballot processing procedures modified.

HF3128 - Powers clarified for health care agents, guardians, and others to make health care decisions for wards and protected persons, and governing guardians and conservators provisions modified.

HF3137 - Chemical use screen required of juvenile offenders.

HF3139 - Financial records release authority reinstated in response to a subpoena.

HF3143 - Explore Minnesota Tourism Council membership requirements amended.

HF3151 - Viewing, transportation, and removal of a dead human body provisions modified.

HF3157 - Parent notification of child maltreatment in a school facility modified.

HF3162 - Congress memorialized to effect change in U.S. Coast Guard law relating to fishing guides.

HF3164 - Transfer of credits regulated within institutions belonging to the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system.

HF3172 - Independent School District No. 75, St. Clair, authorized to place advertising at district-owned baseball field.

HF3174 - Predatory offender registration law amended to address registrants living in homeless shelters and to clarify that the registration requirement for offenders who move out of state are suspended not terminated.

HF3187 - Civil commitment oath or affirmation provided without notarization and the acceptability of electronic signatures and documents.

HF3188 - Agent Orange; Congressional Delegation of the Great State of Minnesota called, by resolution, to fully support and fund passage of the Agent Orange Equity Act of 2009.

HF3259 - Utility's requirement modified to post notice of impending disconnection of utility services to a rental building due to a landlord's failure to pay for service.

HF3263 - Traffic regulation provisions modified relating to highway work zone speeds, driving in the right-hand lane, and seat belt requirements for persons operating a type III vehicle as a school bus.

HF3277 - Advertising of deceptive local telephone numbers businesses specified as a deceptive trade practice.

HF3286 - Metropolitan Council best value contracts and procurement for transit vehicles authorized.

HF3318 - Uniform Unsworn Foreign Declarations Act proposed for adoption by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, and penalties provided.

HF3327 - Employees of city-owned or county-owned hospital exempt from certain reporting requirements.

HF3329 - Charter school aid payment schedule modified.

HF3335 - Mower County; process provided for making office of county recorder appointive.

HF3336 - Right of first refusal offers modified for property obtained with federal transit funding.

HF3350 - City employees prohibited from serving as mayor or on the city council.

HF3362 - Petroleum tank release provisions modified.

HF3386 - Residential contracts performance guidelines required, statutory warranties modified, notice and opportunity to repair required, and dispute resolution procedures provided.

HF3391 - Children in need of protection or service provisions modified.

HF3393 - Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act amended.

HF3405 - Commissioner's state medical review team duties modified.

HF3427 - Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management Act of 2010 enacted, and administrative, programmatic, technical, and clarifying changes made.

HF3460 - Motor vehicle fleet definition changed to conform to International Registration Plan for commercial motor vehicles.

HF3492 - State bond proceed appropriations clarified and modified, and other appropriation provisions modified relating to Blazing Star State Trail, Mesabi Trail, Northwest Hennepin Family Center, an outpatient clinic and health education facility at Hennepin County Medical Center, Rochester Community and Technical College, Camp Ripley, Minneapolis Veterans Home and the city of Lake Elmo.

HF3589 - Contracts for professional or technical services reporting threshold reduced.

HF3591 - Mobile food units permitted to operate for more than 21 days in one place.

HF3660 - Department of Corrections; settlement provided for certain claims against the state for injuries suffered, and money appropriated.

HF3729 - Omnibus tax bill.

HF3787 - Legislative miscellaneous oversights, inconsistencies, ambiguities, unintended results, and technical errors corrected.

HF3790 - Outdoor heritage funding provided from constitutionally dedicated funds and expenditures provided for accountability, administration, and governance of outdoor heritage, clean water, parks and trails, and arts and cultural heritage purposes; grants, programs, fees, and accounts modified and established; and money appropriated.

HF3833 - Early childhood through grade 12 education policy and funding provided including general education, education excellence, special programs, facilities and technology, accounting, state agencies, pupil transportation, education finance reform, and forecast adjustments, rulemaking authorized, reports required, and money appropriated.

HF3834 - Omnibus budget balancing bill.

HR0001 - A house resolution setting the maximum limit on general fund expenditures for the biennium ending June 30, 2011.

SC0001 - A Senate concurrent resolution relating to the adoption of temporary joint rules

SC0002 - A Senate concurrent resolution relating to parking space in the capitol area for members of the Legislature and staff

SC0005 - A Senate concurrent resolution adopting deadlines for the 2009 regular session

SC0006 - A Senate concurrent resolution adopting Permanent Joint Rules of the Senate and House of Representatives

SF0004 - Unemployment compensation base period modification; special state emergency unemployment compensation program development

SF0029 - Pharmacy practice influenza vaccines administration provision clarification

SF0033 - Type III school bus drivers qualifications modifications

SF0049 - Health insurance premium income tax credit; counties maintenance of effort and matching requirements suspension repeal

SF0079 - Central Iron Range sanitary sewer district establishment; Hibbing wastewater treatment facilities infrastructure improvement appropriation

SF0080 - Omnibus campaign finance bill

SF0094 - I-35W bridge collapse survivor compensation process clarification

SF0095 - Deficiency funding for state agencies appropriation

SF0097 - Medical use of marijuana

SF0099 - Motor vehicle operators child restraint systems use requirement expansion

SF0122 - Cocoa bean shell mulch retail sellers warning sign posting requirement

SF0162 - Radiation therapy facility construction moratorium extension

SF0166 - Insurable Interest Act (STOLI)

SF0184 - Omnibus higher education policy bill

SF0191 - Omnibus retirement provisions modifications

SF0203 - Health cooperative arrangements oversight

SF0212 - Boiler regulation exception modification

SF0213 - WIC coupons cost neutral organic food purchase authorization

SF0236 - Medal of Honor Day designation

SF0237 - Fallen Firefighters Memorial Day designation

SF0245 - Equal Access to Acupuncture Act and Edith R. Davis memorial

SF0247 - Bisphenol-A products prohibition for young children

SF0251 - Motor vehicle definition clarification

SF0261 - Transfer on death deeds technical modifications; common element certificates modifications; real estate designated transfer, power of attorney and cartway procedure modifications

SF0265 - Violent crime alert notifications disabled access format requirement; crime alert requests data classification

SF0271 - State employees additional whistleblower protection; classified employees expectations as nonpartisan resources to all decision makers

SF0275 - Minnesota River basin joint powers board name change to Minnesota River board and provisions modifications

SF0284 - First class cities major political party caucuses privileges application

SF0298 - Cell phones unauthorized use customer liability limits

SF0335 - Speaker Irvin N. Anderson Memorial Highway designation; highway designation costs provisions modification

SF0341 - Wrongful death actions by domestic partners authorization; right to control deceased persons remains expansion to domestic partners (Final Wishes)

SF0345 - Enhanced drivers license and identification card creation

SF0364 - Drainage systems provisions modifications

SF0412 - Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act

SF0431 - Civil commitment clinical drug trials participation prohibition

SF0445 - Resolution to support the Lake of the Woods water sustainability foundation water quality question

SF0451 - Clearwater county veterans memorial highway designation

SF0457 - Volunteer health practitioners licensed in other states provisions modifications

SF0460 - General assistance medical care (GAMC) new program creation; mental health urgent care and consultation services establishment; human services appropriations and appropriation reductions

SF0462 - DWI ignition interlock device pilot program expansion

SF0477 - Paint stewardship pilot program; used architectural paint collection and processing

SF0489 - Reverse mortgage provisions modifications

SF0492 - Public safety commissioner uniform administrative citation creation requirement; local units of government administrative fines imposition authority for traffic offenses and peace officer issuance restriction; mini truck use and operation regulation

SF0501 - Disabled children's services medical assistance (MA) services availability expansion for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

SF0525 - Body art establishments and technicians regulation system

SF0532 - Electronic mail (e-mail) notification for department of administration rule proposals and hearings

SF0548 - Marriage provisions modifications

SF0550 - Omnibus energy conservation provisions

SF0560 - Criminal records expungement law provisions expansion and modifications

SF0567 - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillator instruction requirement for school districts

SF0615 - Hennepin county specialty psychiatric hospital construction project moratorium exception

SF0633 - Medical assistance (MA) primary care health care providers primary caries (cavities) prevention performance encouragement

SF0640 - Public waters temporary drawdown

SF0643 - Workforce Investment in Regional Economic Development (WIRED) program unemployment benefit eligibility

SF0657 - Federal stimulus energy programs funding direction and appropriations

SF0666 - Children aging out of foster care transition plan and eligibility modification

SF0675 - Ambulance emergency medical services technical changes

SF0684 - Bioscience business development public infrastructure grant program expansion

SF0707 - 911 system referral to mental health crisis teams authorization

SF0708 - Mortgage foreclosure consultants provisions modifications

SF0711 - Children with developmental disabilities services costs parental contribution requirements modification

SF0722 - National instant criminal background check system information transmittal requirement for persons civilly committed, found not guilty by reason of mental illness or incompetent to stand trial; firearm possession restoration petition for committed persons authorization

SF0729 - Hennepin county human resources board and department personnel rules modifications; Victory Memorial Drive historic district task force sunset extension

SF0740 - Anoka county design build contract process use for construction of intersection of U.S. highway #10 and county state-aid highway #83

SF0743 - Petroleum and biodiesel products weights and measures standards update

SF0757 - Fuel decal fee collection for International Fuel Tax Agreement authorization

SF0763 - Civil rights restoration notice requirements

SF0764 - State agencies electronic meetings authority

SF0802 - Omnibus public safety appropriations

SF0806 - Consumer short-term (pay day) loan lending regulation

SF0811 - Independent school district #2887, McLeod West; reorganization operating debt bond issue

SF0832 - Income tax exception extension to property on the premises of a printer required for jurisdiction to ownership

SF0848 - Election judges restrictions clarifications and appointment lists modifications; mail balloting modifications; town elections requirements modifications

SF0863 - Omnibus government data classifications provisions

SF0896 - Municipal power agencies merger authorization

SF0910 - Independent contractor definition clarification for truckers and messenger/courier industries for workers compensation and unemployment compensation purposes

SF0915 - Public employees insurance program school districts employee health insurance coverage purchase requirement

SF0926 - Telecommunications service providers reduced rate regulation and promotion activities provisions modifications

SF0971 - School harassment, bullying, intimidation and violence policy clarification

SF0978 - Shaken baby syndrome training for licensed child care, child foster care and family child care programs modifications

SF0987 - Presentence investigations mandate to include a description of any adverse social or economic effects on neighborhood residents elimination

SF1009 - Prostitution penalty enhancement clarification; crime of prostitution in a public place expansion; driving records data availability and classification

SF1012 - Environment and natural resources appropriations; legislative-citizen commission on Minnesota resources (LCCMR) funding recommendation duties modifications

SF1033 - Local government rent control provisions modification

SF1036 - State labor contracts ratification

SF1060 - Transportation department (DOT) management, priorities, research and planning provisions modifications; fixed guideway transit and rail line capital projects requests and legislative reporting requirements establishment

SF1091 - Commercial vehicle restrictions establishment for a portion of marked trunk highway #36

SF1096 - Revisor's bill

SF1142 - Honoring All Vietnam Era Veterans Day

SF1147 - Vacant, abandoned and nuisance property modifications; property protection duty; municipal reduced redemption period; tenants rights in mortgage foreclosure and contract for deed cancellations clarification

SF1172 - Alcohol and controlled substance testing exemption extension

SF1197 - Unemployment insurance state law federal stimulus funds conformance modifications and appropriation

SF1208 - Medical assistance (MA) claims and liens against estates provisions modifications

SF1217 - Emergency medical transport provisions modifications

SF1219 - Firefighters licensing standards; restricted plumber license requirements modifications

SF1246 - Rehabilitation counselors for the blind certification requirement; public records and continuing education accessibility for people with disabilities requirement

SF1284 - Lawful gambling regulation provisions modifications

SF1288 - Secretary of state filings, forms, submissions, motions, orders, dissolutions, electronic signatures and liens provisions modifications

SF1302 - Mortgage foreclosure procedures modification

SF1323 - Safe sharps management

SF1329 - Clean water and drinking water revolving fund loans and grants use of federal stimulus funds

SF1331 - Omnibus elections and campaign finance provisions bill

SF1408 - Aircraft laser discharge criminal penalties

SF1425 - Grain elevators and feed mills manlifts and platform wheelchair lifts and elevators in churches exclusion from construction code regulations; grain elevator manlifts regulations advisory committee establishment and study

SF1431 - Motor vehicle dealers unreimbursed expenses deduction from wages regulation

SF1436 - Sex offender program provisions modifications

SF1447 - Human services licensing bill; data practices, disqualifications, background study, SIDS, respiratory therapists licensure and technical provisions modifications

SF1454 - Shared work plan establishment

SF1462 - Public health emergencies and pandemics medication mass dispensing authority; isolation, quarantine, and transport provisions modifications

SF1467 - Rural residential district speed limits

SF1476 - Workers compensation provisions modifications

SF1477 - Redwood county Gilfillan Estate state building code limited exemption authority

SF1481 - State employees retirement incentives

SF1486 - Electronic products recycling (e-waste) manufacturer and retailer responsibilities modifications

SF1489 - Central Lakes region sanitary district dissolution

SF1494 - Examination subversion practice prohibition

SF1503 - Child welfare and policy provisions modifications; adoption provisions modifications; data practices clarification; foster care provisions modifications

SF1504 - Mental health policy provisions modifications

SF1537 - Certificate of need urban transmission lines requirement

SF1539 - Viatical (life insurance) settlement model act of the national association of insurance commissions enactment and modifications

SF1566 - Medical assistance (MA), MinnesotaCare and general assistance medical care (GAMC) health care eligibility provisions modifications; drug utilization review board establishment; traffic accident data sharing; medical assistance (MA) liens and real estate claims enforcement

SF1569 - Workforce development; local workforce council representative requirements modifications; local collaboration projects establishment

SF1611 - Nonprofit insurance trust self-insurance authorization

SF1623 - Resolution to urge the President and Congress to repeal the federal legislation of 1863 ordering the removal of Dakota people from Minnesota and the Dakotas

SF1711 - Motor vehicle sales and distribution regulation

SF1754 - Church benefits board as trustee authorization

SF1761 - Oral chemotherapy cancer treatment health plan coverage requirement

SF1770 - Ladder out of poverty task force establishment

SF1778 - Resolution urging congressional opposition of enactment of proposed optional federal insurance charter legislation

SF1794 - National guard and reserve members pay differential conditions clarification

SF1810 - Uniform Disclaimer of Property Interests Act

SF1876 - Miscellaneous transportation department (DOT), motor carriers and highways provisions modifications

SF1886 - Insurance claims for residential roofing goods and services regulation and roofing contracts right to cancel

SF1887 - Health care agents information release and agent quarantine access; public safety department traffic accident reporting modification

SF1890 - Health information technology and infrastructure and electronic health record system revolving account and loan program modifications; e-health advisory committee

SF1904 - Health coverage limited extension of continuation election period

SF1905 - Small group health insurance market working group establishment

SF1910 - Commerce provisions modifications; insurance producers and adjusters and real estate brokers, salespersons and appraisers licensing and regulations and continuing education requirements

SF2081 - Omnibus jobs and economic development appropriations

SF2082 - Omnibus state government appropriations

SF2083 - Omnibus higher education appropriations

SF2135 - Revisor's bill

SF2141 - Continuing appropriations for state agencies

SF2152 - Lead acid battery purchase, return and collection provisions modification

SF2168 - General assistance medical care (GAMC) program and MinnesotaCare provisions modifications; mental health urgent care and psychiatric consultation services establishment; health care program for single adults without children creation; appropriations and appropriation transfers

SF2183 - Corporal Johnathan Benson Memorial highway designation

SF2226 - Coercion against potential political candidates prohibition

SF2251 - State primary election date change

SF2253 - Rock Island bridge demolition or removal moratorium repeal

SF2259 - Federally recognized Indian tribes and the Minnesota historical society joint power agreements authorization

SF2267 - Full-time firefighter definition expansion

SF2309 - Probationary period for newly hired peace officers extension

SF2322 - Business screening services regulation and criminal record modification

SF2339 - Dangerous weapons on school property criminal penalty for possession increase and brandishing replica firearms and BB guns penalty decrease

SF2352 - Haitian earthquake victims relief charitable contributions income tax deduction acceleration

SF2363 - Fire departments access to criminal history data on current employees authorization

SF2370 - Illegally tinted motor vehicle windows sale prohibition

SF2373 - American Legion Day designation

SF2386 - Labor agreements and compensation plans ratification

SF2425 - Higher education private data disclosure provision modification

SF2427 - Estate tax technical and clarifying changes; trust and guardianship provisions modifications; distribution status clarifications; parent-child relationship and inheritance provisions modifications; emergency and temporary conservator appointment authority

SF2430 - Mortgage foreclosure redemption period provisions modifications; reverse mortgage regulations; private right of action; vacant buildings security hearing request and notice of sale requirements; political subdivisions redemption costs recovery

SF2437 - Domestic abuse and crime of stalking provisions modifications; electronic monitoring pilot project; data practices requirements exemptions; maximum bail increase; domestic abuse protection orders expansion to pets and companion animals

SF2439 - Live check solicitation (deceptive sales practice) prohibition

SF2469 - Motor carrier transportation contracts indemnity provision prohibition

SF2471 - Campaign finance reporting provisions and independent disclosure provisions modification

SF2475 - Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Day designation

SF2493 - Crime of identity theft expansion to include scanning and reencoder use to acquire information from payment cards

SF2494 - Resolution urging Congress and secretary of agriculture to negotiate with the state on the sale and exchange of school trust lands

SF2505 - Early childhood education, prevention, self-sufficiency and lifelong learning provisions modifications; child care and assistance provisions modifications and appropriation

SF2510 - Omnibus employment and economic development policy bill; labor and industry licensing and fees and manufactured home building code modifications; Minnesota science and technology authority act; cadmium use regulation; Minnesota S.A.F.E. Mortgage Licensing Act of 2009; Minnesota Appraisal Management Company Licensing and Regulation Act; appropriating money

SF2511 - Collaborative governance council establishment

SF2517 - Court to furnish audio or video files on CD Rom or DVD Rom disc to public defender at no charge

SF2519 - Public utility disclosure of travel, entertainment and expenses included in a rate change request requirement

SF2540 - Omnibus transportation policy bill

SF2559 - Extended mortgagor redemption period

SF2562 - Child support enforcement provisions modifications

SF2572 - Impounded motor vehicles written notice procedures modification

SF2580 - Juneteenth observance modifications

SF2596 - Psychologists licensing requirements modifications; health and substance abuse reviews provision modification

SF2616 - Telecommunications private shared services regulation; reduced-rate regulation of competitive business telecommunication services clarification; cable communications franchise granting requirements clarification

SF2629 - County assistive voting, vote-counting and optical scan equipment grants appropriation; declaration of trust and real property secretary of state filings modification

SF2634 - Forfeiture of seized property procedures modification

SF2642 - Revisor's bill

SF2663 - Motor vehicle sales and distribution costs responsibility and regulation

SF2690 - Foster children, adoption and noncustodial parents provisions modifications; driver's license requirements and background study data, continued court jurisdiction, court hearings presence and parent and child relationship modifications; foster care benefits to age 21

SF2695 - Pregnant women mandatory drug reporting requirements modifications

SF2700 - Health care participating provider agreements regulation

SF2702 - Birth centers licensure requirement and appropriation

SF2705 - Business corporations, nonprofit corporations and limited liability companies organization and operation regulation; registered agents and officers of business entities consistent law requirement; prohibition against certain business names repeal

SF2709 - Out-of-state offenders (prisoners) housed in county and regional jails authorization; inmate room and board payment time credited for time served inclusion

SF2713 - Civilly committed sex offenders, sexually dangerous persons and sexual psychopathic personalities provisions modifications; judicial holds in civil commitment cases provisions modifications

SF2717 - Criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree for sexual contact in secure treatment facilities

SF2722 - State and political subdivisions interest rate increase on certain judgments and awards exemption

SF2725 - Violent crime coordinating council establishment; multijurisdictional gang and drug task forces certification process establishment; criminal gang investigative data system audit requirements modification; comprehensive incident-based reporting system data delineation; forfeiture requirements application

SF2737 - Omnibus agriculture and veterans policy bill

SF2743 - Hennepin county specialty psychiatric hospital construction authorization modification

SF2752 - Lower St. Croix River area land use modifications

SF2755 - Detention placement options clarification for extended jurisdiction juveniles

SF2756 - Overdimensional load escort drivers traffic control authority and commissioner of public safety to escort driver training and certification program establishment

SF2758 - Minnesota Entrepreneur Resource Virtual Network (MERVN) authorization

SF2759 - State building code municipal enforcement provisions modifications

SF2773 - Salvia divinorum sale or possession regulation and crimes definition

SF2790 - Juvenile records provisions modifications; expungement of juvenile records authorization; chemical use screen of juvenile offenders requirement; juvenile collateral sanctions table revisor of statutes publishing requirement

SF2808 - Omnibus liquor provisions modification; malt liquor and spirits tasting authorization at exclusive liquor stores; state fair tobacco sales regulation

SF2825 - Commerce department continuing education provisions modifications; insurance company rehabilitation and liquidation, group life insurance, the nonforfeiture law for individual deferred annuities, mortality tables use, life and health insurance guaranty association and mutual insurance companies provisions modifications; fraternal benefit societies regulation

SF2839 - Commerce and insurance provisions modifications; securities regulations; real estate broker, salespersons and closing agents modifications; real estate appraiser advisory board modifications; workers compensation self-insurers provisions modifications; flexible benefit health plan authorization; university promise scholarship modification; certain on-sale liquor licenses authorization

SF2844 - Elevator definition, permit, fee and inspection requirements modifications

SF2846 - Large motor vehicles (tractor, truck) on public streets and highways regulations modifications; motor vehicle carriers transporting milk gross annual permit issuance authority for overweight vehicles

SF2851 - Approved accrediting organization definition modification for hospitals and health care facilities licensing purposes; public health occupations licensing provisions modifications

SF2852 - Health care clearinghouse for health care provider transactions establishment; uniform electronic transactions and implementation guide standards expansion

SF2855 - Children and family services technical and policy, Minnesota family investment program (MFIP) and adult supports, early childhood development and child welfare provisions modifications

SF2866 - Statewide trauma system modifications and repeal

SF2873 - Public facilities authority duties and programs modifications; department of employment and economic development (DEED) employees transfer to public facilities authority

SF2877 - Licensed professional counselor relicensure following termination continuing education requirements exception

SF2879 - Minnesota comprehensive health association (MCHA) provisions modifications

SF2880 - State guardian ad litem board establishment

SF2885 - Property tax assessors duties clarifications

SF2891 - Interstate Compact for Juveniles adoption

SF2900 - Omnibus natural resources policy bill

SF2908 - State-County Results, Accountability and Service Delivery Reform Act modifications; physical education academic standards requirement; healthy kids awards program establishment; nursing facilities additional local share requirement; nursing facility rate phase-in alternative

SF2912 - Children's mental health policy provisions modifications; American Indian chemical dependency licensure programs requirements modifications; mental health diagnostic assessment payments structure modifications

SF2918 - Omnibus retirement bill

SF2923 - Home health care services provisions modifications

SF2933 - Nursing facility level of care criteria; services to persons with disabilities provisions modifications; technical changes; home care services providers requirements; home care bill of rights; personal care assistants enrollment option; elderly waiver conversion; modifying personal care assistant services

SF2935 - Human services department licensing provisions modifications; background study requirements, disqualifications and data classifications provisions modification; human services and commerce consumer satisfaction reports requirement; human services hearing provisions modification

SF2937 - Chemical dependency treatment pilot projects

SF2944 - Residential building contractor continuing education requirements modifications

SF2946 - License reinstatement diversion pilot program collection fee extension

SF2971 - Eminent domain authority use by public service corporations clarification; smart grid development and implementation plans establishment; public utilities and office of enterprise technology software fund, energy conservation, hydrogen energy, residential weatherization, reporting, metering and wind energy technical changes

SF2974 - Electronic health record technology administrative penalty provisions modifications

SF2990 - Service animal (seeing eye dog) intentional harm resulting in inability to perform duties penalties imposition; animal fighting criminal penalties provision modification

SF2996 - School concession stands as specific category of food and beverage service establishments authorization

SF3019 - Publicly owned nursing facilities rate increase; local share of nonfederal medical assistance costs responsibility requirement; federal approval implementation requirement; programs for all-inclusive care for the elderly (PACE) authorization modifications and appropriations

SF3027 - Medical assistance (MA) eligibility, individualized education plans (IEP), state health access program, children's health insurance reauthorization act (CHIPRA), long-term care partnerships, community clinics, drug formulary, and general assistance medical care (GAMC) modifications

SF3046 - Large solar energy electric generation demonstration conservation improvement project

SF3055 - Tobacco Modernization and Compliance Act of 2010

SF3080 - Electric generating plants emission reducing programs modifications

SF3081 - Community-based energy development (C-BED) program modifications

SF3091 - Commercial driver's license medical examination requirements for federal law conformity purposes

SF3116 - Felony offenders DNA collection requirements expansion

SF3126 - Public utility environmental projects public utilities commission (PUC) advance determination of prudence authority

SF3128 - Lead certification requirements for renovation of residential housing constructed prior to 1978; licensing requirements modifications

SF3134 - Omnibus state government operations policy bill

SF3145 - Controlled substance mixture definition modification; controlled substance possession offenses modifications

SF3147 - Chiropractors license denial or revocation for felony-level criminal sexual conduct offense conviction; council of health boards report requirement

SF3167 - Town meeting minutes authentication modification

SF3275 - Omnibus environment, energy and natural resources policy and finance bill; outdoor heritage appropriations

SF3318 - State owned buildings disposal process establishment; energy improvement financing program provisions modification; workers compensation reinsurance association state administration modification

SF3325 - Local impact notes request from finance and ways and means committees authorization

SF3361 - Private real property transfer fees prohibition; child support provisions effective date change

SF3379 - Federal disaster assistance (FEMA) matching appropriation for 2010 spring flooding

Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes