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Bill Summaries: 2003–2004

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for House members, staff, and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectPrior Summaries
HF 251As introducedRestoration of money transferred from state airports fund 
HF 258As introducedFertilizer containing arsenic 
HF 259As introducedRepeal of sunset clause for authority to drive school buses without school bus endorsement 
HF 260As introducedBonding for I-94 interchange 
HF 2613rd engrossmentPermits to carry pistolsAll versions
HF 263With proposed author's amendment A03-0239Property tax levy for certain publicly owned nursing homes 
HF 264As introducedTiming of Housing Violation Summons and Hearing 
HF 266Delete-everything amendment H266DE1Purchasing alliance stop-loss fund (See the act summary for chapter 20)All versions
HF 2671st engrossmentTerrorism coverage in commercial property insurance (See the act summary for chapter 10)All versions
HF 269As introducedAdditional liquor licenses in Woodbury 
HF 271As introducedBonding for central corridor transitway 
HF 272As introducedTransitional housing and emergency service grants appropriation 
HF 273As introducedRevisor's bill 
HF 274As introducedBonding for 35W interchange 
HF 2761st engrossmentBaytown special well construction area disclosuresAll versions
HF 278As introducedRepeal of required expenditure reporting 
HF 2791st engrossmentPhysician assistant scope of practice (See the act summary for chapter 108)All versions
HF 283As introducedIncome tax checkoff for survivors of law enforcement and firefighters 
HF 287As introducedHealth coverage of communication aids 
HF 290As introducedAdditional liquor licenses in Blaine 
HF 291As introducedCombination auto/homeowners/umbrella policies 
HF 2931st engrossmentLocal zoning, fee schedulesAll versions
HF 2944th engrossmentVeterans, Pay DifferentialAll versions
HF 297As introducedRepeal of data collection authority 
HF 301Delete everything amendment H301DE1School tuition organization credit 
HF 302Delete everything amendment (Senate bill)Repealing and replacing the profile of learning (See the act summary for chapter 129)All versions
HF 306As introducedBiwabik and Town of White agreement 
HF 3071st engrossmentNoncommercial sign ordinance exemption provided 
HF 310As introducedOn-sale liquor license for Historic Pantages Theatre 
HF 311As introducedInternet Consumer Policy 
HF 3121st engrossmentCook County hospital districtAll versions
HF 314As introducedFlashing blue lights on front of emergency vehicle (See the act summary for chapter 49) 
HF 316As introducedBonding for park-and-ride lot in Anoka County 
HF 3171st engrossmentUse of Anoka County facilities for commercial wireless equipmentAll versions
HF 3211st engrossmentNorthfield medical facilitiesAll versions
HF 3261st engrossmentDental practice modificationsAll versions
HF 3274th engrossmentShooting rangesAll versions
HF 3303rd engrossmentState employee labor agreements (See the act summary for chapter 11)All versions
HF 331As introducedProviding for a "green acres" program for class 1c homestead resorts 
HF 336As introducedSprinklers in high-rise buildings 
HF 3391st engrossmentDamages for graffiti (See the act summary for chapter 149)All versions
HF 340As introducedNatural resources department enforcement authority 
HF 342As amended by A342A3Liquor license for Elko Speedway 
HF 3431st engrossmentLimited use vehicle dealer sales and licenseAll versions
HF 3461st engrossmentSpeech-language pathology and audiology licensure (See the act summary for chapter 87)All versions
HF 3471st engrossmentRepealing the length of the school calendarAll versions
HF 348As introducedMaximum age of type III school buses used to transport school children 
HF 351As introducedDefining middle school to include a minimum of two grades 
HF 3522nd engrossmentMinor's consent for certain medical treatmentAll versions
HF 353As introducedSafe routes to school program 
HF 355As introducedRegional investment credit 
HF 356Delete everything amendmentSale of Minnesota-produced wine at state fair 
HF 360As introducedExpenditure of net gambling profits on fraternal organization utilities 
HF 3611st engrossmentTown Board VacanciesAll versions
HF 3631st engrossmentMultipurpose potable water piping system licensing/certificationAll versions
HF 364As introducedDelaying the first half payment date of property on certain resort property 
HF 3651st engrossmentEliminating unneeded K-12 mandatesAll versions
HF 370As introducedChanging provisions related to sales tax refunds or credits for bad debt losses 
HF 3731st engrossmentAmended prescribing authority for optometrists (See the act summary for chapter 62)All versions
HF 3741st engrossmentCrib safety 
HF 3761st engrossmentCo-pays for health maintenance organizationsAll versions
HF 3791st engrossmentGuaranteed savings contractsAll versions
HF 380As introducedPrison capacity report 
HF 381As introducedDouble-bunking in prisons 
HF 384As introducedState contracting 
HF 385As introducedArson in the fifth degree (See the act summary for chapter 82) 
HF 387As introducedDriving while impaired 
HF 3891st engrossmentMinneapolis; establishing unclassified positionsAll versions
HF 3911st engrossmentSchool district conversion from election districts to at-largeAll versions
HF 3921st engrossmentDWI vehicle forfeitureAll versions
HF 3941st engrossmentEnergy savings contractsAll versions
HF 395As introducedIncreased driver license reinstatement fee for brain and spinal cord injury account 
HF 396As introducedState bonding for trunk highway 95 bridge 
HF 399As introducedApproval procedure for special license plate proposals 
HF 403As introducedBond issuance for nursing facility 
HF 405As introducedExtending the phase-out limited market value 
HF 4072nd engrossmentMinnesota Conservation Corps TransferAll versions
HF 4101st engrossmentServices to persons with Alzheimer's disease (See the act summary for chapter 37)All versions
HF 4111st engrossmentPrescription Drug AssistanceAll versions
HF 4121st engrossmentExtension of Council on DisabilityAll versions
HF 4141st engrossmentModernizing soil and water conservation district lawAll versions
HF 415As introducedMetropolitan Council jurisdiction 
HF 416As introducedMethamphetamine 
HF 417As introducedCustodial parent removing child from state 
HF 419As introducedChild care licensing (See the act summary for chapter 57) 
HF 421As introducedExtending open space property tax valuation to auto racing tracks 
HF 422As introducedRemoving restrictions on the distributions of staff development revenue 
HF 423As introducedReducing the revenue reserved for staff development activities 
HF 4241st engrossmentAllowing a five-year leave to teach in a charter schoolAll versions
HF 4261st engrossmentWater quality rulesAll versions
HF 427As introducedFire state aid, definition of population 
HF 4281st engrossmentCities; service chargeAll versions
HF 431As introducedIdentity theft; permissive consecutive sentences 
HF 4321st engrossmentFirst-degree murder crime involving child abuseAll versions
HF 4331st engrossment60-day ruleAll versions
HF 435As introducedSt. Paul TIF 
HF 436As introducedLimitation on use of family planning grants 
HF 437Comparison with S.F. 1532, 1st engrossmentHealth and human services omnibus appropriations billAll versions
HF 438As introducedInterest rates on rental housing security deposits (See the act summary for chapter 52) 
HF 441As introducedHospital moratorium exemption 
HF 4441st engrossmentMunicipal contracts, attorneys feesAll versions
HF 4472nd engrossmentAlien farm land ownership lawAll versions
HF 449As introducedTime limits to state grant awards 
HF 4511st engrossmentEstablishing an alternative school district organizationAll versions
HF 452As introducedAdded method to form, sponsor a charter school 
HF 457As introducedDe facto custodian law 
HF 461As introducedEstate tax 
HF 4631st engrossmentFederal mail theftAll versions
HF 4711st engrossmentSchool primaries required 
HF 472With author's delete everything amendment H472DE6Allowing school districts to opt out of certain state mandatesAll versions
HF 473Author's delete everything amendment H473DE1Allowing local governments to opt out of certain mandates 
HF 4761st engrossmentEnsuring that students are able to learn about important historical documents with religious content 
HF 478As introducedRed Wing--TIF district duration extension 
HF 479As introducedMinneapolis empowerment zone bond appropriation 
HF 4801st engrossmentJob reference liability (See the act summary for chapter 137)All versions
HF 481As introducedBonding for Rush Line corridor transitway 
HF 483As introducedItasca County Training and Technology Center 
HF 484As introducedBonding for I-494 project 
HF 489As introducedVolunteer fire retirement plan task force 
HF 4912nd engrossmentNursing home regulatory requirementsAll versions
HF 494As introducedReducing the number of Duluth at-large school members 
HF 495As introducedProperty taxes, metropolitan fiscal disparities program 
HF 4961st engrossmentTemporary licensure of nursesAll versions
HF 499As introducedDWI test refusal penalty enhancement 
HF 5001st engrossmentState reimbursement rate for appraisal fees for MnDOT purchasesAll versions

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