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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Thursday, January 25, 2024
Thursday, January 25, 2024 , 1:00 PM

Health Finance and Policy

Chair: Rep. Tina Liebling
Location: Room 5
HF1930: End-of-life option established for terminally ill adults.

The committee intends to adopt the DE1-1 “Delete Everything” amendment, then vote to advance the bill.

PUBLIC TESTIMONY: Testimony will be limited to the contents of the DE1-1 amendment. Remote/video testimony may be taken at the hearing.

If you would like to submit written testimony or sign up to testify, please contact the Committee Administrator at Testifiers must sign up to testify by contacting the Committee Administrator by 5pm the day prior to the hearing. Public testimony may be limited to 2 minutes per person as time allows. Written testimony is encouraged, and should also be submitted by 5pm the day prior, in Word or PDF format.

If you are requesting time to testify, please answer these questions in your message to the Committee Administrator:
• Are you are speaking in support of the bill or with concerns?
• Do you intend to participate in person or virtually?
• Are you representing an organization or group other than yourself? If so, which organization?

The committee will enforce a 24-hour rule for pre-filing amendments. Amendments should be submitted to the Committee Administrator no later than 1:00PM Wednesday, January 24, 2024.

To learn more about requesting an accommodation, please visit the FAQs for Disability Access. If you have further questions on accommodations or accessibility, please contact the Committee Administrator.
Bills Added

Thursday, January 25, 2024 , 2:00 PM

Tax Expenditure Review Commission

Chair: Rep. Esther Agbaje
Location: 15 State Capitol
  1. Welcome
  2. Review and approve November 30, 2023, meeting minutes
  3. Presentation of tax expenditure evaluation methods
    1. LBO presents on general process and outputs that result from tax expenditure evaluations
  4. Presentation and discussion of selected tax expenditures
    1. LBO presents on the following tax expenditures:
      1. Marriage Credit - Minn. Stat. § 290.0675 (TEB 1.84)
      2. Employer Transit Pass Credit - Minn. Stat. § 290.06, subd. 28 (TEB 1.87 and 2.28)
      3. Solar Energy System Exemption - Minn. Stat. § 297A.67, subd. 29 (TEB 4.27)
      4. Credit for Small Brewers - Minn. Stat. § 297G.04, subd. 2 (TEB 7.07)
      5. Open Space Property - Minn. Stat. § 273.112 (TEB 13.06)
      6. Data Center Equipment - Minn. Stat. § 297A.68, subd.42 (TEB 4.72)
    2. Commission discusses and makes determination regarding evaluation of tax expenditures presented
  5. Future meeting topics
  6. Adjourn

DOCUMENTS: Meeting documents may be found on the Tax Expenditure Review Commission meeting webpage.

VIEW COMMISSION MEETING: Meetings may be viewed on the LBO YouTube channel.

To provide feedback on digital accessibility of meeting information, please submit comments through the MN Legislature Accessibility & Usability Comment Form. If you require an accommodation, please contact or by leaving a message at 651-297-7146. To learn more about requesting an accommodation, please visit the FAQs for Disability Access.

This meeting is being held in accordance with the March 29, 2023, LCC Memorandum from President Bobbie Jo Champion and Speaker Melissa Hortman, Guidance for commission meetings during the 2023-2024 session.